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The Lava Room

Posted on Fri Aug 29th, 2014 @ 6:56pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: The Arena
Location: Team One
Timeline: MD3


Mercia rubbed her face for a moment as she tried to set the thought that she'd lost at least one crew member and maybe more than a dozen more aside. She looked at the group with her, her focus needed to be keeping them safe.

"Seamless... take up the rear." she said firmly as she moved between them in the tunnel, which was starting to light up.

The walls were made of stone, and that same golden glow illuminated the walls from within. She motioned forward and tried not to think about it all, she kept herself alert and took the lead.

It was a fairly long walk before she came in to a dead end room. Inside were weapons, spears, and bows and arrows, and thin jackets. Near the back wall was a ladder, and once they crossed in to the room a hatch at the top opened up.

Mercia used her tricorder as she looked around, her eye continued to be drawn to the hatch that that opened. She saw a couple signs next to the ladder, but the words made no sense to her.

"Can any one translate this?" Mercia asked glancing back at her group.

A young security officer walked up to her and sighed just slightly before shacking head head. "What kind of writing is that, Commander?"

"None I've seen before." Mercia sighed, "Guess I better see whats up there..." she said hesitating with her hand on the ladder rung.

Mago had hung back, but hearing no one answer Mercia, moved up to the front of the group and took a look at the signs. The characters looked strangely familiar, and he squinted at it in deep thought. "Why does this look familiar?" he wondered aloud. He had read so many of his father's ancient books as a child, of which there were many, as the old man was a librarian and archivist. Mago reached out and ran his fingers over the inscription. A tiny electric shock ran out of the sign up through his arm, and he yelped as he jumped backwards.

Mercia caught Mago and frowned, "Alright no touching the signs." she sighed. "I don't suppose this means you can suddenly read it now?" she asked.

Mago squinted again at the sign, hoping for an epiphany. "Sorry, Commander," he shook his head. "Not any more than before. It looks like something from my dad's archives, but I can't place it without access to the ship's computer."

"Didn't think so... Well... Lets be smart, grab weapons and supplies, we can't stay here and we can't go back, only thing to do is move forward." Mercia ordered and moved to the wall herself and outfitted herself with a bow she liked and as many arrows as she could manage.

Mago open one of the boxes and grabbed a pack as well, frowning a bit at its small size. "These won't last us very long," he muttered to himself as he found a small knife in a leather holster, and strapped it to his waist.

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There was a slight beep and a gravely loud voice spoke. "Participants... utaluk amuin survival. Arm yourselves kutainis ma re in to fire rock. Legi matin targets, if you survive, kepu proceed bens macro ulau. Nat challenges grabu marki exit. Follow ke path."

Mercia bit her lower lip, "Well that was clear as mud." she grunted. She shifted the bow around her shoulders and looked up at the ladder. Glancing back she noticed the tunnel they came from was getting darker, and the lights in the current room began to flash. Seeing as the flood cared not for what life it stole from them she had a feeling that whatever this place was would force them to keep moving. Not willing to risk their lives by staying put she nodded and started to climb the ladder. They had to move forward.

At the top of the ladder Mercia moved aside and blinked, her mouth dropping. Before we was a 5 story wall of glowing, flowing lava, touching one wall to the left and to the right. Behind her was a solid rock wall.

Scattered through out the room were stone structures, some with clear steps. It looked as if it were a paint ball course. She glanced at the crew coming up the ladder and had a sinking feeling about this.

Once the last person came up the ladder, the hatch slid shut. "Watch yourselves..." Mercia warned.

She heard a thwick, and an arrow doused in flaming lava hit the ground at her feet. "Cover!" she cried and dove behind one of the stone structures.

She shifted so she could see. Staring at the lava wall, ever so slightly she could see a clear target name, moving around. She ducked as one of them spotted her and tried to shoot her with a flaming arrow again.

Mercia looked at the crew hiding behind the structures. "I think we have to take out the targets on the other side, and not get shot and burned alive..." she called.

"Take them out with what, exactly?" Mago whispered loudly. He held up the six-inch knife in frustration. "You've seen me shoot a phaser, I'm even worse throwing knives," he frowned.

Mercia looked at Mago with wide eyes, "Well you're screwed." she said, before she smirked. "You should have grabbed a bow and arrows too, at least you could have had supplies." she said. "Just stay low and dont get shot!" she commanded.

She shifted and notched an arrow, leaning around the block she was hiding behind she pulled the bow back and aimed at the slight target. she let it loose and it flew through the lava. A moment later the target shifted, and half of its target image disappeared. "More than one shot to kill!" she called out.

Mago gritted his teeth as he stayed low, flaming arrows still falling around him. Frustrated with not having seen the bows and arrows available, he grabbed one of the fire arrows and flung it back toward one of the targets, the arrow spinning in a wheel as it arched through the air. Amazingly, it hit a target, which also disappeared by half.

Mercia looked over at Mago, "Why the hell can't you do that all the time?" she growled. "You did that..." she shot another arrow and took out her first target, "You'd pass the weapons tests no problem." She looked at the rest of her group, as a rain of arrows came from all the targets one right after another.

She hadn't been paying attention, and one stuck in to her arm, the flames catching her clothes on fire in an instant.

"Commander!" Mago called out as soon as he spotted the fire. He looked around for something to suffocate the flames, but finding none, tore off his uniform jacket and, running over without regard for the incoming projectiles, he lept on Mercia, knocking her down as he wrapped the jacket around the flames.

Mercia winced and hissed as he helped smother the flames, before she grabbed the shaft of the arrow. She yanked it out and cried out in pain. "Sit back." she ordered Mago, ignoring her bleeding. She could handle it and deal with it after.

Pain shot through her as she notched another arrow, this battle was serious, and they could seriously die.

She moved on to her knees and pulled the bow back, glad her wound was clearly a flesh wound, despite the bleeding. She made a shot and took down the target Mago had half taken out.

The others were firing their weapons, Clatra was joining in as much as anyone. Glynd's clothes caught on fire as an arrow passed by, and the young man next to her had to quickly smother it out.

When the last enemy went down Mercia carefully looked around, her arm starting to shake from the effort she put in to holding the string. She released the string and looked to the right, as the rocks began to split, and pull away like a curtain along the wall, opening up.

She hesitated, but near the opposite side, the laval started to spread along the floor. "No rest for the wicked! Move along!" she said.

Mercia moved her group beyond the open in the wall, which promptly closed behind them. In front of them was a field, and an artificial sun shown over the head of them. She let out a relieved breath then looked at her arm with a heavy sigh. "Alright, lets get ourselves doctored up before we do any thing else." she said.


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