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Permanent Failure

Posted on Wed Feb 4th, 2015 @ 9:11pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: C.O.I.L.

A stone statue hit the wall and shattered into pieces. Two men stood before her and they suddenly looked as if they were going to piss their pants. Ice narrowed her eyes at them, her face red with fury. She looked at Tali Tramar, the woman she was grooming an asset. She looked back at the two men, “You are telling me that years of programming, careful planning, and a lot of money that you failed.”

“Ice we were not there, we were not able to anticipate that the program would fail…” the tall one whined.

“Excuses.” she hissed stopping her pacing in front of him. “That program was supposed to take over the Gladiator and destroy it.”

“Well that sure as hell didn’t happen!” Ice screamed. A dagger appeared in her hand, and the shorter man whimpered. “Now did it?”

The taller one held his hands up, “Ice we did our jobs…”

“Like hell you did, now i have another mess to clean up, and now I need a new plan.” she hissed.

“From what I hear the Phantom Project is over. You won.” the short one said.

Ice stopped in front of him, “You promised results, and you failed.” she said. “I don’t tolerate failure.” She tapped his nose with the tip of her dagger watching as his eye got bigger and bigger, and his jaw began to shake.

“Ice enough of this.” The taller one said trying to be bold. A moment later a phaser beam connected with his chest and he dropped to the ground dead, Ice’s phaser having come from its hidden location.

Ice looked back at Tali and smirked before looking back at the short one. “You want to try again?” she asked. “See, you two sold me on this idea, you designed it, and got it in the hands of the agent who installed it. Then I never got the reports from the child creation, the system did not do what it is meant to do. It was a failure.” she said. “And I don’t deal with failure.”

She pulled back and turned for the door, stepping over the body of the tall one. “Tali, deal with this chump.” she said as she exited the room knowing that Talis training was coming along. She had a ways to go before she could be fully useful, the memory bridge was helping with training. The more and more time passed, the more like her counterpart she became. Maybe there was still a way to destroy the gladiator and those in charge of the project. She didn’t care if the project was dead, she wanted its creators dead, maybe Tali would be useful still. Ice paused in the hallway, hearing the man plead for his life. She wondered if Tali could do it… Could she be a killer like her counterpart? Time would tell.



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