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Healing up

Posted on Fri Feb 28th, 2014 @ 9:31am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Timeline: Morning MD3

Mercia limped in to the medical bay, holding her arm close. She was pretty sure her arm was broken, not that she was allowing any one to see that. She didn't want her sparring partner to feel bad about it. But that's what she got when she tried to fight someone from a warrior race. She was greeted by a nurse, "Is there a doctor close by?" she asked in pain.

The Andorian RN looked at Mercia and nodded, placing a hand on her back and ushering her to a biobed. "Doctor McMannis," she called to the back.

"I told ye ta call me Connor," he said walking out of his office. He noticed that the Lieutenant was cradling her arm. "Lieutenant," he said. "Bit early ta be seein me wit injuries," he said walking over to her. "What ye do?"

"Early?" Mercia asked. She was clad in her work out clothes, tight shorts, a tank top and sneakers. She had several forming bruises. "I guess its early if you live by the party schedule." she smirked. "I was sparring..." she said. "I think I lost."

"I'd say so lass," he said grinning slightly. He moved over and started at the top of the shoulder and moved down. "Tell me where it 'urts tha most when I get to it."

Mercia nodded and kept her face blank, she could handle pain, even pain like this, reacting to it was embarrassing. When he reached her forearm and flinched, "Its hurts the worst there." she said blinking back the water in her eyes. She'd broken her arm in fights many times, broken bones were nothing new to her. She looked at the Doctor trying to distract herself. "I like your accent." she commented. "Always thought accents like that were really hot." she said her flirtation mask settling in to place.

Connor didn't even notice the flirtatious comment for a moment as he felt around slightly in the area. He took one of his hands and pressed two fingers just below the thumb of the arm. "Pulses be good," he said noting aloud. "Can ye move yer fingers back an forth an up an down?"

"I could if they didn't hurt so bad." she laughed. Mercia turned her hand over, although she'd worn gloves in the sparing match her hands still ached. Her knuckles had gotten dryer than she'd wanted, and so the impacts made them split and they were a little bloody. She wiggled her fingers to prove she could, but they hurt, and were sluggish in response. The pain was making her feel more tired than she should. "Ye might wan ta look at me leg's to." she said, trying to match his accent. She grinned at him, trying to distract herself from the pain.

The fake accent got Connor to smile slightly. "Ya need ta work on yer accent lass," he chuckled. "Ye walked in 'ere. I be more afraid bout that arm. Fairly certain ye broke it, an probably both tha Radius an' Ulna." He walked over and grabbed a hyprospray and loaded it. "Somot fer pain ta start."

She tipped her head to the side so that he could give her the pain killer. "I'll be grateful for it." she said. "Its been years since I've used that accent." she said softly trying to just talk and keep the distractions up. "I've always liked it though." she said smiling at him before shifting on the biobed. "I will tell you one thing doc, I have no doubt you will see me often!" she smirked. "You should be grateful I made it a week!"

Connor injected the hypospray into Kavi. "Should werk 'ere in a moment," he said. "Lye back in bed fore me, arms at yer side. An if thas the case, ye be what we call 'Frequent Fliers.'" He chuckled slightly at the woman. He waited for her to lay back and once it was done, he pressed a few buttons on the biobed controls. The middle arch of the biobed came up and over Kavi from both sides. A red laser produced from the middle and started covering Kavi's whole body. It took a few quick scans then disappeared. "Well, I was right. Ye broke both tha Radius an Ulna. Luckily they both jest simple breaks. Can be repaired pretty easy."

"Good, I've got to get moving, I've got things to do." she said. She sighed fidgeting a bit. Her plate was full with tasks and that didn't include the paper work waiting for her. "And I've been called a frequent flyer by medical teams every place I've been." she chuckled. Her arm was still uncomfortable, and painful, but she could deal with it. "So what got you on the USS Second Chance?" she asked eyeing him. She knew he had some poor history, but right now she couldn't recall the information she'd seen.

Tapping a few buttons, the left half of the biobed scanner came up and started hovering over Kavi's left arm. It moved down towards below the wrist and started scanning again a few times before stopping right at the break. The obligatory red beam came from object and stayed on. "This shouldn't 'urt much," he said. "It might slightly due to tha bones being pulled back tagether and bein molded back. Should only be a few moments but if it 'urts please tell me an I can get ye somot." He watched process on the screen while monitoring her vitals. "An I be 'ere cause some arse'ole killed someone on me table an I got blamed fer it."

She winced as the bone was pulled back into place, "That sounds like a rough rap." Mercia breathed deeply but steadily doing her best to keep still. She could handle the pain, it was dulled already. "How did the person die?" she asked curiously, hoping the doctor was a little more on the chatty side of things. She needed the distraction. "And why did you end up taking the blame? I don't take blame for something not my fault." she said looking over at him.

Connor grumbled under his breath before mentally regaining his composure. "I took tha rap 'cause I was slightly drunk doin tha procedure but tha damn Anesthesiologist wasn't paying attention to tha med levels an 'e coded on me an died."

Mercia made a face, "Well thats crap." she commented and looked at the ceiling, trying to ignore the ache as the machine did its work in repairing her bone. She offered him a slight smile as she glanced his way, "How is it that Hawkins picked up so many people who really had a rough go at life?" she asked idly. "You'd think he'd only take on one project at a time." she said her mind mulling around the idea that a lot of people were were looking for a boost, or even a fresh start. Not a lot of Captains would accept such a misfit crew.

"Cause 'e 'ad ta be a project 'imself at some point in time," he said. "Jest about done lass." Connor stared at the screen for a moment as he watched the bone reset fully then to be fused by the laser. "An we be done. 'oe ye feelin?"

Mercia flexed her fingers, "Tender, but better." she admitted. She sat up as the device slid away from her arm. She looked at it and ran her fingers down it, it was certainly tender. She smiled, "I'd offer you to catch a drink some time in thanks..., but now that I've opened my big mouth I see that was in bad taste even if it was meant to be a joke... Do Irish drink tea like the Britts?" she asked.

Connor walked over to another table and grabbed another injector and loaded it in the Hypospray. He walked back over and placed the spray in her arm and injected. "Think o' this as bit o' a nerve block. It'll wear off in an 'our or so. I'm gonna say don't be doin too much wit thet arm fer a few until ye get tha feelin back. Ye can do some real damage by not feelin things in that arm." He nodded. "An I be drinking more coffee than anything right now. Went from tha sauce ta caffeine."

"Aww so I can't go back in to the gym?" Mercia asked with a pout, even though she was joking, she knew better than to cause herself more injury. Besides she needed to get on duty soon. "And I'd certainly catch a coffee with you in the lounge some time if you'd like." she offered, just trying to be friendly. She could spot a loner any where, thats because she'd been one most of her life, and now, she wanted to change that. As much as she had been making the same old mistakes so far, she still felt this place was a fresh start for her.

With a nod, Connor smiled lightly. "One o' these days, we can do jest thet."

Mercia smiled, "Well thanks again Doc, I'm sure I'll see you again soon." she said as she slid off the exam table, hopefully she wouldn't be too late for duty up on the bridge.

Lieutenant Mercia Kavi

Lieutenant JG Connor McMannis


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