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Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2015 @ 11:34am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
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Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2

Mercia stood next to the door as Gabe finished landing the ship and opened the door. The Minister stood next to her, and Mercia had uncuffed the guard, entrusting he would behave himself for the sake of the minister he now looked to protect. She gave him a stern warning though, if he was out of line, he would die.

She stepped off the shuttle and waited for the Minister to step out as well with her bag over her shoulder. Walking in to the shuttle bay was a sight Mercia never regretted seeing. She smiled at him as her eyes traveled over him and she gave him a wink when no one was looking. After her thrilling heroics, she couldn't wait to get him alone and see how impressed he acted.

She paused as they met in the middle of the shuttle bay, "Captain Hawkins, this is Minister Tolig. She volunteered to come back to the Gladiator to help in recovering our people, with the hopes that we will not attack her people for the actions of another individual." Mercia reported.

David nodded slightly as he showed showed their new Lieutenant. "Minister, Commander, This is our new Chief of Security and Tactical, Lieutenant, Lazarev. She's a firecracker."

Mercia looked the woman over her eyes narrowing a bit. Security had been her department, she was protective of it, Her eyes sized her up. "Lieutenant." she said her voice mildly tight.

"Captain, Lieutenant." Tolig said. "Captain we have much to talk about."

"Minister Tolig, Commander Kavi," Lauren acknowledged each in turn professionally, keeping a discreet three feet from the Captain. She took note of the Commander's icy blue grey eyes appraising her and made a mental note to check out what the Commander used to do before she became the Executive Officer of the Gladiator. She laid ten to one odds that the woman had been Security and gave an inward smirk.

"Behave you two," David looked at Kavi and the new lieutenant before he turned to their visitor. "Minister. I am being told that you can help with the situation at hand."

"Now now Captain, you don't really want me to behave." Mercia winked at him.

Tolig glanced between them a moment before she nodded, "Yes, I did not want any thing to do with the capture of your people. I wanted us to convey the message we wanted to be left alone and that is all." she said. "Other members of my government took that to mean something very different." She reached in her bag, "I have some data..."

For the moment, Lauren stayed silent; she really needed to be briefed and quickly so she could formulate a plan to get the Gladiator's people back if there was a hostage situation. She knew that most ministers were diplomats and their sole job was usually telling people to go to Gre'Thor and making them look forward to the trip.

David could feel how uneasy Lauren felt but he more than capable of handling the situation and other issues. But he needed her there for a reason. It was her right and responsibility as the ships Security Officer to be by the Captain's side during an alien arrival. "What data?"

Tolig pulled the tablets out of her bag, and took a deep breath, not certain if he wanted to go over all of it here in the shuttle bay. "There is a planet, the slave planet and that is where they were sent. We accesses it through our gates, but you will never get close to one." she explained. "In the recent years we have begun searching for the planet ourselves with our own ships." Tolig explained handing the tablets to the Captain. "We haven't found it yet, but we believe we are getting closer, this is the search data we have thus far."

As he took the tablets, he handed them straight to his new Lieutenant to research herself. "Why are you willing to help us find our people if you have no interest in us being around at all?"

Taking the tablets, Lauren began to scan the information while keeping her ear open to listen for any tells from the Minister that would give her away voice wise. Glancing up every few seconds as if nervous, her hazel eyes flicked from the Captain to the XO, then the Minister, but it was the Minister that she was actually actively looking for body language that would hint of a possible attack.

"We desire to be left alone. I am.wise enough to know if I do not make this right you may very well return in.force and disrupt my world and my people." Tolig said. "So if I mist give up data, and become what some will say is a traitor, to protect my people, it is what I will do."

"Shes bold, I like her." Mercia smirked.

"Something like that," David admitted as he looked over at Lazarev. She seemed to be deep in thought, but he wasn't going to let her get to confused for far to long. "So Sparky you look lost. Can you set a course and get that information to the rest of the fleet with that?"

Lost was the last thing that the young Chief of Security was; she had been silent, true, but she was also incredibly observant of what was going on around her and who was saying what. "Yes, Captain," she said. "I'll transfer the coordinates to Helm, then have this sent to the fleet, Sir."

"While you are at it, try to take the data on the last attack on how we could possibly put a better defense up and maybe some of their weak spots as well," the Captain suggested as he looked at her with a slight nod. He knew she had this, so he left it in her capable hands. "That is why I pay you, so you got this."

"Yes, Sir," Lauren said, but made no move to leave his side in the presence of the alien minister.

He turned his attention to the Minister and took a deep breath. "So whats the plan?"

Tolig looked among the group of people, "To give you as much information as I could, and hope it helps you find the planet, and as such your people. From there... Well now that I am here, I don't know that I can return home, and yet the others will kill me, I'm an Overlord Minister." she said.

"I doubt very much we'll be dropping you off here, You'll have to use your gate to get back home." Mercia said. "So you do not know where this planet is?" she clarified.

"No only we have narrowed down which direction it is in. We know it is with in the nebula and the other planets we have encountered in most directions proved to not be it. Our people are not focused so much on exploration, but we do wish to find this planet so that we can take advantage of other resources."

"Wait these people will want to kill you, Overlord..." Mercia folded her arms, "these people your slaves?" she demanded.

Tolig arched her brows, "The gates were used to send criminals away from us and work to help support our world. Criminals breed, and their offspring continue to work."

Mercia's eyes flashed, "I say we take our people and drop you in the middle of the population, let them kill you." she hissed. If there was one thing she could not abide it was slavers. She only cared for one slaver, but she had been a child, and did not understand. It was feelings she wrestled with to this day. These days though, she's sooner kill a slaver than let one walk free.

Lauren looked up at the Executive Officer upon hearing her words. "Would that really solve anything, Sir?" she asked. "From what I'm understand, it takes more than one person to start something and it's going to take more than one to put a stop to it. With the current situation being as volatile as it is, further inflammations would prove unsatisfactory at best and downright deadly at best."

"I'm in agreement, Commander," Hawkins responded with an irritated look on his face. He glared at Kavi as he tried to understand what she was trying to do. He knew how she felt about the situation at hand but to off and say that... "that is all, Commander. Go to Sick bay and get checked out. We can handle the Minister from here.

Mercia looked at him then at the two women as her face flushed red, realizing how foolish her comments had been. She was tired and frustrated, and slavers made her over reaction, "my apologies." She said. "You're helping us, I didn't mean it." She said. She gave David a sincere apologetic look before she turned and left the bay.

Tolig arched her brows, "she is an interesting one... Very passionate. Was her mate one of those Minister Grinig captured?" she wondered.

"She supervises and cares for those troops that were captured. That is what I have taught her and I am the same as well. We will do what is best for our troops and protect them as much as possible," David replied as he ignored the statement of mate. "Lieutenant, could you take the Minister to the guest quarters assigned to her along with a security squad you believe is best to protect her while she is on the Gladiator?"

"Of course, Captain," Lauren said as she tapped her combadge and arranged for two Security personnel to be assigned to the Minister, then stepped forward after setting up a rotating schedule. "Done, Sir."

"Good, anything else" David turned back to the Minister one last time.

"Only to ask that you allow me to be as involved as I can be. My.mission here is to save lives." She nodded then gave a warm but nervous smile to the security officer. "Thank you, both, and to your commander as well, which I hope you will relay. She risked her life and nearly lost it jumping out of a twelve story building while getting me out of there." She said.

"Yeah... she is nuts," the captain muttered as he nodded and stepped aside. "If you need anything, please let us know."

"Thank you Captain." Tolig said then moved to follow the woman, curious and nervous about the rest of the ship she was about to see.

Lauren smiled at the Minister. "If you'll follow me, Minister Tolig, we'll get you set up in no time at all. Do you have any special requirements or restrictions that we may be able to accommodate you with?"

"No, thank you dear." Tolig said with a warm smile. "Thank you for your kindness. I would like to know more about your people and your ship though. Would there be someone who can talk me through some of that some time soon?" she asked as they headed in to the hall way.

"Not at this time, Minister," Lauren said as she led the Minister to the turbolift. Inwardly, she doubted that the Minister would ever be allowed out of her quarters until the Gladiator's people were back, and then it would be an escort to the transporter room to be beamed back down. If she had her way, the transporter would malfunction and the slaver would get a lovely view of the stars without the benefit of a ship. However, she kept her voice neutral and professional when she replied. "We're under Yellow Alert, which means no unnecessary movement about the ship. I'm sure that someone will be able to assist you at some point after we rescue our people."

Tolig looked disappointed. "I see." she said. "Well Then, I wouldn't want to keep you from your work, but if someone does become open to telling me about your people, or if any documents may be permitted to me, I would be very interested. Things are changing on my world, and its clear there are people beyond the Skyveil, I am coming to realize we are fools to ignore them and pretend they do not exist." she said.

"That would be wise," Lauren said as she stepped into the turbolift. "For general purposes, you can ask the computer for information about our society." She knew that the data and Security access levels for the Minister would be basic, but it would give an outline of how people in the Federation lived and existed with each other and the principles on which they lived their lives.

"Ah, wonderful, thank you." Tolig said before falling in to silence.



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