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Elizabeth's Torment (Rated R)

Posted on Tue Nov 18th, 2014 @ 8:44pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Phantom King
Location: Lizzy's Quarters

If you would prefer not to read please message Kavi for a synopsis.

Slipping on a fresh uniform, Lizzy made her way over to one of the secret hiding spots she had and begun looking through her blackmarket stores to see if there was anything that she might be able to use to escape.

Throwing out some jewelled bags, a Gorn stuffed toy and some rather skimpy gold panties, she was about to reach for a small silver box when all of a sudden, Lizzy felt a hand wrap through her long hair moments before terrible pain across her scalp and screamed as she was yanked back.

A large hand reached around her chest, grabbing her left breast through her uniform, and she looked up into a familiar face. She moaned in happiness as Da'Ka let go of her hair and pulled her close, crushing her lips against his. She tasted her own blood in her mouth as his fangs bit her lip, and she felt the warmth of his body against hers as he held her tight.

Her heart fluttered with joy - moments before he released her from his grip and back-handed her hard. Lizzy saw stars, her brain totally disorientated. She was starting to get her bearings when she felt a horrible pain between her legs, her eyes shooting open to see that a large Klingon boot had just kicked her womanhood.

She dry heaved in pain before Da'Ka's strong hands lifted her up into the air. He snarled into her face in Klingon, "You half Betazoid whore.. Human filth."

Lizzy gurgled as he grabbed her between the legs and threw her to the side onto her couch, which at least took the brunt of the force. She tried to shift but he was on her faster then she could. With one hand, he pulled her arms up above her head and slapped her across the chest, causing her to cry out as he spatout, "You dishonourable worm."

She struggled as he grabbed her top, twisting it as he pulled away until the seams ripped, exposing her torso, and continued tearing it downwards. Lizzy began crying, her heart aching with pain as the man she loved - who had treated her so wonderfully and always thought of her as beautiful, treated her like she was scum.

When he removed his d'k tahg, she grew worried as he put the top of the blade to just above her neck before slowly moved it down her body, tracing around her right breast in a decreasing spiral without cutting until he reached the centre, holding it so it touched. Lizzy felt embarrassed when she realised that she was feeling the wrong sort of feelings for what was happening, and felt like she wanted to throw up for a moment. Slowly, he began applying a bit of pressure, causing her to cry out until finally, there was a small nick.

Moving it away, he stood and moved over to one side. When he was turned, Lizzy began moving to hide when she heard a loud howling inhuman sound. She looked around and realised the prongs of a bat'leth were now sticking out her husband's back.

He lurched around, his hands on the handles as he gurgled, "You did this!"

Lizzy screamed, moving forwards and trying to pull it out, his blood running down her hands, before he fell. Dropping to the ground beside his dead body, she wailed in grief before her vision began swimming and she blacked out.


Gasping as she woke again, Lizzy found that she was lying on a couch that was definitly not what she had been on. She was also not dressed in a torn Starfleet uniform, but in a beautiful emerald silk robe that was vaguely familiar - mainly due to the numerous bright yellow toy ducks printed onto it.

She pulled it open a bit and reached down to her nipple, finding no trace of blood, before looking around. This was definitly not her quarters -- but then again, the sight around her was also incredibly familiar too.

Lizzy felt tears come to her eyes as she looked around to see the sights that were imbedded in her memory of the shared quarters she had with Da'Ka on the Odyssey. A few moments later, she gasped again when she felt a sharp jab against her ribs. Reaching to her belly, she was surprised to find that her belly was much larger then normal, and she felt a small potrusion. She gently gave it a press and felt another kick as it moved away before it moved back, felling the soft pressure against her hand.

Tears came from her eyes and then all of a sudden, she saw a flash out the window and the deck shook, knocking her out of the couch before the red alert sirens came on. Pulling herself up, she made her way to the door and hit the button. The door opened and she stumbled out into the corridor. The deck shook and she headed towards a turbolift when the Odyssey's Second Officer came around the corner.

He spotted Lizzy, "Ensign!! It isn't safe with you stumbling around in your condition. Go back!"

She was about to go back when she heard a horrible scream. Turning, she let out another scream as she saw a horribly mangled and disfigured Klingon moved towards her. She caught a wiff of a terrible smell that made her want to gag, before her heart began beating stronger as she realised who it was - Da'Ka.

He let out a cry, "Lizzy!! Be'nal!! Parmaq!!"

Lizzy broke into tears, moving back as she felt her baby kick again, distracting her.

She moaned, "You died."

"It doesn't have to be."

He moved forwards, grabbing for her. She fell back against the wall, felling his rotting hand against her belly and shuddered with revulsion.

She could smell his fetid breath, and gurgled as she felt warm drool fall on her chest, soaking through the dress.

Lizzy screamed, driving her knee upwards and it sunk in, as she pushed him away.

Turning and running - no, waddling was the most she could do she realised, as she made it around the corner. Lizzy cried out, devastated and moving without thinking, unable to really see through the blurriness as tears ran down her face as she openly weeped.

All of a sudden, she felt terrible pain in her gut and fell hard, hitting the deck. The intense pain followed to her lower back, severe enough caused her to writhe, ripping away the devestating sorrow like claws raking down her flesh.

Her eyes shot open and she could just tell it was all wrong. Lizzy gurgled, pulling herself into a ball before she threw up from the sudden nausea.

Rolling away, she realised that she was bleeding, and cried out, knowing that she was losing her baby again, "HELP!!"

Elian in the skin of the ship's chief nurse, ran up to her side and kneeled down next to her and pulled out a tricorder and started to scan her stomach. "The baby is fine, you are over reacting," he stated as he pulled out a hypospray. "But does your husband know?"

Lizzy blinked, as even in the state she was in, Lizzy realised that it was the ECH,
"Elian?? What? What do you mean about my husband?"

"Why this baby isn't even his," Elian in the skin of the nurse replied with a slight shock. "Well let's take care of that now shall we?" With that he pressed the hypospray to Lizzy's stomach and the hiss was heard as Elian smiled. "There, that will take care of the issue."

Lizzy struggled for a moment to understand, "What was that?"

"Why getting rid of this horrid beast, you call your child," he responded as he handed her the tricorder. "See for yourself. You did this. It is all on you."

Grabbing it, she took a look and then flung it as hard as she could at his face, trying to pull herself away, "You bastard!!"

A string of Betazoid, Andorian and Klingon swearing followed behind as Lizzy's sadness and fears were rapidly being replaced by anger.

As Elian saw her anger building up in her eyes, he quickly acted and back handed her over her face, then pressed the hypospray on her neck. "There there, this will help you sleep better while I take care of this tumor. I'll have you right as rain in no time!"

Lizzy struggled, spitting in Elian's face before she caught the sight of his hand rapidly moving. Her eyes went fuzzy and blurry, and her limbs became really sluggish. Rapidly, she lost consciousness due to the effects of the drugs shot into her.


Lizzy moaned as she slowly came awake, shifting but feeling something restraining her. She also felt a breeze on her skin that wasn't right, and she found it really confusing.

Wriggling, she found that all of her limbs were restrained by something hard and she had to fight sleepiness to open her eyes.

Looking down, she realized that she was completely naked. The next thing she realised was that her belly was less full and her legs were in stirrups.

She heard the snap-hiss of a hypospray being loaded & injected near her neck. It took barely anytime before the adrenaline he had shot into her worked, bringing her fully awake and aware of everything.

Ellian's face appeared above her, "Rise and shine, whore. You never had a baby in you, but you will wish you did to stop me doing this."

Lizzy screamed as he moved down to her legs and then she felt something rough enter her womanhood. She thrashed as she began feeling burning and howled with fear and terror, thrashing around.

Ellian continued moving the large stick of peeled ginger and Lizzy's mind stopped paying attention as she turned and threw up, her whole body heaving from the pain.

Ellian smiled, delighting in what was happening, before he grabbed the back of her head to hold it up, speaking to her,

"And it isn't over. Come in here, Ace."

Lizzy tried to shake her head as her beautiful pet flew into the room, heading over to where a pile of bird seed was sitting. Lizzy cried as she saw the sign reading, "Explosive pellets."

"Noooooooooooooooooooo!!! ACE!! FLY!!!"

The bird let out a stream of profanity, before flying up into the air. At that point, there was a loud pop before a rain of birdy body parts & burnt feathers rained down, followed by the burnt out carcass of a bird.


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