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Posted on Sun Sep 7th, 2014 @ 2:18pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: A New Home
Location: Colony - Doctor's home

Sela Donatora folded her arms as she stood next to her minister of defence and security, looking over the carnage. Her friend was dead, and a federation member was laying here as well.

She turned as Captain Hawkins arrived with his security, She glared at him, "First, my daughter goes missing and you've yet to find her , and now our Minister of Medicine is murdered by the hand of one of yours? This is beyond reason Captain." she growled.

"Well there goes my chance at a date night with a romulan," Hawkins muttered as he finally looked at what was before him. "I have members missing to, Sela."

"My dear friend was just murdered and youre joking about goinf on a date?" Sela looked bewhildered. "I don't know what happenes here or why a member of your crew would murder this man, but we need to get to the bottom of it!"

Stepping into the room just at the right time, Kelly walked over to stand beside David, "That's why I'm here ma'am. It's now my job to find out the Who, What, When, Where and Why"

Sela looked the woman over before motioning behind her, "well then get to work." She said

Giving a nod, Kelly walked forward into the room beyond. Straightaway, she could tell from the multiple scorch marks on both sides of the room that there had been a phaser fight, presumably between the Doctor and his attacker.

Starting with the attacker, Kelly began to look him over, "well than Lieutenant, what story do you have to tell?" She said, more to herself than to the body. Pulling out her Tricorder, she began scanning the Lieutenant's body.

After a few moments, She pulled out a pair of black latex gloves, slipped them on with a slight snap, and picked up the phaser. The Phaser was set at a high level, but not high enough to vapourise the intended target, as evident by the Doctor's body still laying on the floor behind her. Looking around behind her, Kelly thought something didn't fit, but she chose not to voice her opinions just yet. Instead, she stood up and began taking a complete holographic scan of the room.

"If it is alright with you Ma'am, I would ask that both bodies be transported up to the sickbay aboard our ship for closer inspection" Kelly requested, knowing that she didn't have any official jurisdiction on this planet.

Sela folded her arms and glanced at her security minister before she nodded curtly. "Our facilities are not set up well enough for this, you have my clearance, but one of MY people will be a party to every detail, is that clear?" she asked the federation types.

Kelly nodded, "understood Ma'am, impose whatever conditions you wish. I will be keeping both yourself and the Captain apprised of the progress of my investigation" she said before turning around and planting a transporter beacon on each body. Standing up straight, Kelly trapped her combadge, "Ensign Hathaway to Transporter room 5. I am sending you two beacon signals, please beem them to the morge"

A moment later, the bodies were beamed away. Finishing up her scans, Kelly turned back to the others, "if you'll excuse me" she said, heading out the front door of the house.



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