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Smoke and Mirrors, Part 2

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Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: Post 'Smoke and Mirrors' MD2


“You and your friends are causing problems, better for you to quietly disappear.” the voice behind her hissed. It was no longer Xerias’ honey sweet voice, but instead one laced with icy spears...
“Wha… what did you do… to me?”

“I did nothing,” Xerias replied, kneeling down next to her. He squeezed her cheeks and lifted her head. “The waiter must have gotten our drinks mixed up.”
The last thing she saw was Xerias walking away, then soon after a concerned face looking down at her before her world turned to black.
The woman sputtered a curse to the man who left the woman before rushing out and kneeling next to the woman. “Miss… miss, please wake up!”
It was obvious she wasn’t of them. If she looked like one of them, then maybe it would be harder for her to be spotted and caught. Mara glanced down at the woman again before going off to get some herbs that may help...

And now, the Continuation...


A groan escaped M’Gann’s lips as her eyes slowly fluttered open. It took her a moment to take in her surroundings; wasn’t she outside? The last thing she remembered was Xerias walking away-

Xerias! That little... he left her out in the street! She tried to move, but her muscles protested and with a grunt lay back down while wincing.

Mara heard noise and rushed over to the cot. "Oh, good, you're awake. I was worried."

M'Gann turned to the newcomer. "Where am I?" She asked. The redheaded woman peeked out the window before replying.

“The place in the nebula, you’re not there anymore. The man who was with you… he gave you something your body rejected.”

The blonde remembered the meal and the drink. “Strawberries…” When Mara gave her a confused look, M’Gann waved her hand for her to continue.

“Well,” Mara explained, “he left you out in the alley, probably to die or for the authorities to pick you up. I spotted you and took you in. I didn’t know what was happening to you, so I tried a bunch of herbs to bring down the fever. I don’t know if I helped your body fight whatever it was, but it did enough to help you wake up.”

There was still some mild pain in her abdomen from her allergies, but it was manageable for now. She sat up with more care, rubbing the back of her head. “Thank you… uh…”

“Please, call me Mara,” the woman replied with a small smile.

M’gann nodded, “... Mara. Call me M’Gann.”

Mara bowed slightly. “A pleasure to meet you, Meey-gan. Now,” she moved to grab something covered in cloth before sitting in front of the blonde. “You are not like us. You are not from here, and you stick out too much. This,” she uncovered the object in the cloth to reveal a small pearl-colored ring, “will help. I do not know how it works, but it makes you appear more like us. For your safety, I gift it to you.”

M’Gann stared at the ring as Mara placed it into her hands. “Th-thank you,” she said. The blonde then picked up the ring and admired it for a moment before slipping it onto her ring finger. Her eyes widened when her blue hands turned into a peach color, one she found rather distasteful. “Whoa…” It looked like it made some sort of projection, designed to fit the wearer. M’Gann turned to the nearest reflective surface and gaped at her paleness. Is that what she would’ve looked like if she were fully human?

“I have clothes you can wear, so you blend in better. I do not know where you come from, but I can suppose that it is a long ways away. Whatever is in this house is yours to use for your travels.”

M’Gann was flattered. “Why… thank you. I need to find the awa- my, uh, my friends. I traveled with about 5 others… did you happen to see any of them?” Mara thought for a moment before shaking her head, making M’Gann’s own countenance fall.

“Is there a town nearby? I told my friends that if we got lost or separated to meet in the nearest town, and I was misdirected earlier.” They would have to go there at some point, probably for food and other resources. She could lay low and try to find them there.

Mara nodded. “The nearest town is about 80 footfalls from here. I live right outside the town. Can’t stand all the commotion caused by the elders.”

Now M’Gann was interested. “Commotion caused by the elders? What have they been doing?” Immediately she knew that was the wrong question to ask, because Mara’s face scrunched up in disapproval.

“You really are not from here.” The redhead paused to toss a fresh change of clothes and a satchel at her lap. “I suggest you do not stay in one place for long. You may take a day’s ration of food and put it in the satchel if you wish.” M’Gann nodded, knowing that her visit was starting to become too long, and once Mara left the room the blonde changed into the clothes provided. Stuffing the scratchy clothes she was wearing into the satchel (she would later dispose of them), M’Gann braided her hair before going to the kitchen, or what looked like it. There she took a ration’s worth of bread, water, herbs for her allergies, and some nuts before turning to Mara, who looked impatient by the door.

“Thank you for caring for me. I don’t know how to express my gratitude.” M’Gann moved to the door, slightly bowing to the woman.

Mara tensely bowed in return. “You need not express any gratitude. Just have a safe travel to wherever you are going.” The blonde nodded before opening the door and stepping outside. This was going to be one hell of an adventure. First thing was first, she had to find the away team. She had been without communication before, so she wasn’t too worried… but it was still rather terrifying to be alone on an unknown planet. It then dawned on her that the alley had two directions, both going in opposite directions. Great, just great.


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