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Systems Check

Posted on Tue Nov 18th, 2014 @ 10:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Lieutenant JG Dom Rosen
Edited on on Wed Nov 19th, 2014 @ 5:08am

Mission: A New Home
Location: Fighter Bay
Timeline: Backpost - prior to Phantom King


The Chief Operations Officer walked toward the hangar quickly reviewing the new Fighter Group Commander's personnel file. It looked that he had grown up in space. It was always a wonder to Vanora, who had chosen to live in space the first chance she had, what it was like for someone who was born in space and didn't have a choice in the matter during their childhood. "Boomers," as they were called. Khelev had certainly given her some sense of it, but he seemed to have been pretty lucky in his youth. She was certain that wasn't the case for everyone.

She looked around the busy bay, full of crew working on the fighters, and finally spotted the man she was looking for. "Lieutenant Rosen," she called out as she approached the tall, broad-shouldered human male.

As if a knee jerk reaction Dom shot his head upward smacking his forehead on the underside of his fighter, dropping the spanner lightly at his side he placed a hand on his forehead and clutched it softly as if it would make it feel better, "Ow..son of a.." He rubbed the skin vigorously as he slid out from underneath his fighter. He looked over to the CoO, as he stood up he smiled and offered a pained smile large in part to the new bump on his head, "Ma'am..." He dusted his hands across his coveralls, smudges of various fluids and grease marked his face. "Uhhh...Lt. Commander Stele right?" He asked softly extending his hand out to her.

She nodded and took his hand, unphased by the grease. The handshake was firm, as expected. "You can call me Vanora, or if you prefer to be formal, 'sir' or 'commander' will do. Glad to finally meet you. And welcome to the Gladiator. Looks like you dove right in," she smiled as she took a look at the fighter. "I hope you're just doing maintenance, or making upgrades. This bird's only seen one sortie so far; I'd hate to think the last pilot to fly it dinged it up."

Dom smiled softly and nodded his head, "Yes Sir, I like to know what I am working with. Every fighter I have come a cross has always had its little unique tendencies. We are working those out right now, and adjusting some of the sensitivity settings to meet the pilots needs. Most of the energy relays haven't been updated to the new specifications so we are running through them and making them a bit more efficient." He grabbed a rag from next to his tool chest and wiped his hands with it before running it over his face a few times. "So what brings the Chief Operations Officer down to my neck of the woods, someone within my flight squad I should know about?" he asked with a smile.

"Yeah, thought you should know that every single one of your pilots is a speed junkie with a tendency for recklessness," Vanora joked before shaking her head in the negative. "No current personnel issues that I know of. I just came down to meet you, as I hadn't yet, and make sure you have everything you need. The way I like to think of it, Ops is responsible for ensuring that the staff and ship systems are all able to do their jobs, both on- and off-duty, so don't hesitate to ask, even if you're looking for something a little non-regulation. I've been known to acquire difficult to locate items from time to time," she winked.

Dom smirked softly and chuckled at her proclamation of his pilots being speed junkies, she was not far off in the sense that they all enjoyed what they do and that this was a passion for them as well as a addiction. "Non-Regulation eh? hmmmm might have to take you up on that offer Vanora I much appreciate that. An should you ever feel adventurous, I would be happy to have you ride along on a maneuvers run and see what we see, and why we enjoy what we do." He returned the wink and smiled softly.

"How can a lady turn down a ride in a fighter?" Vanora said. "To be honest, I always feel adventurous. Maybe more so than is good for me, although most my fun these days is limited to the holodecks. When is your next maneuvers run scheduled?"

He chuckled softly and smiled,"Excellent, we are scheduled for have another run in two days time, we typically like to have them every week, but getting adjusted to the new ship I have limited them to twice this month. To allow us to be more productive and offer assistance to the ship as a whole." He smiled softly.

"Measured caution from a pilot? Now I've seen everything," she laughed again. "I'll see you in two days then. Let me know if you need anything before then. My office is always open, and I've got a crewman checking any new requisition orders pretty much constantly."

He smiles and nods his head softly, "I will make sure to do that Vanora and I look forward to having you aboard for maneuvers, if something should arise between now an then just let me know and we can reschedule." He smiled softly and bowed his head respectfully to her, out of the corner of his eye he saw one of his crewmen using a fighter wing as a balancing board. "HEY!..."He ran off towards the fighter throwing a wrench at the crewmen.


Lt Junior Grade Dom Rosen
Wing Commander Archangels Fighter Squadron
USS Gladiator.


Lt Commander Vanora Samsoe Stele
Chief Operations Officer/3XO
USS Gladiator


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