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Looking for Chap

Posted on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 1:57pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Sidwell "Sid" Graeme [Halan]
Edited on on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 6:46pm

Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2

Anna stood near the entrance of the shuttle, "Is it safe to be going at night?" she asked looking at the coming sunset.

"From people, yes," Sidwell was already dressed in hooded cowl of his own but the hood was down. He handed Anna a hooded cowl that was made from some local fabric and then handed another to Lizzy. "I replicated these for you both. It'll keep people from asking too many questions."

"That's helpful." Anna said, "I can't believe I made the assumption that Chap didn't make it through the gate. She was pregnant so it made sense they might try to study her."

Lizzy took the hooded cowl and slipped it on, nodding, "Anna, none of us did, and I know that I didn't really sense her with my empathy skills when I came to. Do you have any suggestions on where might be a good place to start? It is also likely that neither Anna or myself will really be able to bluff our way through so I am thinking that it might be a good idea to stick together."

"I'm not letting you out of my sight, It's bad enough I have to leave miss flirt back here to guard the rest of the them." Anna grumbled. She wasn't a fan of Sadie, granted it was the girls first assignment but still!

"Lets get moving, lead on Sid." Anna said.

"We were all green once, she'll get her legs under her. She wouldn't have made officer if she didn't have what it takes," Sid replied, before he started leading them back out towards the road. "Sticking together is a good idea. They're an agrarian society with a little tech her and there. From what I've gathered in my three months here they provide the overlords food and raw materials."

"So they're slaves?" Anna said, "I was figuring as much. That chafes me."

"They are, doesn't mean they don't have their dignity or pride," Sidwell glanced at Anna and looked forward again as they hit the road and started in towards town. "So what's Chap look like? You mentioned she's knocked up?"

Anna nodded, "Correct me if I'm wrong Lizzy but I think shes somewhere along five months. She is about my height, dark skin, dark hair. Fully human I think." Anna said, "You've known her longer than I have, what else can you tell us Lizzy?" she asked.

Lizzy nodded, "Yes, that's right.. She is quite strong and can defend herself. Although, she can be.. loud, mouthy and opinionated - which we love about her. And well.. don't think bad about her, but I would check any pubs if there are any?"

"Naw she's not there, cause if there was I pub it's where I'd be too," Sidwell chuckled softly. "We'll ask around, see if anyone saw her."

The trio headed for down and reached it before the sun was fully down, although it was clearly late, the work day was over. They decided to start with the town square, knowing it was the center of the place. Anna frowned as she heard a booming voice carrying through the streets, almost wafting their direction.

"Now is the time brothers and sisters! We must stand up to our oppressors! The Strangers have proven that there are more people in space than the Overlords led us to believe! There has never been a better time!"

Anna looked at Sidwell, as they reached a street that was straight in tot he town square. She could see the man standing on top of a fountain wall, there was a large number of people standing around, listening and agreeing, a few booing him, and others miling around trying to hear but not wanting to be noticed. "Whats this all about?"

"He's a loud mouth that wants the people to rise up. As far as I can tell he's on the fringe and they let him spout whatever he wants," Sidwell shrugged. "The crazier he seems the crazier the idea seems I guess. Why don't split up a bit but stick to the city square here. See if we can't get a lead."

"Sounds good, Stay in sight though." Anna said giving Lizzy a hard look.

"Reminds me of all the other charismatic dictators and politicians like Hitler, Pol Pot and Kodos."

When Anna wasn't looking, Lizzy poked her tongue out again at her.

The three of them separated but only as far as the city center and started asking around. Sid went to the few people he actually knew and found that another had come through the gate but had gone off in a different direction. A few people had seen her head into the woods looking lost. When they came back together, Sid nodded to the two of them.

"Looks like she stumbled off into the woods," Sid said. "Either of you learn anything else?"

"I heard the same from someone else, I asked if there was any where she might have gone or stopped, but they said no one lives out there." she said. "Do the sensors on your shuttle work?" she asked. "Or do you have a tricorder we can use to try and search for her?" Anna asked.

"I've got a hand scanner but I didn't think we'd be able to get her DNA to track her," Sid reached inside his cowl and pulled out a small civilian scanner that was a few years old but still worked like a charm. "Guess I can set it to look for human bio signs."

'Well it will have to do, lets run a sweep through the town, but she likely is long gone from here and that wont have the range. Then Lets get to a good place to call up Lt. Commander ch'Koro." she said with a firm nod. THe other two agreed and they began their sweep, though they did not expect to find much.



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