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Mission: The Arena
Location: Gladiator
Timeline: After current mission

Robert was sitting in ten forward, wearing a shirt and jeans, his combadge on the table in front of him by a glass of whiskey, his back to most of the room staring out into stars. Is was easy to tell he felt destroyed on the inside. He was terrible with recovering with stuff emotionally. Augmented DNA or not. With Maya gone, for the first time in years he had no idea what to do.

Amity approached the table, "Robert?" she asked, "What happened?" she asked as she sat down and eyed the man.

"Uhm... Maya left.. we.. we were together.." he sniffed and wiped a tear from his face, he had yet to look at her. "not sure what to make of it yet.." He took another gulp from his drink. He sighed. " I feel betrayed and destroyed.."

Amity arched her brows, "I heard she'd left, as part of the medical department I got the memo, but I didn't know you were an Item with her... You guys were close, and yet shes only been here a few weeks." she said softly.

he took another gulp of his drink. "I guess I'm a sucker for a pretty set of eyes.. I've always kinda worn my heart on my sleeve.. I have't felt this bad since I knew my father wanted nothing to do with me when I left the corps to be a diplomat.."

"Thats pretty rough." Amity admitted as she tapped in an order of iced tea, from the table control. She sat back, "So you've found out she didn't feel as strongly for you as you did her?"

He looked at her with a weak smile covering how he obviously felt. "Story of my life Amity.." he covered his mouth and burped quietly. "pardons.." he sighed. "I hope you're day is going better than mine.."

"Its been horrible, I had to sit with an away team members husband today, first counseling after she passed in that Arena." she said softly. "Do you want to talk about Maya?" she offered.

he chuckled,which came out as almost a giggle because of the alcohol. "I forget, never try to change the subject around a counselor. So Maya.." he sighed. "Well..Not sure if I'm upset because I loved her or maybe I thought I did because I wear my heart on my sleeve. It hurts though,this was the first thing I had even close to a relationship in,pfft.. 2,3 years?"

Amity gave an almost sad smile, "I know that feeling." she said. "My last serious boyfriend was several years ago as well." she said.

He blinked a few times. "Now how can you be that beautiful and NOT have a serious boyfriend in 7 bloody years lass?" he blinked a few more times and covered his mouth. "o... sorry.."

Amity grinned, "I didn't say I didn't have dates, I said serious boyfriend, and it was more like 5 years ago I think..." she admitted. "You have to remember that being a telepath turns a lot of people off. They don't like the idea of their thoughts not being their own, intimacy with me, means the mind of my partner would be bound to me until death. A lot of people don't realize that they would still keep their mind, and independence."

Robert shrugged. "I never got that..." he tapped the pannel to order another drink. "Why feel bad about sharing thoughts? Just don't do anything wrong and you got nothing to worry. Sounds like most folks have a really guilty conscience."

"You'd be surprised how many people do. There is also the permanency issue. We bond for life, and that is a turn off to a good number of humans. That and I'm rather picky." she laughed.

Robert smiled softly to himself. "You'd be surprised what you find when you meet someone halfway." he sighed a bit. "One of things my mother wrote down for me on a PaDD a few days before I left Earth." he took another gulp or two of his drink.

"She was a wise woman." Amity complimented. "Look, I know it hurts that she left. But this too shall pass. Of course if you feel that strongly you can always try to keep a long distance relationship and get find a transfer where you can be closer. It all depends on what you really want." she said.

Robert nodded. He got another drink and took a sip. "Not sure what to do. I feel like my job is underscored. I barely do anything except annoy the medical staff when the holodeck goes haywire." he chuckled.

Amity giggled, "We really haven't had much of a need for a diplomat hmm? It would be a rather boring job sometimes." she chuckled. "Have you thought about taking some cross study in to other departments and splitting your time a bit? THey're always running certifications for medics, and for disaster relief, weapons handling, basic engineering certifications. There is pleanty to learn if you're not being utilized in your current deartment."

Robert smirked. "I tried medical,killed a holographic admiral." he chuckled. "I do have side-assignments that I get from the Diplomatic Corps. I just keep to myself I guess."

"Sometimes that just the job." Amity shrugged, "At least you get out durring off duty hours." she said with a brighter smile.

He nodded. "True, I spend most of my shift walking around." he padded his belly "Keeps the booze and cookies off."

Amity chuckled, "Well thats good, I dont generally drink as my kind are naturally lightweights." she said. "But I do love a good cookie or two!"

He grinned,imagining her being a light weight. He gently got up and put his drinks and hers on him. "Thanks for the chat lass, I need get some sleep. If you get bored tomorrow I'm trying out a horseback riding program. Should be far less dangerous than my wrestling or wargames." he chuckled.

She grinned, "It would be, and I love riding, I'll join you." she nodded. "Good night Robert."


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