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Posted on Sat Feb 22nd, 2014 @ 7:31am by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: USS Gladiator - Gym
Timeline: MD 3 - 0700

Mercia was dressed in a tight pair of shorts, a tank top and easy sneakers. She sat on the edge of the ring in the gym, watching other people work out. She glanced up when she saw an Andorian coming out of the locker room.

"Hey Khelev!" she said. "Ready to spar?"

Khelev glanced over at Mercia and nodded, he was dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt, a pair of tight shorts and was pulling on a pair of padded fighting gloves. "That sounds good, but remember I will not take it easy on you just because you are a human. You must learn to deal with opponents like me."

Mercia smirked as she pulled her gloves on, "I would be insulated if you did Khelev and that is the truth." She giggled, "I make no promises that I won't hide horse shoes in my gloves." she laughed.

"I have a hard head, so I probably wouldn't even notice if you tried to cheat like that," Khelev replied, giving her a playful grin. He stopped as he climbed up the ring and held the ropes open for her before slipping in himself. "Although I should kick your ass for kissing me at that party. I think I had a good thing going with Stele and you soured it."

Mercia grinned, "What? A sexy Andorian like you can be thrown off by just a little kiss?" She smirked and finished securing her gloves. "In all honesty im sorry about that. It was a poor joke done while I was a little too drunk for my own good." She said. "I can't have soured it that badly! I was clearly not right." She said, "so if you didn't close the deal with Stele that's on you." she teased him bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"You know it's not about just closing the deal," Khelev replied, giving her a look. The truth was he never would have done anything with her if he'd known what he knew now. While he didn't know everything, it was enough. She deserved better. "I was just enjoying her company until your stunt."

Mercia shrugged, "Well I'm certain you'll find more opportunities to enjoy her company." she said with a smile. "Again, I'm sorry. You want me to apologize to her too?" she asked arching her brows and shifting her hands inside of her gloves.

"No," Khelev replied before he reached up and rang an imaginary bell.

The two of them danced around a little and loosened up before they engaged. They were both well trained and despite his size and strength, she was fast and nimble. They traded blows, grappled and fought each other hard. They did three minute rounds and by the fifth round they were both covered in sweat and getting tired. In the end he rolled her over onto her back, catching her arm just right and locking her into an arm bar. He knew how much that hurt and he was waiting for her to tap.

Mercia gritted her teeth, she didn't give up easily, she never did. Her drive was engaged, growing up relenting meant dying and that instinct still was very much a part of her. She closed her eyes and shifted around trying to get out of it. Her body was tired and bruised, it was a strange satisfying pain some how, except for how Khelev had her locked up. She growled, trying to ignore the pain and figure out a way out of this. She just couldn't fight her way out, she tried to relax, hoping he would let her go and she'd get another shot, if she could fool him with out actually tapping out. A cry caught in her throat, but she wasn't willing to relent.

"Come on, it's going to break if you don't tap," Khelev said though gritted teeth, he put a little more pressure on her arm but not too much. He was worried he was going to pop it out of it's socket or break it.

"I don't tap!" she gasped as she shifted again, trying to fight him off. "I don't give in!" she growled.

Khelev let out a hiss and put even more pressure on her arm, there was no way she could stand this much pain and not either pass out or have something bad happen to her arm. He didn't let go or back off.

Mercia let out a cry and decided now she had to stop. She gasped, "OK!" she gasped just as something popped.

Khelev let go when he felt her tap his arm and moved away, he'd felt something go and knew he'd hurt her. As soon as they were up he could tell by the way it was hanging something was wrong.

She rolled away, her body sore, panting heavily. "Wow, You're a hell of a fighter." she said grinning. Her arm was on fire, pain rushing through it, but she was hiding that.

"I almost went security, but engineering was my calling," Khelev smiled as he took off his gloves and moved in close and looked at her arm. "Did I break it? It's not hanging right."

"Its fine." Mercia said. She moved her feet under her and stood up with out using her arm. Her legs ached and were bruised as well. She winced and held her arm close.

"Come on Merci I can see that you're hurt," Khelev said with a grunt. "Don't be stupid and let me help."

She glared at him for a moment, "Alright fine, help me take my gloves off?" she asked him. "It is hurt, but its not bad." she said trying to shrug it off, despite the screaming pain running through her arm.

"Merci," The warrior in Khelev coming out in his voice, it was deeper and a little more forceful then normal. "You're hurt, being prideful will only make it worse. Only a foolish warrior who wants to get others killed would hide an injury."

Mercias eyes widened at his tone. She blinked at him, gasping a little, "I just admitted its hurt!" she said. "I'll go to medical, but I need my gloves off." she said narrowing her eyes at him.

Khelev nodded and helped her get her gloves off before giving her a look, "Fine, but if I find out otherwise the two of us are going to have a good long talk about it."

She gave him a strained smile, "I know when I need healing Khelev..." she said moving to the ropes and climbing down keeping her one arm close to her chest, as to not jar it. Boy that hurt.

Khelev just nodded, maybe it was the fact that he felt guilty for hurting her or maybe it was something else but he knew he'd pushed it. He would make sure she got to sickbay but there was little else he could do at this moment.



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