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Investigation Prt 2: Autopsy

Posted on Sat Sep 20th, 2014 @ 6:48am by

Mission: A New Home
Location: USS Gladiator: Morgue


Over in one corner of the ship's morgue, Doctor Alayna Warwick was working on checking the settings of the stasis chambers, a small speaker nearby pumping out the sounds of The Rolling Stones.

Just than two bodies materialised on the morgue's surgical tables. They were still in the postures they were before being transported, laying face down with their arms out to the side.

Alayna looked up and smiled, "Ooo.. Some nice presents to cut up."

Materialising in between the two tables, Kelly quickly got her bearings and turned to Dr Warwick, "hi, sorry got dropping in like this. I hope I didn't inturrupt something"

Alayna shook her head and cracked her knuckles, "Nah, it's all cool. I've been dying to get some new bodies to cut up. I'm Alayna."

Walking over, she smiled, "Do you want to stay and watch?"

Kelly nodded, "I think that would be best for my investigation"

Picking up a tricorder, Alyna turned it on, and spoke, "Computer, begin autopsy record - Doctor Alayna Warwick. There are two bodies for this autopsy. One Romulan male, approximately 6 foot tall, and one human male, approximately 5 foot 11 inches. Broard tricorder scan confirms both are deceased."

Taking a laser scalpel, she used it to cut into the romulan's chest and then reached in, removing the heart. As she scanned
it, Alayna asked, "Are you squeamish by any chance? If you are, there is a bucket over there."

"I can handle it, though this is the first body I've seen"

Turning, she asked, "Okay, and if not, there is a bucket over there. Hey, can you go to that draw over there and get the paper bag out?"

Looking in the direction Alanya motioned, Kelly wasn't sure which draw she ment, "which draw?"

"Top one."

Quickly finding the draw, Kelly grabbed the bag and took it over to Alanya, "here"

Opening it, Alayna pulled out a pretzel and put it in her mouth, motioning the bag, "Want one? Makes me hungry sometimes doing these."

Kelly shook her head, "no thank you. I think I've lost my appitite"

Looking inside the chest cavity after weighing the heart, she noted, "I can confirm that this Romulan died pretty quickly. There are clear discrepancies in weight for a standard Romulan heart, and I can see phaser burns."

Taking her tricorder, she noted, "Kill shot, since we have bodies, then the setting was low enough not to vapourise though, travelled along the nerves."

Turning to the human with her tricorder, she spoke, "Signs of phaser injuries on the human too."

Moving to the Romulan's hands without touching, she took a good look at them before moving over to the human's, checking them too with caution.

Using the tricorder, she did scans before looking upto the security officer, Alayna spoke, "In my expert opinion, something is a bit hinky here. Phasers do cause patterns of particle residue that breaks up over time.. The ones for these don't sync up with what I would expect for the body temperature readings I'm getting. Ion buildup from either the atmosphere of the planet or aboard ship has messed with the particles. What sort of gun did you find?"

"A Standard Starfleet issue hand phaser, set to kill" Kelly replied as the sight of organs and blood started to get to her, "you know what Doc, if you could just do a complete exam and send me your results, I'd appreciate it. For now, I have to.....go" Kelly said before quickly turning around and half running out the door.



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