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The Roomies

Posted on Fri Feb 21st, 2014 @ 12:39pm by Cadet Senior Grade Taylor Randella & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: Cadet Dorm

Rowana Zanz sat cross legged in her new bunk. First one in the room, she took first pick of beds, top bunk, furthest from the door. There were four beds in this room, all along one wall. The other wall had a door to the bathroom, four lockers, an entertainment screen with two desks. Two more desks laid against the other two walls, one right next to the front door. Rowana ensured that was NOT her desk. The Trill was a quiet girl, mostly kept to herself.

She glanced up when the door opened and saw that dark english girl she'd met a bit ago when she dropped her bag off.

"Oi!" said Charity- Chap to her friends- as she came back to the room and found the Trill where she'd left her. "'Ave you been 'ere all the time? You missed all the 'ot men about! It's like a smorgasbord of sexiness out there!"

"I'm here to study Chap, not get laid. I mean I wouldn't complain, but its not my goal." Rowana rolled her eyes.

"Oh, brovah!" said Chap, rolling her eyes. "I'm gonna 'ope the others are a bit more interesting." With that, she snatched a PaDD from her bag and started playing games on it.

Mercia stopped outside the door, "Here you go Cadet, this is your room, you're bunking with two other girls, might throw in a 3rd, but I don't know yet." She said. "Your codes are updated, and you'll start with PE in the morning, the details are in your schedule file." Mercia said. She smiled at the girl, "I know I might seem gruff, and sometimes I can be, but I'm not that bad." she said trying to take it easy, heaven knew she didn't like being stuck with a cadet, she had enough on her plate, this seemed like one more head ache, but the girl seemed agreeable enough. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, grooming her up. Maybe she'd made a good assistant... hmmm.

Taylor hefted the bag on her back. it felt like someone had been putting brick in it all day. "Thanks. I hope I'm up for challenge.

"You're welcome. Oh... and Hawkins is planning some shindig tonight, you should stop by and meet the other bridge staff, since he said he wants you training there." Mercia said. "Should be fun... a drink, maybe some dancing." She winked at the girl, "Maybe meet a cute guy huh huh huh?" she teased.

Taylor felt her eyes widen. "Uhh... i'm not into parties, and i'm defiantly not into boys. cute or otherwise."

"Relax kid, I'm not trying to freak you out, just show up and don't be such a prude." Mercia rolled her eyes. Boy if this girl only knew! "Now go meet your roomies." Mercia said then walked away.

Taylor took a deep breath as she watched the Lt. walk away, leaving her outside her new room. she syed and pursed her lips. glancing at the door, she wondered what was beyond it.

Rowana glanced up, already irritated by the first roommate, and Oh boy, here comes another.

Taylor walked into the dorm room. just as the Lt. had said, there were already two other girls there. one of them had an annoyed look on her face, but the other one seemed perky enough.

"Oi, a newbie!" said Chap, jumping up from the bed and heading over to greet the other girl. "I'm Charity Anne Prince. You can call me Chap, though. Everyone does. Well, except me gram. She calls me Charity. What's your name, then?"

"Taylor. Taylor Randella." she dropped the bag in her hand and offered it chap. glancing around the room she saw beds desks and thats about it. it was pretty basic.

"Nice ta meet you, Taylor," said Chap with a big grin, shaking Taylor's hand vigorously. "You saw 'em, dincha? The 'ot men?" She whistled. "Especially the XO. AND hardasses are REALLY good. Well, so I bin told."

"I'm Rowana, if any one cares." she said dryly from her bunk. "And don't mind Chap, I don't think she ever stops." Rowana said. "This is my bunk, and this desk is mine, and the blue locker is mine too."

"NOT into 'ot men," said Chap in an aside to Taylor, cocking one thumb towards Rowana.

Taylor snorted. "Well then, I'm sorry to report that neither am I" squeezing past Chap, Taylor dropped her bag onto the lower bunk closest to the door.

"So... you're in to girls?" Rowana arched her brows. "Not judging or any thing, just want to know if I need to keep my bras locked up." she said.

Chap burst out laughing. "And not change in front of 'er!" she added, again flopping onto her bed and picking up the PaDD with games on it.

Taylor felt herself flush. "No , i'm not into girls! I'm just not into the whole dating thing. there's to much work to be done!"

"Well," said Chap, still messing about with games. "That's true. 'Swhy I perfer to jes' hook up. 'Seasier."

Rowana laughed, "Finally! I think you and me can be friends!" she said laughing.

Taylor shook her head. something told her living with these girls was going to be interesting.


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