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A Project for the Project

Posted on Sun Feb 16th, 2014 @ 4:34pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Edited on on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 10:53am

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: Ready room

It was early morning before the launch, Mercia had reported to the bridge then found her way to her office and started to set things up as she liked. There was an outer office with a monitor bank and lockers, and an inner office, which was hers, with a close able door.

Down the hall were the brigs and interrogation rooms, which she had yet to really check out since breaking Liam Challaghan out with Hawkins yesterday.

Some holograms were already in limited use, one of which was the one sitting behind the monitors. She wasn't sure how to feel about them, useful tools, but this was a whole new thing. She didn't blame her staff for feeling a bit uncomfortable with it all. She was about to get started on choosing a training program to start with this week with her staff when a call came in.

Life on board a ship traveling in deep space was a great feeling. It may have locked them up in a large can traveling at great speeds thru space, but David was now in his prime in his career. He was meant to be in the field leading people and caring for them. This was it right there...

Hawkins looked around the bridge but noticed Mercia was not on the bridge. He rounded the corner to his ready room and almost bumping into two security personal, He stepped up to the door apologizing but only got the two snapping to attention as he stood at the security door. "At ease," Hawkins ordered as he got a 'Aye, sir!' to which told him all he needed to hear. "I bet Jarland is having a field day," he muttered as he walked into his readyroom as he tapped his ear comm piece, "Lieutenant Kavi, please report to the Captain's Ready Room."

Hearing his voice made Mercia want to shiver again. It was a pleasant thing, and yet at the same time it brought back all those uncomfortable feelings she'd managed to quell since seeing him briefly on the bridge. She didn't want to pull away, but she didn't know how to not feel uncomfortable around him now, he had seen her in a very vulnerable moment. "On my way." she said with a guarded tone. An order was an order.

It took a few minutes to reach the bridge and the whole time she was twisting her braid nervously. Why should she be nervous? Maybe she still didn't trust that Helaku hadn't lost confidence in her last night. She was broken, how could she lead a team tasked to protect him? Was he about to order her off the ship? What about second chances? What about their connection?

By the time the lift spit her out on the bridge she was a bundle of nerves, in near panic. She felt flighty, she wasn't one to run away from a fight but recently she had felt more prone to it. Losing her job a few months earlier had damaged her self confidence, and knowing what Helaku had seen made her about panic.

She hesitantly touched the panel and let him know she'd arrived.

"Enter!" Hawkins called out as he stood over his desk with a couple tablets spread out but looks evenly and professional. He was working hard to get ready for the TGCO to arrive sometime that day, and knew that he was normally relaxed and didn't care. But he wasn't fully ready to give up his command just yet unless it was for his crew.

Mercia took a deep breath and moved, the door opening in front of her and after two steps closing behind her. She strolled forward, trying to move with confidence, but she couldn't look at him, afraid of what she was certain was coming next. A big ol' boot.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself, Lieutenant?" He asked without looking at her but keeping his focus on some paperwork before him.

Mercia swallowed hard. Just as she feared, anger started to rise in her as she stood stock still. "I am what I am and I cant change that sir." She said as her throat burned. She wanted to go beat something or cry, or both. She broke protocol and glared at him, "I told you I was broken." She said then looked around. Men pissed her off, just when she really got interested, invested trust, they sae the real Mercia and then washed their hands of her.

Looking over his shoulder with confusion all over his face, he scanned her before finally grinning and shook his head as he went back to his paperwork, "No, the reason for not being on the bridge without informing the XO. If Jarland was up here, he would have your head."

Mercia frowned "wait what?" She asked. "I dont give a whit what Jarland thinks I have the stationed covered while I do office work..." she snapped. "So... youre not getting rid of me?" She hated the words the moment they left her mouth. How weak and vulnerable she sounded! Humiliating! And yet she wanted his affirmation badly.

David shook his head with a slight grin, "No, you haven't hit the line, in my eyes, to get kicked off my boat. You are fine. Just giving you a hard time."

Mercia smirked, "yeah you tend to do that... a lot" she said, teasingly, relaxing a little. Now she felt stupid, why was she so lacking in self confidence. She approached his desk and slid a padd a side before sitting on the edge of it, right next to him and smirked up at.him. "so what does a girl have to get kicked off. That's useful information for a trouble maker like me."

"Not something you want to know," David said as he scanned over another document and then nodded as he found it. "Besides, i don't see ya doing what it takes to be removed from my command under my own orders," He remarked as he handed her a tablet and then walked over to his replicator and ordered a coffee.

Mercia looked at the tablet quizzically, glancing up for a just a brief moment when his back was a turned. A tight little smile crossed her face before she focused on what he had handed her. "You're accepting cadets? God help their chie..." she blinked. "No!" She whined. "Helaku! I've just started as a chief and you threw on 2xo, and now you want me to take on cadets? Just how crazy are you man?" She complained.

"Man?" Hawkins looked at her for a moment as he sipped his coffee before walking back to his desk and went back to the lists of reassignments.

Mercia shifted and gave him a look. "Yes. Man. You are one and of that i'm quite certain." She retorted. She didn't like this at all. She had enough to deal with adding on a snot nosed cadet was the last thing she wanted added to her plate.

"This wasn't my choice. The U.S.S. Talleyrand is overflowing with some cadet's and their captain and our Task Group Commanding Officer requested that we took some final cadet's whom were awaiting their graduation and assignment to our Fleets location. It's only temporary and we have the extra space. But we need to keep them busy, and not let them think they can be lazy for weeks on end. They can learn."

"Well how come you couldn't pick engineers or science people? At least they have projects!" Mercia complained. She put the tablet down in his desk, hopped off and went to get her self a drink, if for nothing more than to help her swallow down her ire. She frowned and turned back after taking a long drink of the juice she ordered. "What the hell am I supposed to do with a cadet?" She demanded. "Have them shadow me, while I shadow a hologram?" She asked. "This is stupid." She said flatly. On top of it all she was going to have to rework all of her schedules and rotations.

"I picked up some science personal along with other departments, but this cadet is special," Hawkins responded with a slight grin in his voice. "She is your trainee."

Mercia returned to the desk and sat on it again, holding her cup of juice as she let out a long breath. "How does that make her special?" she grumbled. "Sounds more like you're testing me again... or setting this chick up..." she eyed him, "I really don't know that this is a good idea Helaku." she said, although she was more resigned to her fate, one thing she was learning was that he was as stubborn as she was, but because he had rank he always won. She didn't like that. She would have to find ways to even playing field.

"This isn't a set up or a test," He replied as he stopped what he was doing and looked at her. "I have seen her background. Both of you are troubled, but I believe that you can teach her. If I am wrong, I will hand in my commission," He stated bluntly.

Mercia smirked at him and folded her arms after setting her drink aside. "Oh really? You should know better than to challenge me." she said arching her brows at him.

"Its not a challange," Hawkins admitted as he stood up and stretched real quick before he went around and sat in his chair. "Call it blind faith."

Mercia sulked a little as she shifted and looked at him, "I keep having this nagging feeling you are putting way too much blind faith in me." she watched him, "Seriously I'm starting to wonder just how badly I'm going to fail you when the day comes." she looked down, she was hating her old XO again.

"If you fail, you only show me one thing," he responded.

"What? What I'm right? That some people are just too messed up that despite their effort to do whats right they can't?" Mercia humphed.

"That you aren't perfect but willing to learn from his or her mistakes," Hawkins shrugged. "So do what you need to. I wouldn't put it in your hands if I didn't know you could handle it. Plus it keeps ya busy and out of trouble."

Mercia worked her jaw for a moment before giving him a flirty smile, "See I thought I was keeping busy enough and trouble was part of the charm?" she smirked.

David just grinned as he knew what she was getting at. "I meant that Jarland would stay off your back."

Rolling her eyes she let out a breath, "BAH." she waved her hand. "Ol' Jerkland can jump out an air lock for all I care. You already know that I'll have run ins with him again... its bound to happen. So how much more freedom do I have before I get the new ankle biter? See... I'd think me meeting your niece and nephew would have indicated how well I'm going to handle this!" She spotted the tin of cookies on his desk that had been sent back with them. She smirked and picked it up, "Can I have one?" she asked.

"Sure." He nodded as he crossed his arms over his chest and relaxed his head. Launching a ship was much more paperwork than he cared for.


Commander David Hawkins
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Marcia Kavi
Chief Sec/Tac Officer


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