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Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2015 @ 12:37pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: The Overlords

Tarle had been waiting for about an hour when the blonde entered town. He watched her look around and ask people for directions, and saw their looks as they gawked at her blue skin. He waited a moment longer before approaching her.

M'Gann looked a tad worried when the people she met started asking her questions. "Why is your skin blue?" "Where are you from?" "You're not one of THEM, are you?"

A hand grabbed hers, and she turned to see the guard from earlier. "Come with me," he murmured. Then, putting on a fake smile, he turned to the people. "Now now, that's not how we should greet a guest to our town. She should be greeted with kindness. Do you not see she is weary from travel?" The crowd murmured in response before apologizing and dispersing.

"You're the guard from the warehouse, aren't you?" M'Gann asked, turning to him.

"I am. My deepest apologies for my partner, she is not very social. Come, you look like you need some rest, especially from all that walking."

As they walked off, the blonde mused. "You knew I was going in the wrong direction. Why didn't you say something, out of curiosity?"

"My partner, she has authority over me. I know better than to correct her on things. I'm sure she had her reasons." He stopped in front of what looked like an apartment complex. "You're in search of your friends, yes? I open my house to you for rest. You can clean up if you wish."

"Why," she stammered, "thank you. That's very kind."
(Later that evening)

The noise of the tavern reached M’Gann’s ears as she entered, and she looked around before picking a seat. Tarle was kind to offer her rest before recommending the tavern for a bite to eat. She really wanted to find the away team, but she had to figure out if they had been seen and where they had gone. When a young man with green tinted hair came over and asked if she was ready to order, she opened her mouth to speak, but the voice she heard wasn’t hers.

“Two of the specials,” a male voice responded. The blonde turned to see… well… damn. Her eyes swept over the rather stylish yet artistic clothing, up to a nicely formed jawline and a wave of dark brown locks, a couple strands falling over his golden eyes, which were locked on her. The male waiter nodded and scurried off, leaving the two staring at each other before the golden-eyed beauty cleared his throat.

“Sorry bout that,” he said, taking a step towards the other chair and pausing. “May I sit?”

“S-sure,” M’Gann stammered, forcing a small smile but ultimately failing, instead trying to not gape in awe. She told herself to shape up and not act like she was 14 as she watched the man sit. Simply put, he was gorgeous. “So, um… what brings you here?” she asked him.

Xerias lifted a shoulder, “Just coming down to get something to eat, I heard a rumor one of the strangers might be here. I didn’t imagine that the strangers would be so beautiful…” he smiled.

The blonde's blue cheeks flushed slightly and shrugged. "Well..."

He laughed, "Don't be so coy, surely you know you are very exotic?" he said reaching over and brushing a lock of her blond hair back.

Her blush deepened, especially when he brushed some of her hair back. "Uh..." She breathed a chuckle before clearing her throat and asking, "can the flirt-ee at least ask the name of the flirt-er?

"Xerias" he sad with a smile. “Now,” Xerias began with a chuckle, “let’s have a drink, shall we?” He waved the green-haired over.

“Oh, I probably shouldn’t…” M’Gann replied, giggling. Xerias raised an eyebrow.

“Just one?” he asked, giving her a puppy face. The way he made his eyes rounder made M’Gann pout and cross her arms, only to give in a moment later as a smile crept onto her face.

“Fine,” she said, seeing his smile, “just one.” The waiter arrived, and the blonde turned to him. “What drinks do you have?”

“We’ve got a fine selection tonight, ma’am,” the waiter replied. He listed off about ten selections before M’Gann turned to Xerias and gesturing for him to pick. Xerias pondered for a moment before turning to the waiter.

He flipped through the pictures on a book in front of her then picked a sweet drink with an addition of a red fruit. “We’ll take two of the Trugrasa Sangs,” he stated. M’Gann looked to Xerias, slight concern on her face.

“I’m, uh, allergic to strawberries, the trugrasa, they look just like them, I think I’d be safer not to consume them” she stated apologetically. She neglected to notice the look the waiter gave her as Xerias kept her distracted.

“We can take out the trugrasa in one of the orders,” the waiter piped in. M’Gann looked up to the waiter and nodded before he left. As he walked back to the bar he scratched something onto the order sheet right under the orders.

Xerias turned to the blonde, “you’re allergic to Trugrasa?” When she nodded, he leaned back in his seat and scratched his head. “I was hoping on maybe sharing some trugrasa pie later…”

“Crazy genetics, right?” M’Gann muttered.

He laughed, “Your genes are remarkable, we’ve never seen anyone with your… coloring.”

She glanced down at her hands. "Not many have seen someone like me. I guess I'm used to the stares I get." Her eyes flicked to a couple who were (quite blatantly) looking at her and whispering to each other.

He waved his hand, "Whispers happen." he said. "We live simple lives here, but we have fun when we can." he said, "We have a normal way of doing things, and you and the other strangers have mixed things up a little." The waitress dropped off their drinks. Both glasses were red, and his had big Trugrasa on top, which looked much like an earth Strawberry. "Cheers?"

M'Gann smiled at him and raised her glass to him. "Cheers," she replied, taking a sip.

Xerias chuckled and looked her over as he took a big drink. This was more enjoyable than he thought.

To be Continued...


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