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The new Project

Posted on Sun Feb 16th, 2014 @ 4:35pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Cadet Senior Grade Taylor Randella

Mission: Photons Everywhere

Mercia looked up from her tablet as a new figure arrived on the transporter pad as she sighed heavily. She didn't like this whole thing at all. She took a deep breath, "Cadet Randella?" she asked. "I'm Lt. Kavi, I'll be supervising you here." she said. "I've got your quarters assignment, and since I'm stuck introducing you to ship life, I guess I'll walk you." she said eyeing the young woman, sizing her up.

Taylor stepped off the transporter pad. "Thank you." she said to the woman in front of her. picking up her bag she readied herself to see the ship.

"Uh.. You're welcome." Mercia said. "Short and sweet huh?" she grunted. "This way." she said and quickly exited the room with the cadet in tow. "I plan on running things fairly simply, do your job and we wont have problems. You'll be assigned as any other staff, you'll participating in training, Physical training, testing, patrols, and by my side only some training on the bridge, assuming I can clear that with Commander Hawkins." she said firmly.

"Yes, Sir." Taylor said. Lt. Kavi was quick, and taylor had to pick up the pace to keep up. " Uh... Where can I drop my stuff? Cause you know this bag is getting little heavy. having to carry it all day and all." Taylor hefted the bag on her back to give more emphasis to her words.

"Well toughen up Puddin Pop." Mercia snipped. Just for her complaining Mercia decided take her to the ready room first, rather than to her room first than the ready room. "I'll take you to your room, later." she said.

Taylor mentally gave herself a kick to the shin. she should kept her mouth shut. Taylor walked behind Lt. Kavi and tried to remember why she had been so excited about coming onto the ship

Mercia led the girl in to the lift and eyed her again. She was sizing her up for sure. "Lets get one thing straight kid." She said even though the cadet was only seven years her junior. "Im not going to take it easy, this isnt a cake walk, you're going to work at the same level as I would expect an ensign." Mercia said. She made a face shes was starting to sound like Jerkland! Ugh!

Taylor made a noise in her throat that was somewhere between a grunt and a laugh. "I don't expect anything less." she paused wondering if she could trust the Lt. not to use the information to her advantage. "I all honesty, i think be treated like the cadet on the ship would annoy the crap out of me." she could just see it now! all the other people on this ship treating her like she didn't know what she was doing. it would be the academy all over again.

Mercia smirked at her, "Oh I'm sure thats going to happen, you might fly under the radar because every one is on edge about the hologram project." she shrugged. "You're still a cadet." She paused the lift just before it got to the bridge and turned towards Randella. "Let me give you a piece of advice, don't hate being a cadet, while You'll be pushed and worked on this ship, if you screw up... once I calm the hell down... you'll find more forgiving people here than you would in most places." Mercia took a deep breath. She touched the panel again and a second later the door opened on to the bridge.

She ignored any one on the bridge and led the cadet across and touched the chime, waiting for Hawkins to call them in.

The door opened and there stood Hawkins rubbing his face. It was clear that he was worn out but after a good stretch, Hawkins had answered the door and straightened his uniform as soon as he noticed whom it was. "Lieutenant, Cadet... come on in."

Mercia led the cadet in, thinking that Hawkins was looking tired, and maybe she should avoid being a distraction for a few days so he'd rest, rather than get woken up and punched in the face by her. She still felt bad about that. "Commander Hawkins, Cadet Randella..." she introduced taking an easy stance, and watching to see if the cadet would snap too or copy the behaviors around her, which was more at ease.

Taylor stood at attention witch was hard to do with the bag still slung over her shoulder. eyeing Lt. Kavi, she noticed that she didn't solute when she walked in. Taylor decided not to either. "Commander, Cadet Randella reporting for duty."

"No salute, I see you have not met Lieutenant Jarland yet have you," Hawkins asked as he took his seat and waved for the the two female security officers to sit down as well before him. He wanted people to be relaxed in his presents so they knew that they could come to him for anything. He looked at Mercia and held those thoughts to himself as he smirked a little before focusing back at the new cadet. "So Cadet Randella, why?"

Taylor Frowned. "I'm sorry sir?"

"Why are you here?" Hawkins asked plainly.

Taylor gulped, was this a test? " I was assigned to this ship for the last 3 months of my training, sir." If it was a test, then she wasn't sure how to pass it.

"I see..." He replied as he looked over at Mercia before looking back at the cadet. "So what are your primary skill sets you are striving for?"

"Hand-to-hand combat mostly. But I would like to better my skills at strategic planning." Taylor her sweaty palms on her pants. how long was she going to have to be here? She already felt like she had made a fool of herself when she met Lt. Kavi. Now she just plain felt like a bug under a light."

"How do you feel about taking some bridge training with some tactical station and other departments?" Hawkins asked as he looked at the nervous Cadet. "And take a seat. I don't need ya nervous."

Taking a seat, Taylor started to relax. "Thank you. I'd love to serve on the bridge."

"How much training have you put in?" Hawkins asked as he looked at his new cadet before him.

"On a Bridge? None. at least not on a real ship. the academy had a class on bridge stations, but we never got to to see the real thing." Taylor could start to feel excitement stirring in the her stomach. she had always want to serve on the bridge. she didn't think that she would get the chance for a long time.

"Lieutenant Kavi, what do you think?"

Mercia arched her brows and smirked, "You already know what I think." she quipped.

"I meant the training of the bridge training," Hawkins grinned a little as he shook his head.

She rolled her eyes, "Yes sir." she said. "I think training on the bridge this early in a career is a good thing. If you can handle the pressure, Commander Hawkins and I can recommend, and administrator bridge certifications as well, so when you graduate you can actually work shifts on the bridge." she said.

"You can do that?" Taylor said. Would they do that?

"So long as Hawkins says so. It's his bridge." Mercia smirked.

"Have her start tomorrow. Have her start with the normal drills as all crew members have gone thru, and I expect a weekly report from you, Cadet. This way you will get the proper idea of how to report to not only a Department head, but also a Commanding Officer."

"uh...Y-Yes sir." Taylor swallowed. "sounds good."

Mercia smiled, it was adorable how nervous she was around Hawkins, and yet he was the most easy going guy, at least he was to her. But there could be certain reasons for that. "Unless you have any thing else Sir, I'll show the cadet to her room. I know you have a lot to tend to." she said.

"Sounds like a plan," Hawkins nodded once as he looked at the two. "My door is always open for you to come to me for anything. I am all about setting people up for success. If I or anyone else on this ship aren't, let me know and well nip it in the butt. If there isn't anything else, you both are dismissed." He finished as allowed the two women go their own way. He knew that it was going to be a long day, but it was turning out to be rewarding to the least.


Commander David Hawkins
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Mercia Kavi
Chief Sec/Tac Officer


Cadet Taylor Randella
Cadet Officer-in-Training


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