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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Posted on Sat Sep 6th, 2014 @ 6:28am by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel "Archangel" Delling [ch'Koro] & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: The Arena
Timeline: MD 3

Gabe hated water, no Gabe hated being chased and possibly drowned by the giant tidal wave that was clearly meant as a security precaution to kill intruders. He spotted some of his fellow officers heading for tunnels and thought they were nuts, they were likely the drain pipes.

That of course meant there was a way through them. With as much effort as he could muster, Gabe ran towards the closest tunnel he could see. Someone near him tripped and he paused and grabbed their arm and dragged them into the dimly lit tunnel, that was dry as a bone. Confusion crossed his features as he turned around and looked behind him to see what was going on.

When the water came, Lizzy had found it quite nice and fun in a sort of Indiana Jones way. She had loved watching those movies cuddled up and gong to sleep on her dad's lap.

By the time she reached the tunnel, the water had caught up and she had tried to use her strong swimming skills from being basically a water baby, but realized quickly that the current was to strong so Lizzy went to starfish mode as she yelled out with glee, "Cowabunga, dude!"

What that mean though was as she passed the edge of the tunnel, she grabbed it and swung inwards.

Unfortunately, that also meant that she had a nice squishy Group Commander to slow down her entry.

Gabriel wasn't expecting the counselor to come flying into the tunnel and when she impacted with him, he fell onto his back with her on top of him. He gave her a playful grin as they looked at each other. It was, however, quickly wiped away as his training kicked in and the two of them scrambled to their feet.

Lizzy untangled herself and wiped some wet hair from her face, "I'm sorry about that, Gabe. I should have realised."

Out in the waves, Toby Schultz had been a bit too slow in his movements and decided to hang onto a tree as the wave hit. Holding on for dear life, he screamed.

As the tree rapidly snapped under the force of the water, Toby's mouth filled with water and he struggled, kicking out as he tumbled through the waves until everything went black.

By the time his body reached the tunnel and was washed inside by catching on the end and spinning, he was well dead and his body stopped moving next to the people who had taken refuge in the tunnel.

When the water came, Shark took a huge breath and submerged himself. His name was a bit of a standard for swimming so he made damn sure he knew how. He was actually a very strong swimmer, but still, he found the current to be too strong. He flipped himself forward and saw something coming, the tunnel. He came back up, grabbed the ledge and came in as well. He took a few deep breaths and shook his head, almost like a wet shaggy dog.

Shark looked at Gabe and Lizzy. "Well, that was eventful," he said with complete sarcasm.

"I was expecting to have to swim through this tunnel and praying that there was a way out," Gabe replied.

Gabriel offered the man a hand and helped him up, he was about to say something when another crew member managed to penetrate whatever was holding the water back and flopped into the tunnel, coughing and sputtering. She was one of the marines guarding Shark.

"What's your name?" Gabe asked, once she was breathing normally.

"Corporal Gordon, they call me Crybaby," Her voice was a little horse, likely from the coughing.

"What about you?" Gabe said, turning to the other Marine he'd dragged in here.

"Private Frost," The man spoke up, looking up at Gabe. "They call me Snowman."

"Lieutenant Gabriel Delling," Gabe introduced himself. "The Archangel himself, my flight wasn't very creative and I'm guessing yours wasn't either."

"No, sir," Snowman shook his head.

"So there was word you know something about this place," Gabriel turned to Shark. "Now would be a great time to share."

From the side, Lizzy gave Toby another shake and leant down to listen to his chest. At that point, she knew something was wrong and called out, "HEY!! Help over here. I have no medical kits or defibrillators."

Lift up the chin gently with one hand while pushing down on the forehead with the other to tilt the head back, Lizzy checked to see if he was breathing as Corporal Gordon came over.

Crybaby spoke, "I'll do the chest compressions for you. I have CPR training."

Lizzy nodded as she pinched Toby’s nose shut using her thumb and forefinger. Keeping the heel of her hand on Toby’s forehead to maintain the head tilt and leaving her other hand to remain under the person’s chin, lifting up, as she immediately give two full breaths while maintaining an air-tight seal with her mouth on Toby’s mouth. Each breath was one second in duration and made Toby’s chest rise.

Crybaby began doing chest compressions, with Lizzy alternating. However, after 25 minues, Lizzy stopped, using her hand to see if he was warm, and shook her head to Crybaby.

"You can stop compressions. I am calling it. He has drowned and without access to medical equipment or the ship, there is nothing that we could have done."

Shark shook his head and walked over to the Marine and knelt down beside him and knelt down. He close the Marine's eyes and shook his head. "Next time you have someone that was in the drink like that, assume they aspirated water." Shark pushed on the stomach to produce black liquid out of the mouth. "If you get this crap out, you have a better chance of helping out if you do that."

He stood up and looked around. "This is slightly unfortunate."

"He was dead before he landed in here," Gabriel arched one of his brows and looked down at the dead man. "May he ascend into the heavens. Now we need to turn our attention to getting the hell out of here."

Lizzy frowned, biting her lip as she tried not to let tears come to her eyes, and not saying anything. She wasn't really coping well at the moment, and she felt like kicking herself for not checking. So far, Lizzy wished that she hadn't come with them - she was completely useless.

Gabriel could see she was upset, he had never been one to give into his emotions and this was another no name person who passed in the line of duty. He'd seen a lot of death and it made him jaded. As he leaned down, he reached out and touched Caldera's shoulder.

"Hey, I know this is isn't easy," He said simply. "But we've got to solider on and try and meet up with the rest of the group. Come on pretty eyes, we can grieve for him once we're safe."

Lizzy wiped her eyes and nodded. It was hard, even if he had been a bunny-killing douche.

"First off," Shark said kneeling down for a second. "What supplied do we have? We should take a quick inventory."

Lizzy checked and blushed a little, knowing that it was going to seem pretty stupid.

Pulling out two crayons out of her boot, she piled them for the others to see, before frowning, "So I like drawing!!"

"You never know when the wax in those crayons my come in handy," Gabriel pulled out a pouch from one of his many zipper pockets. "It's got a folding nine and a half centimeter duranium knife, a metal match, a small but powerful flash light, a signal mirror, a whistle, water purification tabs a small subspace locator beacon, some oral pain killers and twenty meters of rope. Surviving the crash is only half the battle after all."

"Crayons are good candles if we need them. They burn pretty well, and forever." Shark kind of shrugged. "Sorry, I don't have anything to bring to the party since no one trusts me yet. Any case, we should keep taking the tunnel since the only other option is another swim."

Lizzy nodded, "Okay. Then tunnel, it is."

Picking herself up, Lizzy began heading off into the tunnel.

Gabriel looked at Lizzy for a moment, then over at Shark and the two marines before shrugging and following after her. Time see just how deep this rabbit hole went it seemed.



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