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The Labrynth

Posted on Sun Sep 7th, 2014 @ 3:14pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: The Arena

Mercia, with the help of Seamless managed to get the bleeding in her arm to stop. She looked around, they had been her a little while now, recovering, and such.

Glynd had was looking at a couple more signs along the wall, "I think I'm starting to see the pattern in dialect. I'm not a linguist, but I get the feeling the systems here are learning our language."

"Good, what does it say?" Mercia asked.

Glynd took a deep breath, "Its talking about surviving, to the... star door?" she said.

"What is the star door?" Mercia made a face.

She shrugged, "I'm not certain, but it also is saying something about being called."

"Called?" Mercia grunted as she got up from the ground and came to look at the signs. Sure enough the lines were shifting and starting to form words in the basic language they could read.

"The chosen will be called, send with blessing." Mercia said. "What does that mean?" she asked.

Glynd nodded, "And what is the Star door thing?" she asked.

"Star door to freedom." Mercia said as the words became clearer.

"Hey! Seamless!" Clatra said.

Mercia turned, and saw Seamless walking away.

"Marine, back here." Mercia barked with annoyance. The man didn't respond. So she jogged up to him. "Seamless?"

"Home..." he gave her a dreamy look, with a big smile. He moved forward, leaving Mercia standing there a little confused. He shifted and took another direction.

"Wait a second!" she called.

Glynd, who was a good friend with Seamless came up, "Hey where are you going?" she demanded. She ran forward, "Seaml..." her voice was cut off and she froze, midjog.

"Glynd? Seamless!" Mercia wasn't sure who to investigate first.

She noticed the dirt around Glynds feet was frozen in midair around her. She quickly held her arm out to stop the rest of the group. "Seamless! Come back here that's an order!" she yelled, as she reached forward trying to touch Glynd. She hesitated and pulled out an arrow, trying to poke the woman. The arrow reached her, and Mercia tried to pull the arrow back, but it was lodged, it wouldn't move, and couldn't move back. She let out a swear word.

Seamless disappeared into the trees beyond the field.

Mercia would have to figure him out later, she needed to figure how to help Glynd first, she could see the womans skin starting to turn blue, with Lack of air.

She was at a loss as to how to save Glynd, she picked up more sticks, Clatra helping her out as they tried to reach the woman, but soon it was clear they'd lost her.

With a growl Mercia threw the sticks on the ground, she let out a frustrated yell. This place was trying to kill them off!

Clatra frowned and picked up a hand full of dust, she looked at the area which Seamless had walked off, and the place where Glynds dead body still stood, frozen in place.

She sprinkled the dust around Seamlesses boot prints and arched her brows, "There's a gap..." she said. She picked up more dust and tossed it further in and started to see the path, "There is a way through here... single file."

"Should we move?" Mercia wondered.

"If we don't, who's next to go? Mago?" Clatra asked looking at the kid.

"Lets hope not..." Mercia said. "Alright, every one gather up some dust and stones to carry with us." she said. Once they had all gathered some supplies she ordered they all line up and follow her footsteps exactly.

Taking a deep breath Mercia took the dust and tossed it ahead of her, conserving it, but also getting feel for her barriers. She had to be careful, after a few feet it shifted and she had to step careful to leave marks, so those behind could follow her steps exactly.

What took Seamless less than five minutes to get through and disappear took them close to an hour. Not feeling very safe Mercia kept tossing the dust around, she looked towards Seamless had gone, but there was a blinking white light the other direction. She wasn't exactly sure which way to go.



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