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Posted on Wed Aug 20th, 2014 @ 7:15pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A New Home
Timeline: MD3

Tantok ran his hands over his hair as he turned back to Cura, his sister. "Now?" he asked.

Cura leaned her hands on the table and nodded firmly, "Yes now, why not?" she demanded.

"Because the federation people are here." Tantok said.

Cura felt a feral grin cross her face, "All the better timing, and with reports of a pile of them gone missing along with Clatra, what better time?" she insisted.

"I was really hoping he'd already be dead." Tantok said.

She shrugged, "Well he isn't, so its time to fix that. This is good timing Tantok, we're going to finally be done with this, free of those who hurt us! You're doing it tonight!" she said. "So get yourself ready." she said before turning and headed upstairs to her room.

Tantok grunted and tapped his fists against the table as he considered how best to do this. It should be simple, after all Tantok was the stronger one.



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