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Science Behind Friction

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2014 @ 9:08pm by Lieutenant JG Joshua Hoss & Lieutenant Neville Jarland

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: After Launch


Josh was nervous. Extremely nervous. He had been warned about the XO, and had been thinking about this meeting ever since. Josh was fairly certain he had over thought it, but he couldn't change that now. He had already made a bad impression by being slightly late on board the ship, he didn't need to make things worse by hiding from or ignoring the XO. Josh had had the "rough, push your buttons" instructors at the academy and had managed to do great. But this wasn't the academy, this was the real deal. Josh sighed, took a deep breath, and pushed the chime for the XO's office.

Neville was fingering the pip on his collar, looking out the narrow window of his office. "Come." he said firmly.

Josh entered the room, already beginning to sweat. He almost saluted, then recalled the advice he had been given and decided against it. "Lt. Hoss reporting for duty sir."

He looked the man over, not yet another officer had forgotten how to salute. He swollowed his irritation, "Hoss... have a seat." he said dropping in his own chair.

Josh could tell the XO was irritated, but he wasn't sure if it was at him or something else. He quickly took a seat before things got worse.

"I take it you're caught up on the mission plan?" he asked. "How can your department assist in the project?" he asked folding his hands across his stomach and gazing at the fellow.

Josh nodded. "Yes sir, I'm up to speed. From what I've been told the Science Department won't be getting any of the holograms." Josh smiled at that thought. "So to that end I'm just going to keep science going as normal. Obviously we will be working with Ops and Engineering regarding anything that pops up in an effort to make sure the other departments go smoothly. But I think having science this way will be beneficial."

"I want to ensure that your department will not be lazy, I will not tolerate departments not doing any thing." he said. "You have labs and minimal staff, you also have access to some of the worker bee class holograms to test out." he pointed out.

Josh smiled. He wasn't one to sit around and wouldn't let his department lax either. He wasn't too sure about the holograms, but the rest of his department would be top notch, no matter what the cost. "Yes sir. I expect to be very busy, and will make sure the department stays on its feet." Josh stopped and thought for a second. He wasn't sure if he should ask it, but curiosity got the better of him. "How do you feel about the holograms sir?"

Jarland narrowed his eyes, "How I feel doesn't matter Hoss. We have our mission." he grunted. "I'll expect reports once a week, and I'll stop by from time to time to ensure your department is making progress. Unless there is any thing else, you're dismissed."

Josh's smile disappeared quickly. So much for the small chat. Josh turned to leave before remembering something. "There is just one more thing sir." Josh turned back around to face the XO. "I've got a few items from the science department coming onboard that require security clearance. I've already talked to the Security department about setting up access restrictions and logs to those items. Do you want me to include the list and logs with my reports to you, or just kick them to security?"

Neville curled his lip, he didn't trust security. "Ill be expecting a report as well."

Josh nodded. "I'll be sure to get a copy send directly to you." Josh turned and walked out into the hallway, sighing. Things could have gone smoother. Then again, they could have gone worse.


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