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Posted on Sat Feb 22nd, 2014 @ 7:40pm by David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: Security Deck
Timeline: immediately following "An Angry Captain"

Liam watched as Ash left, and he wouldn’t lie he enjoyed the view as she turned as walked. She was cute and attractive in all the right areas. He liked that she also had a brain, and was street smart. He could have an honest conversation with her.

He didn’t know how much time had passed but several hours later he was looking up at the Captain and the Executive Officer. Judging by the look on Hawkins’ face Liam wondered had he made the right decision. The man looked pissed, but it made sense. Two of his Senior Officers fought, got into a physical altercation, and one of them landed in the brig. He wouldn’t be happy either.

Liam almost hit the floor when two of the holographic security officers opened the cell and threw Jarland into the cell, at the Captain's request before he walked out with Kavi. Was the CO really giving them permission to go at it? Liam approached the XO and noticed the lack of pips or comm badge. He slumped down holding his side as blood dripped from his nose and split lip. Had Hawkins done this to his own XO? Liam was puzzled, confused, and lost. Had Hawkins removed him?

Liam approached the man, “I told you, you only rule with fear and hatred. A Commander has to balance those emotions and challenge his crew,” he stood face to face with the man who out of character didn’t move. It was almost like he was allowed to.

“You see me as lazy, and useless,” the Diplomat added, “You never even considered that I don’t want command. I don’t want to move up. I am pleased where I am,” Liam turned around and paced. “I could do your job, I just don’t want to.” He smiled turning and looking at the man.

Liam looked at him harder, “Damn it say something,” he shouted. He didn’t like this Jarland at all, it was odd but Liam had gotten use to the man shouting, this was too strange. He was getting pissed, the man hadn’t kept his opinion secret since arriving and now he was silent. “You bastard,” he grunted.

“You know what gets me the most, is the fact that you don’t see it,” Liam shouted, “You have no idea what a joke you are…” Liam raised his hand, closed fist, ready to hit the man. However he stopped just shy of the man’s face. The only thing Liam could see was Ash’s face, in his mind, watching him. He couldn’t do it.

“Shit,” he stopped turning around, “what the hell has she done to me,” he joked. In his mind all he saw was Jarland, his attitude, and his behavior pissed him off. He wanted to hit him, he wanted to send him to the floor, but he couldn’t. He’d done this numerous times in the past, why couldn’t he this time.

He faced Jarland again, “Leave her alone, she doesn’t need you protecting her,” he slammed his fist into the wall, just barely missing Jarland. His walked over to the bed picking up his jacket he intended on leaving however he was greeted by Ash standing here, smiling.

“How long have you been there,” he asked embarrassed. “I am so telling mom about Hunter,” he muttered wanting some way to get even with something.

"Long enough," she said. Her eyes moved to Jarland and she noticed the lack of pips and combadge. Her smile went sad. "I tried to tell you," she said.

Jarland did not reply.

The smile faded and slowly, her eyes went cold. "You missed," she said to Liam, her voice hard.

Liam laughed.

It surprised Ash how much she enjoyed seeing Jarland like this. She'd thought she could befriend Jarland, that he was just ornery because nobody had bothered to dig deeper and find out who he really was. As it turned out, deep down, he really was a jerk. That's all there was to him.

That and something else she had somehow failed to notice before. How she'd missed it, she had no idea, but now that she saw it, she thought she was a complete idiot. Damn. She'd have to make sure there was no hope left for Jarland. She concentrated on Liam, on how he was feeling right now- angry, frustrated, and somehow exultant, too. She let it all flood her, taking over everything she felt at the moment.

"Give him one from me, too, darling," she said bitterly, and she was surprised at the venom in her voice.

Liam shoved the man onto the bunk, and turned to face Ash. "He is not worth it, and I besides I have something else to do." He walked up to her and embraced her in a hug, pulling her close. He winced as his face still hurt, but he didn't care. "Lets get out of here," he finished.

"Lieutenant Callaghan, I have been instructed by Commander Hawkins and Lieutenant Kavi that you are released. You are to clean up and report for duty in an hour. Lieutenant Coi, they are requesting for your presence on the bridge at your earliest convenience," the leader security hologram informed them respectfully from a control console.

Ash nodded, her face inscrutable. She turned and started to leave.

"I hope you don't think this is over," Jarland finally spoke up after taking in all that had happened. "This ship and it's crew will fail and burn. You are all a joke yo Starfleet."

Ash spun on her heals and rushed back towards Jarland. "Shut UP!" she shouted, sending her fist right into his nose. "Just SHUT it! Nobody asked your opinion! We don't WANT it! DO YOU UNDERSTAND????" She pulled back to hit him again, tears in her eyes.

Liam rushed to Ash's side and before she was able to land a second blow, he grabbed her arm mid swing. Gently he pulled her back, "He isn't worth the effort, and his day is coming when Star Fleet sends him back to Daddy, in disgrace." He spun Ash around, "You are better then him, but let him take you down to his level," he reached up and wiped a tear from her cheek, "Come on," he wrapped his arm around her waist and led her to the door.

This time, Ash kept going. She ignored any sounds from Jarland and let Liam lead her from the brig.

But, there was something wrong with the walls and floor. They were blurry. And what was that noise?

Oh, right. She was sobbing.


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