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The deed

Posted on Sat Aug 30th, 2014 @ 6:39pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: A New Home
Location: Colony - Doctors home
Timeline: Night MD2

Cura looked at Tantok, night had settled and it was time. She took a deep breath, "Time for you to handle this." she said tightly. She looked her brother over, "Are you ready now?" she asked.

Tantok smiled at winked at his sister. "Always ready to get my hands dirty." he said rubbing his hands together, wearing gloves and a stealthy outfit. "Straight assault or sneaky?"

"Oh, like the others, he needs to know who put him down. Test subjects 031 and 032." she grinned. "But this has to be clean, just like the others." she said.

He nodded. He peeked through the crack in the door. "I haven't seen anyone around recently. The last person left the office about an hour ago and it looks like he's closing up shop for the night."

"Perfect, lets follow him home and do it there, should give us more time and killing him in the government building isn't exactly smart." she commented.

"So we sneak in while he looks out the window at the stars , lock the door. You point the phaser at him so I can drop window blinds so no one sees? maybe even close windows so no one hears it?"

Cura grinned and nodded, "Perfect, now lets do it!" she said.

The pair of them kept to the shadows as they followed the old man back to his place. They'd watched him for a long while, and he often stood by a window, and that would be their chance.

Tantok sneaked in through the door as the guy was looking out at the stars. He drew his phaser and slowly closed a window blind. he looked at his sister and nodded and he slowly inched his way to another window.

"Taibok." Cura said.

Taibok spun around and found two people in his room, "Who are you? What is the meaning of this?"

Tantok grinned as he stopped being sneaky and closed up the windows. "Oh, you know what this is about. You just didn't think it'd come this fast. Sadly for you, we're rather effective at what we do." he walked back and stood beside Cura.

Taibok dove, even in his old age, he was fit enough when he had to be. He came up with a gun, shooting at them.

Cura swore and jumped out of the way, firing back.

Tantok dove into the shot fired by Taibok, giving Cura the killshot.

Cura missed and growled, Taibok wasn't as slow as he looked. She shifted positions, knocking a table over as she aimed for the old monster.

Lt. JG Manny Burca was walking through the housing district, returning from his shift guarding one of the science teams. He tipped his head, hearing shots, although they were rather quiet. The streets were quiet as it was late, but he knew that sound.

He rushed to the door of the house he thought it was in and pounded on the door. He heard another shot. Pulling his gun he shot the lock on the door and kicked the door open.

Two attackers in black were after the minister of medicine who was hiding behind a couch, firing at the pair.

With out thinking he fired at the female, rushing inside.

Tantok grabbed the man and they struggled for a bit, the occasional phaser blast going off from both of them. Eventually a shot were fired at the intruder and a shot clipped his leg and they both went down, but the Lt. didn't get back up.

Cura finally got the aim on the old doctor and took him down in the distraction. She let out an old romulan swear, "We need to leave this gun, make it look like this Fed did it." she moved over to the fed and instructed her brother on where to move him.

"Hold him upright, he has to be standing for this." she demanded.

Once he complied she placed the weapon in the mans hand and bent his hand and made his own hand, shoot him through the head, "Now drop him and let get out of here."


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