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Smoke and Mirrors, Part 1

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Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: Post 'Xerias' MD2


Xerias turned to the blonde, “you’re allergic to Trugrasa?” When she nodded, he leaned back in his seat and scratched his head. “I was hoping on maybe sharing some trugrasa pie later…”

“Crazy genetics, right?” M’Gann muttered.

He laughed, “Your genes are remarkable, we’ve never seen anyone with your… coloring.”

She glanced down at her hands. "Not many have seen someone like me. I guess I'm used to the stares I get." Her eyes flicked to a couple who were (quite blatantly) looking at her and whispering to each other.

He waved his hand, "Whispers happen." he said. "We live simple lives here, but we have fun when we can." he said, "We have a normal way of doing things, and you and the other strangers have mixed things up a little." The waitress dropped off their drinks. Both glasses were red, and his had big Trugrasa on top, which looked much like an earth Strawberry. "Cheers?"

M'Gann smiled at him and raised her glass to him. "Cheers," she replied, taking a sip.

Xerias chuckled and looked her over as he took a big drink. This was more enjoyable than he thought.

And now, the continuation...

Some time had passed since M'Gann met Xerias. They ate dinner, and ended up having a couple more Trugrasa Sangs as they talked. He told her about his childhood, and how he spent time down by the creek, playing in the water, and in turn she told of the bright parts of her childhood. He was in the middle of saying something about stories relating to the nebula when the blonde started getting dizzy, and she blinked a couple times to try and clear her head. She didn't realize he had asked her if she was alright until the third time, and she pressed two fingers against her temple.

“I… I don’t feel so good…” M’Gann’s stomach was churning. Xerias immediately stood and went to the blonde’s side, calling for the waiter to bring the check.

“Could it have been the food?” he asked, concern on his face. The waiter brought the check and, seeing M’Gann looking rather pale, went to go get her a glass of water.

“Air… I need some fresh air,” she murmured. Xerias nodded and helped her stand before leading her towards the door. He paused momentarily to pay for the meal before exiting the place. He led her down the street before turning into an alley. M’Gann was too focused on trying not to decorate his clothing with her meal to notice where they were going. Xerias’ expression hardened as he took her deeper into the maze of alleys, and he started looking around to make sure nobody would see them.

“How are you feeling?” he asked her. “Is the air helping?”

“Not really…” the blonde replied, wincing as her stomach churned.

“Good,” he murmured as he continued to lead her down the alleys. M’Gann noticed the odd statement and looked up and around.

“Wha’ do you mean ‘good?’ Where are we?” She was too slow too see him reach for her waist, and before she knew it the rough material of the wall was grinding into her face, and her arm was twisted behind her.

“You and your friends are causing problems, better for you to quietly disappear.” the voice behind her hissed. It was no longer Xerias’ honey sweet voice, but instead one laced with icy spears. “You can’t stop the Counsel.”

“What… Xerias…”

“Ha! Your little Xerias is a fairytale, only to bait you. And my oh my, it worked.” The pain now registering in her arm intensified, and M’Gann groaned in response. She was seeing double and getting lightheaded, which was making it difficult to concentrate.

“Wha… what did you do… to me?” she slurred. The pressure on her arm released, and a hand grabbed the collar of her clothing and pulled her back, making her fall onto the ground rather unceremoniously. She didn't have the strength to stand, even to turn her body; it took all she had just to move her head.

“I did nothing,” Xerias replied, kneeling down next to her. He squeezed her cheeks and lifted her head. “The waiter must have gotten our drinks mixed up. Just as Orin planned.” Her eyes slightly widened, and he chuckled before letting her head fall to the ground and standing, creating a nice cut across her forehead. Curse her bloody allergies! She could feel the normal reaction she got after consuming strawberries take effect, and she winced in pain. The last thing she saw was Xerias walking away, then soon after a blurred concerned face looking down at her before her world turned to black.


The woman sputtered a curse to the man who left the woman before rushing out and kneeling next to the woman. “Miss… miss, please wake up!” She shook the blonde’s shoulder and, seeing that she wouldn’t awaken, looked around nervously. The authorities would surely take her away for just lying in the street, but taking her in could be dangerous for her. She also knew the assistant and the guard wouldn't come back for her. She glanced down at the blue-skinned woman again; She was one of the strangers and not safe. “Miss, you’re not safe here- oh, for the love of-!” Making up her mind, Mara half carried, half dragged the unconscious woman into her home and into her bedroom.

Beads of sweat had started forming on the woman’s blue skin, and Mara quickly fetched a towel and a small bucket of water. It was her weekly ration, but this poor woman looked like she needed it more than she did; the redhead would be fine. dipping the small square of cloth into the bucket, she placed it on the woman’s forehead, noticing her paper thin clothes and ragged breathing. She would need some medicine, but she didn’t have anything, just some herbs. It looked like she was having a bad reaction to something, but to what she had no idea.

She did, however, have a spare set of clothes and a forbidden object that she kept wrapped in cloth. It was obvious she wasn’t of them. If she looked like one of them, then maybe it would be harder for her to be spotted and caught. Mara glanced down at the woman again before going off to get some herbs that may help. She wasn't about to have someone die in her house; the deities know that she would be damned to have a ghost haunt her house. She heard many stories, and didn't want to become another one.

To Be Continued...


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