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A begrudging Understanding

Posted on Mon Feb 10th, 2014 @ 8:50pm by Lieutenant Neville Jarland & David Hawkins
Edited on on Wed Feb 12th, 2014 @ 5:56am

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: Brig
Timeline: Before Launch

After leaving Mercia in her quarters alone, earlier than he wanted, David had to get a couple things straight. He rounded the corridor and walked into the brig, to which he found two members of security still standing there. They quickly snapped to attention as he walked in.

“Computer, lock the door,” He ordered as he walked up to the only force field in use. He pulled over a chair and looked into the cell as the two security personnel stood at parade rest behind Hawkins. “So how was your night Lieutenant?”

Jarland stepped back from the wall, and turned to the forcefield, “Rather long.” he grunted. “How was yours?” he asked with sarcasm.

“Not to bad,” Hawkins nodded as thought back to seeing his godchildren. “Got to see some friends and got some cookies. Homemade is so much better than replicated,” he grinned he held out a canister that he had received from last night. “Want one?”

Jarland was tired, sleeping in the brig was never fun, “I don’t think so.” he grunted.

“They got sprinkles!” Hawkins grinned as he took one out and started to eat one.

“Making me want them even less.” he grunted. He rubbed his face and eyed the man sitting so casually in a chair. The mans easy going nature annoyed him to no end. “So what does the crew think of me being in the brig? Celebrations in the lounge I assume?” he grunted sarcastically. “I noticed a particular woman didn’t arrive to gloat.” he said bitterly. He had been expecting it, and was honestly surprised it hadn’t happened. What game was that girl playing?

“She don’t know about this. Perks of being the commanding officer,” Hawkins said in between bites of a cookie.

Jarland frowned looking at the commander, he put his hands behind his back and bounced on the balls of his feet for a moment, “And how is it she doesn’t know?” he asked. “Being the Chief of security she would have received a report of me being in here.” he said. “Isn’t hiding it from her the very reason I’m here?” he grunted.

“Took a chapter from your book,” David shrugged as took another bite.

Jarland glared, the man's lack of communication was irritating. “Why?” he demanded. “Your whole point was to humiliate me, why not line up Kavi, and Callahan particularly to view the new animal in the cage.”

“I’m not into humiliating people, Lieutenant. especially my XO,” he remarked. “I also don’t like people gloating over people’s screw ups.”

“So you took a page from my book to prevent her from doing just that?” he asked, “Or because you wanted to prove that you could do what I did with no consequences, but I could not with out time in the brig?” Jarland demanded.

“Is that what you believe?” David asked with a questionable look on his face.

Jarland gritted his teeth, “If you’re just here to play games, Hawkins, you can walk right out the door. I’m not sure which to believe, and I would appreciate a clear answer from you for once damn it!”

“I’m not here to play games either, Lieutenant. You threaten me, and you bypass my position as commanding officer, then talk to me like you do now, and you think you are in the right?”

“Maybe not.” Neville said. he had calmed down some what, but now he was more calculating than angry. “But I find it comical and curios that you use my same tactics to hide a brig stay from your staff, and I suspect for the same reason,” he said eyeing Hawkins. Maybe there was more to this man. Dealing with this privately, and not letting the entire ship know about this was a nod of respect. Neville could appreciate that. “And I want to know if it is for the same reason, maybe we do have common ground.”

“You are here for not the same reason you threw that Diplomat into here. Although you did do virtually the same things, if not worse with that threat,” Hawkins reminded. “Which I got to say, you do have balls.”

Jarland tipped his chin up, squaring his shoulders. “I’m nothing if not honest.” he said firmly. He still felt the commander was dodging the original question. Did he hide this out of respect for him, and lack of trust for the tart that irritated him so? Or because he was trying to prove he had more power than Jarland, and could do whatever the hell he wanted.

“You may have balls, but I don’t care for you dodging the question,” David sighed as he finished off the cookie and looked at the man. He was stubborn but really trying to test his nerves or wanting to deny his issue before him. “You have balls, now be a man and admit that you screwed up as much as the rest.”

Neville stared at the commander for several minutes in silence. The words were in the back of his throat, but they tasted vile. He didn’t believe he had been in the wrong. Harsh he was, but he didn’t believe he was wrong. Oh his father and brother would love to see this moment.

“Fine, keep being stubborn.” David said as he stood up and whipped off the crumbs and he started for the door. “I’ll have your transfer paperwork down here within the hour.”

Neville gritted his teeth. He couldn’t allow that to happen, his father would never let it go. He had been clear that if he failed this assignment he would be disowned. He had to make this work. Maybe taking a transfer would be better, and dealing with his old man.

“And don’t worry, I’ll have our 2nd XO take your position,” Hawkins reassured him as he pushed the chair back where he had gotten it from.

Jarland almost laughed, “Her? She’s a joke! She’d get your second ship crashed faster than you can blink.” he let out.

“She is better at taking orders and following the chain of command compared to what you have shown me,” Hawkins replied as he stood before the brig doors. “She maybe a joke to you, but she has respected your position and mine. She will do good as an XO to which will respect peoples positions,” He finished as he stepped close enough to the brig door for the sensor to open up.

Neville closed his eyes, “Wait.” he called out.

Hawkins sighed as he paused and turned at the man. “Wait for what?”

“Fine.” he said, the words still tasted bitter. “I made mistakes, I’m harsh but not perfect. Good enough?”

“Words sound right, but I don’t think you believe them,” Hawkins glared at the man shaking his head.

“Sometimes it takes time to believe even your own words.” he said. “But I’m going to try. This is my assignment, and I’m too damned stubborn to let that little girl take it over.” Neville said.

“You don’t have to like her, but you will respect her rank and position on my ship along with every man woman and child. You can hate every person on this ship, but your first job is to make sure to take care of those people before you take care of yourself,” Hawkins explained as he walked over to the field. “You can even hate me, but you will follow what I told you and continue to make sure things are ran my way. That is your job on this ship. Continue to push them to be better, but no insulting them. That only brings grudges and makes your job difficult along with everyone else’s the same thing.”

Jarland watched the man's eyes for a long moment, “Understood.” he said in a gravelly voice. He wanted to respect Hawkins, his anger made it difficult, and he did not like that this man was younger than him, and was favored and given a command over himself. Much like his brother, the starchild of the family. How could Neville see Hawkins as anything else but a version of his younger brother?

“Computer, deactivate Emergency Security Guards, and wipe their memory files for the past sixteen hours,” Hawkins ordered as the two security guards dissipated into thin air. He walked up to the cell and deactivated the force field. “Like I said, this is between me and you. No one knows about this. I keep my word.”

Jarland nodded, “I appreciate that Commander.” he said sullenly.

“Good, now follow my lead and I will see that you get your command back,” Hawkins said as he turned and headed out of the brig. “Report to the bridge in an hour. We have a ship to launch.”

Jarland arched his brows as he stepped out of the brig, in sore need of a shower. He was puzzled by Hawkins comment. He wanted to help him get a command back? Didn’t Hawkins know that Admiral Jarland would never allow his son have a command again? At least not for Neville…. “Yes sir.” was all he could say as he followed him out of the brig.


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