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Captain to Captain

Posted on Thu Feb 20th, 2014 @ 9:30pm by David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan
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Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD2 - 0700

Leaning back in his seat in his ready room, David was finally enjoying the hum of his ship at warp. It was well deserved and made things more... real. No pesky eyes watching them and no issues whatsoever... at least he wished that was the case. Lieutenant Jarland was a capable officer but a little over the top when it came to his XO duties. To be blunt, he disliked people that played things by the book every second of the day. But he couldn't change that... without more negative reinforcement. At the time being, it was best to leave it alone and let his crew remind him that the crew was more than just numbers or ranks, they were people.

What got him more was the new Chief Diplomat? A wild card and quite frankly good at pushing buttons but in the opposite effect of the dear XO. He didn't need help understanding more of the man, but it was best for him and for his crew member for David to look into his past before the XO did... if he hadn't already. So he needed to make a quick call to get more information.

Hunter had finished most of her early morning meetings and was attempting to plan out her schedule for the day. It was one of the things that she had planned on give her new Yeoman to work on however the two never found time to meet, yet. She looked up at her desk and saw the incoming call, pushing a button she was greeted by a familiar face.

"David," she smiled, "To what do I owe the pleasure?" Internally she hoped it had nothing to do with her brother but she knew better.

"Commander Callaghan, I doubt you need to ask," Hawkins remarked as he said calmly. "But we can get to that later. I heard about Harbinger's little issue with an Admiral and a planet?"

"Not all Captain's get the easy mission of studying holograms," she smiled, "Choose your next line careful, or I will have my father come do a surprise inspection of those nifty holoemitters."

"Really," David raised his eye brow in the fashion of a Vulcan.

"Don't act surprised," she implied, "My Father does work for Star Fleet Academy in the Engineering Department, amongst a few other projects."

"An admiral aboard my ship would only be another face," he shrugged as he leaned back in his seat and thru his feet up on the desk.

"Now my little brother, what did he do this time," she asked?

"Yes your brother, not much of a diplomat is he?" Hawkins remembered talking to the man.

Hunter let out a small laugh, "My brother's problem is he is almost too gifted. He could be better if he actually attempted to apply himself. But he doesn't."

"He couldn't talk himself out of being thrown into my brig before the Gladiator was launched no less," He responded with a small grin. "Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being thrown into a brig under my command, but he doesn’t seem much to doing his job or showing that he can do his job."

"Trust me, I know he can," Hunter added, "I know him. He is more than capable, and able. He is... well," she paused, "he will fall into place." She made a mental note to talk to her brother later tonight once she had settled down for the night.

"Oh he already has fallen into place," Hawkins smirked as he more along the lines thought to himself. "What can you tell me about his background that isn't on record?"

"Liam was good, up until High School," Hunter explained, "Daddy started riding him hard then. He was a Callaghan, and only son. My father had expectations for his son, and I am afraid to say that my brother didn't have the same goals as my father, why do you want to know? There are times if I wonder, did my brother only join Star Fleet as an excuse to get as far away from our father as possible?"

"Let’s just say, I don't care about his past, but I have an XO with an overwhelming urge to piss people off," he replied. "It would be better if I learn about it before he did."

"At least your XO does his job," Hunter said, "My seems to desire to be removed from duty and go back to his old job."

"Then do it," Hawkins shrugged as he started to lean back relax a little. "Unless you think you can't handle it."

"If I thought I could handle it, I would send him back," she added, "But I know he can do the job, but he doesn't see that."

"Well as a marine officer can do the job, but not many marines are up for being in charge on a ship. We are men and women that are trained for action and shoot first, ask questions later. We work on our own adrenalin not rules and regulations."

"You are right perhaps he can do the job, but he isn't ready," she replied, “So tell me more about my brother, captain to captain what has he been doing?"

"Honestly, I don't keep tabs on my people. They get on duty; they do their jobs, and get off duty. It’s really their lives. But him getting thrown in the brig on the first night on the ship was pretty fast. Which honestly, from what I hear, was kind of funny," He grinned.

"I am not surprised," Hunter replied, "Maybe I should try that with Hayter, it meant help." She laughed, "I have to tell my mother that her precious Liam ended up in the brig."

"Yeah he di..." Hawkins paused and thought about the words that she had spoken then slowly looked at the monitor. "I'm sorry, did you say Hayter?"

"Yes Jonathan Hayter," she explained, "He was my MCO till my XO quit however I think I made a mistake in promoting him." Hunter stopped, "Please tell me you don't know him..."

Hawkins grinned as he leaned back and thru his feet up on his desk like he always seemed to, which was his way of relaxing. "You lucked out."

"Lucked out," she questioned not entirely sure what he meant by that.

"I didn't stutter."

She didn't like the way this conversation was going, and now she knew she had to be careful what she said about her Marine XO. If Hawkins told him she would lose what little respect he had for her. "So tell me about your ship, Captain. What did they give you? And your crew, other than my brother?"

Hawkins laughed and looked at her then back up at the ceiling. "Way to side step that touchy subject."

"Touchy, that would be a good way of wording it," she replied. She wasn't going to tell him that less than two month ago she would have had a different opinion of the man. However now, once again she had let her career get in the way. "You know how it goes Captain, you make a decision you are sure is right. However it comes back to bit you in the butt later."

"Well true, but I made the mistake but why did you chose him as your XO... You can't simply take it back if you expect to keep him if that's your plan," Hawkins spoke up as he shrugged for a moment and then continued on. "You say he isn't doing his job as XO. What makes you think he isn't?"

"He's told me he doesn't want the job, and made mention of that fact several times," she added, "Maybe," she sighed, "Perhaps I am being too hard and I need to give him time, to adjust."

"What has he done to prove to you that he isn't fit for the position?" Hawkins asked knowing all too well that Hayter was a man of action.

"Maybe it isn't what he did more than the fact that he keeps reminding me that he can't do it," she stated, "I guess after a while if the man doesn't want it, then fine he doesn't need it."

She rested her head between her fingers as she rubbed her temples, "Perhaps I just need to take a step back and take a break," she knew that her current condition would only make things worse. "But," she tried to smile, "I am sure you didn't call to hear me bitch about my Command," she laughed?

"No but I can be of help, Hayter wasn't ever the type to take charge so quickly but if you give him time, you will have that perfect XO. But if you aren't ready, put him back in where he is stronger," Hawkins suggested as he nodded and looked at her. "But at any case, your brother is the one that I called about."

"How many times has he ended up in the brig so far," she asked knowing that he would make a habit out of it. The man was stubborn, headstrong, and temperamental and slept with more women then Kirk. She could only imagine what kind of trouble he had gotten into.

"Who we talking about?" Hawkins grinned as he looked at the monitor. "Hayter or your brother?"

"My brother, I actually think Liam might be worse than Hayter when it comes to the female department," Hunter joked.

David only shrugged as he wasn't surprised to this remark. It wasn't a surprise to hear another person like Hayter, but Hayter did his actions out of other things besides selfish pride. This brother of her's was different.

"You don't know my brother, yet, Captain," Hunter added interrupting the man, "And you didn't answer my question, does he have a reserved cell yet?"

"Not that I know of but the cell would be held by the same person that puts him in there if it’s who I think it is that puts him in there," He riddled a little as he leaned once again.

"Oh I know, Mister Jarland sounds like an interesting character," Hunter hinted that she had already spoken to her brother, at least once. "I would almost suggest putting them both into the cell at the same time and see who is left standing." She paused, "And don't think my brother is a sissy, he grew up with four sisters."

Hunter noted the time, and sighed. She knew that sooner or later she would have to move on with the day and make up her mind regarding several issues with her ship. “While I appreciate the talk Captain, I can’t stay sadly. I have several things I need to take care up, Hayter included.” She smiled, “Until next time, and try not to keep my brother locked up too much,”

Hunter was about to let the man speak, when her Yeoman entered the room, “I suppose they found me,” she smirked. “Good luck with your command, Captain.” She reached up and closed the channel. She took a deep breath, “That boy has always been trouble,” she nodded. Standing up, “So Petty Officer what do you have in store for me next…”


Commander Hunter Callaghan
CO, USS Harbinger

Commander David Hawkins
CO, USS Gladiator


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