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Lizzys Escape

Posted on Wed Nov 19th, 2014 @ 7:39pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Phantom King


Emmah glanced up and down the corridor before she over road the lock on Lizzy Calderas room. "Counselor?" she called with a whisper as she stepped in to the room uncertain to what she would find.

Laying curled up on the floor without anything on, Lizzy looked out through glazed eyes, drool running from her mouth as she gurgled out random sounds that barely would register as language.

Emmah let out a breath, and gritted her teeth, Elian would pay for doing this to the crew. The Program was insane, and she was glad that she hadn't been made to go insane. She'd have to talk to Khelev and find out what protections she had to keep her from going nuts. "Caldera..." she said crouching down and touching the woman, among the feathers scattered about.

Screaming out loudly, Lizzy thrashed and kicked outwards like a crazed animal.

Emmah moved back, she couldn't be hurt by the woman, but she was afraid Lizzy might hurt herself. She rushed to the bathroom and grabbed the largest container she could find and filled it with water. Maybe a shock would snap her out of it. Returning, Emmah dumped the water over Lizzy. "Lizzy, Its me Emmah, you're safe for the moment."

Lizzy spluttered, looking up at Emmah and blubbering, "He strangled my baby and blew up my pet. I don't want to live."

Lizzy jumped when something fell in the bathroom from where it had shifted in the EMH's movement, screaming in panic and grabbing tightly onto Emmah with an iron grip of fear.

Emmah held on to her, "Easy Caldera... easy." she said. "Come on..." she said. Emmah was glad that her programming automatically adjusted so she could handled the weight of any patient.

A quick records access told her there was a member of the medical team that lived in the next quarters, she might just need her help with Lizzy. She held on to the woman and took her in to the bedroom, and helped her get some clothes on.

Once the counselor was dressed Emmah told Lizzy to be quiet as she took her to the next room. Sneaking inside she found that Elian hadn't bothered to mess with this one, and had just introduced a sleeping level in her air supply, and left her locked up.


The redhead didn't stir until Emmah shook her, and Keira moaned.

"What the hell?? What happened?"

Emmah glanced back at Lizzy who was cowering near the door. "I need help with Caldera. To sum it up, the ETCH program is in command, and is harming the Solid crew. I need to get as much of the senior staff together as I can, but I'm wondering if it was a mistake to free her, but I can't leave her. She would be safer with the group, even if you have to sedate her. Help me get her to the mess hall."

Keira blinked, and nodded, "Emmah, I'm a doctor and I can handle our crazy little counsellor. You go see if you can help anyone else, and I'll get her to the mess hall. If the ETCH is going nuts, having you around might not help some of the others."

Turning to Lizzy, she spoke softly, "Come here, baby. I'll look after you."

Lizzy looked around before running over, managing to crash tackle Keira. After a little bit of struggling, Keira got out from under, "I'm ok."

"Don't be seen. Its very important." Emmah said to the doctor. "Be careful Doctor." she said before she flashed away, off to her next rescue.


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