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Reporting to the Counsel

Posted on Thu Jun 4th, 2015 @ 4:49pm by Commander Mercia Kavi
Edited on on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 6:50pm

Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2

After getting news that one of the higher ups was present, Tarle had gotten the directions and currently strode up the hill that led to the house they were in. He hoped that Quivela didn't get in trouble for sending him off like that. When he reached the door, he paused and straightened his attire before knocking three times.

Orin was unpacking his bag before one of his aides opened the front door. He stepped in and saw a common guard standing in the door way. "Who are you?" he demanded.

Tarle was nervous when he saw Orin. There was an aura about him that reeked power. "Ensign Liqa Tarle, s-sir."

"And why are you gracing me with your presences?" Orin asked with steep sarcasm. "Do you have something useful to tell me or did you come to gawk at the Harzon Counsel member?" he hissed.

Tarle gulped and looked over his shoulder briefly. "I come with news on the outsiders, namely the blue female."

Word had spread fast when the newcomers had gotten here, especially when the male at arrived at the primary gate. Orin paused, "a blue FEmale?" he asked. "Did they sent more of them through this gate? When did this happen?" he demanded.

Oh, he was in for it now. "Th-The female was sent through the secondary gate, in the warehouse, a-about 6 hours ago. I-I was told to follow her and see if she had a-anything that can be used against her. I believe sh-she is the last one."

"Why did a runner not come to me on the road?" Orin growled. "I should have known of this right away! Well hurry up and tell me what you found." he said. "Where is she now?"

"She is at one if the farms o-out in the c-country. The man of the house, he directed her t-towards town. The man of the farm, I-I think it is Kal, he offered tr-trugrasa, and sh-she refused, claiming to b-be allergic. I believe she will walk for town in a couple hours." Tarle started to cower a little, shying away from his anger.

Orin licked his lips, "You have new orders. When she comes in to town give her shelter in your house." he said. "Give her rest then send her to get some food at the tavern." he said.

Tarle opened his mouth to protest that she had met him before, but hesitated.

"What! What is it?" Orin demanded.

"I-it's just... I m-met her at the warehouse, I-I was on guard th-there... won't she be suspicious??" He supposed he could wear a disguise, but as himself it would surely cause suspicion.

"Were you nice to her or not? She may see it as a kindness other wise. Get a family member member to house her then. Its time I got rid of these outsiders before more trouble comes" Orin grumbled.

Tarle stood up so straight it looked like he would snap. "Yessir!" He saluted Orin before quickly leaving. Once he was out of earshot he exhaled a sigh of relief before heading for town.

Orin looked around then pointed at one of his aides. "You, you're a charming looking young man... I have a job for you..."



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