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Posted on Tue Feb 18th, 2014 @ 10:16am by Lieutenant Neville Jarland & Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan

Mission: Photons Everywhere

Ash left her quarters on her way to the bridge, still pulling a pony band around her hair. She would only JUST make it to the bridge on time- as long as she didn't run into any snags.

She spotted Liam leaving his quarters and hurried up behind him. "Hey, sexy," she said. "You're running late, too, huh?"

Liam was facing the other direction but as a familiar voice echoed down the hall he smiled and turned to face the figure. "You, Ms. Ash are a mystery I am going to have to figure out. And yes I am running late," he looked at her. Last night she had put all the right moves in all the right places, and then just like the night before left him standing in the doorway. Either she was old fashion or there was more to the story.

"Good, then I won't be the only one," she said, hurrying towards the lift with him. "At least if Jarland yells, he'll be yelling at TWO of us. That should make it easier."

Liam nodded, remembering his day in the brig. "I don't think the statement 'if he yells' is correct; it is more like when he yells." The Diplomat laughed, "That man really needs to get knocked down a peg."

Ash nodded. "He's a bit of a nightmare," she agreed as they stepped into the turbolift. "I think what he needs is a friend. Or a girlfriend. Something. Bridge," she ordered the lift.

Reaching his arms around her waist and pulling her in closer, Liam looked her in the eyes, "The right girl can tame any beast," he smiled.

"Is that a hint?" she asked, snaking her arms around his neck and stretching up to kiss him gently.

'Finally,' Liam told himself as he returned the kiss... not even meeting up with Jarland at this point could ruin the mood. Standing nearly 8 inches over her, Liam squeezed slightly and lifted her up just a little. As the kiss finished Liam suddenly had that feeling that told him they were no longer alone. Setting her down he reached up and brushed a strand of hair out of her face, "Now that is a good morning," he smiled, turning to the door to see the XO.

Ash grinned impishly, completely unashamed. "Good morning, Sir," she said cheerfully. She knew they were in for "the talk" now. All XO's had a talk with members of the crew who started relationships. And, since they were senior staff, there was the possibility that the CO would want a talk, too. Oh, well, best to get it over with sooner rather than later.

Neville glared at the pair, mostly at Challaghan, the upstart had his hands on Ash again. He could put him through the wall. "You two, my office NOW." he growled. This was not what he needed to encounter on his way to the bridge. He turned on his heel and stalked back towards his office.

Ash nudged Liam with her elbow before following after Jarland. She was trying her hardest to NOT smile, but failing miserably. She couldn't help it. The whole situation was hilarious. Still, she felt that smirking at Jarland while he gave them "the talk" would only irritate him, so she continued working on getting rid of the grin as she walked.

Liam looked at the XO, "Lieutenant," he greeted following in tow. He knew the man would be upset, but he had no leg to stand on. While Star Fleet frowned upon work relationships it wasn't against any known policy. He smirked when he saw Ash grin, no doubt the man was going to give them the birds and the bees talk; he sighed.

Once inside the office Neville turned around, "Lt. Callaghan I am getting sick and tired of your inappropriate behavior." he grunted. "If you are bored I will find assignments for you son." he said, "I know all about your lazy history and we already talked about how that would be not be tolorated." he said jabbing his finger in to the desk.

The grin slid from Ash's face like butter sliding off a hot potato. This was not at all what she had expected. "In- inappr- wait, what?" she stammered.

While Liam didn't honestly care what the pompous XO had to say he knew that he had to get this conversation unto the right foot. "Commander, I assume you have us here to discuss our behavior in the turbolift," Liam didn't let the man speak when he stepped forward. "I know Star Fleet doesn't have any actually restriction on relationships. Hell, history is full of them. Worf and Daz, Worf and Troi, Riker and Troi, Odo and Kira. You have my word we will be more professional in the future."

Liam truthfully didn't mean a single thing he had said, however he wasn't in the mood to mix word; not in front of Ash at least. He tired to be professional, even thou he really wanted to hit the man. Liam was positive that Jarland had a thing for Ash and this entire meeting was only out of the man's jealousy nothing more.

Neville actually laughed, "Every one has heard of Riker and Troi, And I know who Worf is, as does any one. How pathetic that you know details about those peoples loves lives. How many girly gossip feeds are you subscribed to?" he said. "Pathetic." he said. "If you want a relationship, fine, but finding a senior officer mauling another in a lift is not something the crew needs to be seeing."

"Mauling!" exclaimed Ash, appalled. "He wasn't-"

"Think what you want, Sir," Liam replied holding in his rage, "You may think it is mauling, but that is only a subjective opinion, and doesn't matter to me," he said in a calm voice. Opting not to reply to the man's insults, "How I treat someone I am in a relationship in, well truthfully is none of your business." He coughed, "Unless and only unless it interferes with the day to day operations of the ship."

He narrowed his eyes, "Son you listen and you listen good. I don't like seeing you putting your hands all over Coi in the lift. I expect not to see it again or you and I wont be just exchanging words, am I clear?" he growled. Why couldn't Coi see that this upstart had a rotten attitude, and a lack of respect? She deserved far better!

"He didn't have his hands-" started Ash, but she was interrupted again.

"For starters you and I already had this conversation don't call me son, again, or we will need a repeat of the last talk. If it continues I will have to take lessons from Kavi on how to deal with you. Secondly, I believe Ash is an adult and perfectly able to take care of herself. If she had a problem with it then she would have asked me to back off, had you walked in sooner you would have noticed that she started the kiss..." by this time Liam was standing nose to nose with the man.

"Back off, and stay out of my private life, period.." Liam blurted out almost spitting on the man. "I was off duty, and what I choose to do with my girlfriend when I am not on duty is none of your concern."

"That's right, I did-" she tried again, but it seemed neither of them were listening.

Neville growled, "You want to back down this instant young man." he ground out. "Or you're going to end up in the brig again for insubordination. Son." he said with a sneer. THe man was near 10 years his junior and he would not let this kid stand toes to toes and nose to nose, he was about to stack this kid to the wall. He was being given once chance.

"Hey, don't start with that brig nonsense!" ordered Ash, shooting Liam a quick look that said to remain calm.

Liam took a breath, and one quick look from Ash told him not to loose his temper. It was odd, she had a calming effect on him. However, he refused to back down. "Send me to the brig but I refuse to submit to your authority, I see now why they took your rank from you. You clearly have no idea how to lead people, without using fear and intimidation." Liam couldn't believe this man, what was he like nine years older then him. Who the hell was he calling kid? "You didn't deserve those Commander pips or your Command. I guess not even Daddy couldn't fix this one for you, aye?"

Neville shoved the young man back with his chest, then drove Liam in to the wall behind him, before striking him across the jaw, sending him crashing to the floor. He jabbed a control on his desk, "Security Holograms," he barked as he stood over the diplomat and glowered down at him. "You will learn one way or another to control your mouth. Son." he growled. "Take him to the brig." he said to the two holograms who picked the man up and carried him out.

Neville turned to Ash who looked on the verge of a fit. "Don't worry, he will learn his place." He said reaching up and touching her chin for a brief moment. He then stepped in to the door way, keeping his door open, "I believe you're late for your shift on the bridge?" he said dismissing her. Hopefully the princess learned today what an insulting brat she was allowing to handle her. Neville was even more bound to ensure she saw who the better man was.


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