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An Angry Captain

Posted on Fri Feb 21st, 2014 @ 6:48am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Edited on on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 11:02am

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Timeline: Before Rixx Meeting

Mercia wasn't expecting a message to meet Helaku in his office first thing in the morning. She was hardly even awake when the call came through, of course she'd over slept just a little. After the man frustrated the hell out of her she had been unable to sleep and then spent several hours talking to her counselor. She had slept maybe three hours at most.

She dragged herself out of bed and dressed in her uniform, piled her hair up on top of her head and clipped it securely. It was messy, but she really could care less. She took two seconds to apply some make up so she wouldn't look so tired. She looked in the mirror, it was no use. Mercia headed for the bridge and to Helaku's office and pressed the chime. She tried to keep her heart from racing, but she wasn't altogether sure what to expect.

"Come in," Hawkins called as he looked at the door. He watched as the door open to show Mercia. Great, He thought to himself as she walked in. There was another person in the room. But the man just stood there at parade rest. His uniform was command red and showed great promise in a command status.

"Lieutenant Kavi, meet our Emergency Command Hologram. I have been briefing him on his assignment and how he will be handling things for his test run," David said as he watched her body language to see what kind of attitude she was in.

Mercia arched her brows a little but, and kept her jaw tight. She needed to be in control, and ignore how she felt about things. "He's old." she commented as she came around the hologram.

"His physical parameters were designed with multiple features of former great leaders. When people see age, they see experience,” David countered.

"I just don't prefer it, that's all, I wouldn't want my back up to look a lot older than me." she said looking the fake person over. She glanced back, "By the way, I see a report about brig activity again," she commented. The notice was sent to her, but she hadn't woken up to the alert, since it wasn't a urgent notification. "Did you get the alert as well?" she asked him dryly.

"No I left it in your safe keeping," he muttered almost knowing what she was about to state. "What is it now?"

She arched her brows, "It happened just a bit ago, but Callaghan was thrown in again. Under Jarlands order." she said flatly. "I would have called you about it, but I was coming up here any way." she said. "I don't know why because a full report isn't submitted, I just got the automated message." She looked at the hologram again. She didn't like how it looked still.

"Lieutenant Jarland has 12 hours to write together a proper report, and is required to inform Commander Hawkins at his earliest convenience," The holographic crew member responded as he looked from the lieutenant and commander.

"We know," Hawkins remarked as he looked over at Mercia. "What else were you coming to me about?"

She rolled her eyes the hologram, then frowned at Hawkins, "I had a message to come here." She said a little confused. She was tired, maybe that was it. She pulled her pocket padd out and looked at it again and sighed. "Oh." She winced, "it just was to meet with you about hologram usage today... I misread it as to meet with you now." She rubbed her eyes.

"I see," he remarked wandering if she had just lied to him. But ignored the thought and stood up as he walked for the door. "Etch, you are in command of the bridge until I get back. You are to take the roll of my XO until further notice."

"Aye, sir," the unranked holographic member replied as he followed Kavi and Hawkins out of the ready room.

"And Yes, sir instead of Aye, sir. I really hate that," Hawkins remarked as he lead Mercia to the turbolift. As they stepped in, he called out. "Brig, and computer, have Lieutenant Jarland report to the Main Brig on the double."

Mercia looked over at him and took a deep breath. "I should have gone and checked on this first." She commented. "Sorry." She said. She watched him for a moment, Lylas advice rolling through her mind. Decided what she wanted and expected or accept that things would remain as they are. She looked forward again, the battle gearing up inside war with herself. "So Etch? Did you name the command hologram? And can it function as an xo?" She asked, wondering what that was all about.

"Don't be sorry," he responded keeping his thoughts focused on the matter at hand. She wanted it professional, so he would leave it as such. "Etch is more than capable of taking command of the ship and doing my duties. So I explained to it that while I am around, he will act as the acting CO or in this case, the XO while his program is running. I informed him that he will stay active during off hours to be able to learn more besides his already downloaded information. He needs to know the ship and the crew. Not just be a command figure who barks orders. we have that already."

Mercis couldn't help laughing, "I can picture Jerkland snarling and slobbering like a dog." She said. She glanced at him and bit her lip. She needed to speak, but she was lacking courage. The lift was moving, time was of the essence.

David grinned and slid his hands in his pockets as he agreed with her. "That would be an interesting sight, that is for sure."

His grin helped a little she finally turned to face him. "Helaku..." she started. She wondered if she was the only one that he let use that name so frequently. That was an interesting though and made her wonder, it would be telling if that was the case. "I'm sorry about last night. I never intended to tell you about Khelev." She paused as it occurred to her she never named the guy. She groaned and.closed her eyes. She needed a bucket or ten hours more of sleep!

"It wasn't my place to know," Hawkins shrugged as he allowed his thoughts go over last night. It was there and he hid things quite well, but never really acted upon jealousy or anger as often as he had seen others, especially Mercia. "Like I said, you are a grown woman, you do as you please. I have no authority to tell you no or tie you down."

"Well for one, it was before you and I met." She said. "Two, it was wrong of me to expect you to be jealous." She said. "Our arrangements don't leave room for emotional reaction or attachment." She bit her lip a moment watching his profile. "Not unless the arrangement changes..." she said. She tugged at the collar of her uniform uncomfortably, maybe she still was testing him out. What did she want? What did he want? Would that effect what she wanted? God its so confusing!

"Agreed, you aren't ready," he finally responded as the turbolift came to a stop and Hawkins stepped out with Mercia not far behind. He knew his words could have been better explained but he wasn't ready to go into to much detail.

She stood frozen just a moment as he walked out. She frowned, "I'm not ready?" She demanded. "What the hell is that supped to mean?" She asked. He wasn't wrong, but that annoyed her. "Who are you to know that?" She asked catching up with him.

"I have been in relationships before," he answered as he continued in to their destination. He wasn't lying and part of him wasn't ready to move on fully but he was at the place where he needed to if he planned to try again. "You are not ready. You are still set to be that wild card. Plus you are to drama queen for me at this moment."

A heavy breath escaped her, that hurt. So she wasn't what he wanted. "I'll always be a wild card, and I've always been dramatic." She said her voice getting tighter. "That is who I am." She chewed her lip as her throat constricted a little. "Well that confirmed what I ready suspected." She said with irritation. Lyla was wrong, Mercia might be learning she wanted more, but what value was that if she had to be someone she wasn't to get it? She just wasn't worth the head ache. Lyla said men could love broken women, she was wrong. Mercia was more hurt by this than she would admit and more than she was willing to let Hawkins see, She only hoped he would read her like an open book as he seemed to so often.

As they came to the brig doors, Hawkins paused and looked at her. "Mercia, you aren't ready to which is fine. Once you are, I'd be happy to take you on that date, but you are completely unsure of yourself. If you are unsure of yourself, you will try to ruin your relationship, whomever its with, and it doesn't effect you, but the other person as well. I'll never pressure you into a personal relationship, but you need to figure it out otherwise, you will never have that. Fun is fun, but it is a temporary thrill," He paused and looked at her. She heard enough he thought. "There is more to life..."

"I know there is more to life... I want..." she scowled at him, "Helaku how can I be sure of any thing as it relates to you when all that stands before me is this wall? You told me one real thing about yourself and that made me start thinking." She took a deep breath "how can there be any thing real if you keep your walls up while tearing mine down?" She demanded. "It isn't right. If what I say and do has absolutely no effect on you then there is nothing beyond that temporary thrill. Don't you get it? If I'm not worth the risk now how can you even think I will be later." She asked him.

"Huh..." he paused as he looked her over. Maybe there was something worth looking into. He slowly grinned a little as he thought to himself. Yes there was a wall, but there was a door that was built into that wall. Only a handful of people have past that threshold. It wasn't because he didn't want people in... "I have you open up for me to do what I can to get you to heal and face your issues. My walls are up because only personal people get to see that information about me. You didn't show interest in a personal relationship, so why allow that door to open."

"You're my co, not my counselor, I don't think Grayson meant for you to dig in to my insecurities as part of your job. That was personal." She countered. "And I have shown interest in you, I got you to tell me about your fience. I've tried to do things to elicit reactions out of you because you're impossible to read... i've on several occasions demanded that you open up to me as much as I have to you and it always ends up turned back on me and my issues." She stepped closer and met his eyes, "So its time for you to start being real with me Helaku, because im not playing a one sided game any more. I'm not your project to toy with." She insisted. "And that's the truth of it. Fun is fun and I'm not complaining about that at all, but you've reached beyond that line far to many times with out allowing your self to open a little. I'm not.doing that any more! Its not fa... its not just!" She said her eyes boring in to his.

He glared at her almost wanting to react but held it in as he finished it. "Grayson knows my ways. You don't want the help, than go fix yourself," He turned and walked into the brig.

Mercia glared at his back, before a grin split on her face. She made him angry! "Ha!" She said as she came up behind him and waved her hand dismissively at the holographic guard. "I CAN effect you!" She smirked. That was more like it, and it made her less angry at him. He wasn't impossible, just difficult.

"Mercia... shut up..." he simply said as he heard the door open and Jarland walked in. Without speaking, Hawkins temporary lost control of his anger and snapped on the new arrival. He grabbed the man by the uniform and slammed him against the wall. "And you... you thick headed little twit. I warned you on multiple accounts!"

Mercias eyes widened, well this was interesting! Her hand dropped to her weapon as she watched.

Neville was shocked but he reacted to the sudden attack and shoved Hawkins off of him. "What the hell Hawkins?" He demanded as he launched himself at the man, his fists already moving.

His military training, though rusty, quickly came back and as he moved out of the attack and gripped the arm that was swung as he brought his knee up and slammed into the mans rib cage. Neville lowered trying to catch his breath as David raised his fist in the air and brought it down on his targets visible cheek bone, sending spit and blood from the mans mouth. He collapsed for a moment as he stood over him and glared at him with fists clutched. "Don't get up, its advisable for you to start following my orders right about now."

Mercia watched Hawkins moves, and let out a breath, completely appreciating the way he had handled it.

Neville was on his hands and knees trying to breath as pain shot through his face and torso. Callaghan, he must have gotten in Hawkins ear, he could kill the little man. He pushed him self on his knees and glowered at the captain. He shifted his legs and he drew in a breath.

Mercia pulled her gun out of the holster and watched carefully, her pointer tapping the side of it,.ready to make use of it. Clearly Helaku needed to handle this, but if she thought for a second Jarland would hurt Helaku she would stun him in an instant.

"Explain yourself Hawkins" Nevilla gasped as he shifted the other leg and slowly started to rise.

David shook his head as he gripped the mans back part of his uniform and thru him in front of the cell holding Callaghan. "Where do you come off asking me to explain myself. Do you not get it, this isn't your ship and I am not to be screwed with. I told you not to do this without informing me. You did it again and not only that, I have gotten enough reports of sexual harassment against female members of this crew and harassment against other members to have you thrown out of an airlock. I told you, this crew is first and foremost. You are to treat them better than you treat yourself and yet you are to thick headed to understand."

Mercias eyes went wide again, why didn't she get these reports? Or maybe she did and they were the files waiting for her in her office. "You son of a bitch who did you go.after?" She demanded.

A glance at Callaghan told her who. She glared intently.

Neville turned in Hawkins again, "that punk deserved it. You would have thrown here too! I only had a talk with him about sexual harassment and pda! He and his girlfriend are setting me up!" He complained.

"And yet, Lieutenant Coi was able to put a report on my desk before you?" Hawkins glared at him with his fist still balled up. "I gave you several chances, but your constant lying and power hungry actions speak louder than your own words and promises."

"So what? You're going to attack me?" Neville challenged.

"I will if he doesn't" Mercia was pissed too. And she was going to need to have a talk with the princess about including her on security and safety reports.

"Shut up little girl." Neville barked.

Without thinking and a facial expression, Hawkins swung his foot straight into the man's side, sending him back to the ground clutching his side with fire in his eyes. "Don't you dare talk to Mercia that way. I won't allow it."

Neville grabbed at his side as he gasped for air. His eyes were wide, he was angry and he knew it was over. He wasn't going down without a fight. "So its true, the rumors... " he growled. "She is your play thing. Ill make sure command knows all of this. You'll lose your command and she can go back to whatever hell you bought her from " he growled, not caring that his mouth was getting away from him.

"Yeah... about that," Hawkins rolled him to his back with his foot and placed his foot on the mans neck slowly putting pressure on his neck. "Plaything is not accurate, and its none of your business about our relationship," He said firmly. He watched as Jarland quickly moved his hands from his side to Hawkin's foot and gripped hard to try removing his foot but only got more pressure on his neck. "All you had to do is play by the book and you would be promoted, with your own ship. But no, you had to act like an idiot."

Mercia rushed forward and grabbed his arm. " Helaku! As much as he deserves it you can't kill him!." She said seeing the morons face starting to go blue. She wanted to see Jarland dead too, but this wasn't the way to do it. She had other ways.

She was seeing a new and angry Hawkins, and she knew that some times protecting him would be restraining him.

Lifting his foot from the man's neck, Hawkins continued to have his calm look as always. "He wasn't going to die. He doesn't deserve a quick death like that."

David looked at her and just blinked in somewhat of a surprised look. "Throw him in the brig with Liam. I am sure Liam deserves a cell mate."

Mercia looked at Liam then at back at Hawkins. She leaned down and stripped his comm off the man, checked for a pocket phaser and then gleefully picked off his pips. She stood back up and handed the items to Helaku before she snapped her fingers at the holographic guards who picked Jarland up and did as Hawkins instructed.

"Just don't let them kill each other." She instructed dryly. She looked at Helaku "My office" she said firmly.

After a couple minutes, the two arrived in Kavi's office to which was barely touch from what Hawkins could tell. "Find the reports needed. He is off this ship."

Mercia snagged a tablet and sat down on the couch. "That padded pole in the corner might be useful. For punching." She commented as she opened her forms and started to pull the ones she would need. It was sad she already knew which ones would be needed. "Either that or sit with me so we can figure this out. The crew doesn't need to see you this mad." She said. "You don't get this mad often do you?" She asked him. She was angry too but right now she wanted to help.him calm down and get his baring.

"You are my chief of Security and not my counselor," Hawkins paraphrased as he helped himself to the replicator and took the cool glass of water.

Mercia looked up at him with narrowed eyes. "Very funny, its not like you talk to yours." She humphed. "I am also your second officer and there is now a lack of first officer..." she said. She looked at him again as she started filing in the reports and they would need.

"Cause I had my training and meeting with my own counseling," he grinned as he took a drink of his water. "As for the XO thing, the ECH can do the on duty stuff and you can pick up the rest."

"That isn't a permanent solution." She said arching her brows. She forward the first part of the paper work to his desk. "And I'm not so sure i'd make a good xo." She arched brows at him. "Sit" she instructed "I need you to sign off." She said patting the spot next to her.

"You will do just fine. Anything is better than Jerkland," he smirked as he stood over her. "Sign what?"

She laughed, he said Jerkland too. She smiled at little more at ease and then smirked. "The first of the reports you just asked me to pull. Why are you being defiant?" She asked with a grin. Getting up and moving over to her desk. she dropped in her chair knowing he wasn't going to cave.

"What do you care?" He looked at her questionably before going back to the reports and signed them off one by one, as he moved around behind her desk as well.

Mercia folded her arms and looked up at him, "Because your standing over me and I would have rather you sit with me when I on the couch!." She said. "And I get the feeling you are just being an ass because broke through your armor angry." She pasted in a sweet innocent.grin. she was way too pleased that she managed to gave some.sort of.effect on him.

He signed the last report. "We have a quick meeting with Captain Rixx in 30 minutes. I expect to see ya there."


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