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Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2

"A few miles..." M'Gann muttered sarcastically. She had been walking for what felt like hours, and her feet were aching. She felt grimy from the dust, which was glued onto her skin by the sweat that was forming in small beads. Judging by the sun, it appeared to be mid-afternoon, but the gentle wind that swept across the ground and over the trees blew hot air into her face, along with more dust. What she found odd was that there were no people; the only humanoid faces she had seen were those two guards at the warehouse.

There was something suspicious about those two, especially the female. They had seen the away team, but didn't want to tell her about them for some reason. A feeling of sadness washed over her when Khelev came into her mind; a part of her still didn't want to believe he was dead, but after how many times he got hit with the charges from the guards' weapons, it seemed unlikely. "No, he's got to be around here somewhere..." She murmured to herself. Keep positive.

Her mind wandered back to the lack of people. Did she take a wrong turn? M'Gann looked around, her brow furrowing into a concerned crease, seeing fields and fields of nothing. A lot of it was tall grasses that she couldn't really get through, especially with the occasional tangled mass of thorns sticking out. As far as she could tell, she was quite lost in the countryside. No town or people anywhere. She was about to give up and sit down on the side of the path when something red and round hit her head from behind. A squeak escaped her, and she turned to see a red ball at rest on the ground a couple feet from her.

She picked it up and examined it. She had one similar on Earth, and she gave it a test bounce on the ground. A rustling noise came from where she suspected the ball came from, and she looked up to see two young ones come bounding out of the bushes.

"I saw it go this way!" One of them yelled. The taller one pushed the other aside and was about to yell something in response when he saw the blonde standing there with their ball.

M'Gann put on a small and kind smile. "Hello... is this yours?" The two boys stood still, blatantly trying to determine if she was real with her blue skin. "It's ok, I won't hurt you..." She kneeled, and the two scurried backwards. "Wait, wait! Here." They paused, and the blonde gently rolled the ball back to them. The two froze until the ball was close enough to grab, and they grabbed it quickly.

"Thank you," the younger one quietly stated.

M'Gann gave them a smile. "You're welcome. Say, you two wouldn't happen to have something to eat, would you? I, uh, I was travelling and I lost my stuff, and I'm without food."

"We welcome lost strangers." M'Gann looked up to see an older man. As she stood, he added, "you say you were travelling... where to?"

M'Gann mused for a moment; how could she explain that without breaking the Prime Directive? "I don't really have a destination in mind... wherever the path takes me, I-I guess. I usually get more supplies in the, uh, towns that I pass through."

The man cocked his head. "Interesting. Well, we'd be able to offer you some food for your trip, if you'd like."

"That would be lovely, thank you." It would be wise to save her energy, and she was running on empty. The man waved her along while gently prodding the boys to go ahead, and the blonde followed alongside the man.

"I'm Kal, what's your name?"

"M'Gann," the blonde replied. She looked around, "I got directions for the nearest town, and I was told to go that way," she pointed off to the side. "I've been at it for hours, but I haven't seen any town."

The two boys giggled, and Kal lightly smacked each of them upside the head. "Whoever gave you those directions showed you the wrong way. Town is that way," he pointed in the opposite direction, then looked to her, "where did you get those directions?"

"By the warehouse." Judging by the confused look he gave her, they didn't know about it. She thought of the closest landmark instead. "I-I mean, um, a big tree. The one that spirals around itself?"

"Oh, yes," Kal said, lighting up. "That's about 3 miles out of town. Right now, you're... 7, maybe 8?" M'Gann stared at him for a moment before letting out a groan and mumbling something along the lines of how great it was. "You've been walking this long without food or water, you must be tired."

"A little, yeah," she admitted. She would definitely have to rest up if she were to walk seven miles just to get into town, let alone how long it'll take to find the rest of the away team.

"Then come, we'll get you supplies for your trip." When the blonde started to protest, the man shook his head as he started to walk off, "I insist, it'll be no burden. Come along."

M'Gann stood still for a moment before catching up with Kal. "You have no idea who I am... so why are you helping me?"

"You're obviously not armed, and you're a weary traveler who probably wouldn't make the night without supplies, especially in those," he said, gesturing to her clothes. M'Gann suddenly felt a bit self-conscious, and he continued, "our family makes a living out here. We don't get what the townspeople do, so we were able to get it ourselves. Food, water, we even make our own fabrics for clothing." As they got closer, the blonde could pick out a small wooden house with what looked like two gardens and a enclosed area for livestock.

Some of them looked similar to Earth animals, such as a chicken with an elegant feather coming out of its head, while others she was baffled by. There was an orange-brown colored creature that resembled a cow, but it was shorter and much faster, and had one horn in the middle of its forehead. The gardens held a variety of fruits and vegetables, creating a multicolored square amongst the greenery around it.

"This is our house, not very much, but it's enough. Our animals over there, and our gardens here." He led her to the first garden, and the two boys ran between the rows and picked what was ripe enough to eat. "We taught them that gardening is like a game, where you have to pick the ripe fruits before the insects do, and whoever plants the neatest line gets extra for dinner or stays up later." Kal reached over and plucked some small blue berries and offered them to her. "These are our plera."

"Thanks," M'Gann said, taking a couple and trying them. They tasted almost like blueberries, with a tang to it. One of the boys came running over with some green and purple vegetables, along with some red and orange fruits.

"Papa! The trugrasa are growing!" Kal accepted the red fruit and examined it before smiling.

"Well done." He turned to the blonde, "these are the fresh trugrasa we grow." The blonde was about to accept it when she saw that it looked very much like a strawberry. It was red, with seeds on the outside, the same plume of leaves on top; the only difference was that the tip had a blue tint to it, which made the middle of it appear purple.

"Um..." she stammered, "I, uh, I'm allergic to those. Trugrasa, I mean."

Kal cocked his head. "Allergic?"

"Well, I think I am. The trugrasa that's grown where I'm from, I'm allergic to, and that looks a lot like it." Kal looked her over for a moment before giving the berry back to the boy and telling him to eat it with his brother.

"No, matter. It's a strange allergy, but there's no problem with that. Come, let me show you around."

Meanwhile, off in the bushes, Tarle took note of what was said before heading back for the town. She would likely be there for a couple hours, so he would get a good head start. As he set off, the thought of a raise brought a smile to his lips.


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