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Fixing the Shuttle

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2015 @ 10:46am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi]
Edited on on Thu Jun 25th, 2015 @ 7:21pm

Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2

Sadie kicked a rock outside the shuttle as she watched the tree line for any one who might try and come after them. Sid, Anna, and Lizzy were gone looking for the missing Chap, and she was here on babysitting duty. She sighed and leaned back against the shuttle and rolled her eyes. she wanted adventure and for a while this was exciting, now it was boring. Great.

"Are we boring you, Ensign?" Vanora asked without looking up from the row of phasers laid out neatly in front of her. She was checking each carefully. Sid hadn't lied that they were well-maintained, but they were also ancient, and antiques had a tendency to stop working at critical moments.

"Could this be any more boring?" Sadie grumbled. She was about to continue when the Engineer stepped out.

Khelev came out of the shuttle, he'd dressed in a pair of jeans, work boots and a t-shirt and had been scanning the shuttle since he'd gotten his hands on a scanner and was trying to determine just how bad things were. Have just finished his scan, he made a face as he stepped down the ramp onto the forest floor. "You guys want the bad new or the worse news?"

"We're never getting out of here are we?" Sadie rolled her eyes.

"The impulse drive is shot, the warp core I could repair but would need at least 23rd century workshop," Khelev said. "The thruster assemblies are in decent shape, but without an impulse drive to power them we're not going anywhere. I think I'll be able to get the subspace antenna online, but not sure if we have the power to reach out and touch anyone."

"Can you divert the thruster power to the comm?" Vanora asked. If the ship wasn't going to help them escape, it made sense to put all their resources into contacting the Gladiator.

"That's the idea, going to salvage the emergency beacon and see if I can't cobble something together," Khelev nodded. "I'm hopeful that I can get a strong enough signal that Gladiator can find us."

"Need a second pair of hands?" Vanora asked as she set down a phaser. "I'm basically done with these."

"Depends on the hands, they'd have to be very skilled," Khelev said with a coy grin. "Good thing I know from experience that yours are. The access is on the other side of the ship."

"Indeed I am," Vanora laughed as she moved around the shuttle and popped it open. "How are you feeling, Khelev? Thought for a while back there I was going to have to bring your blood back to Andoria."

"So did I, I got shot you know," Khelev set down the back up subspace antenna. He reached over and took Vanora's chin and kissed her. "Twice. I might have scars."

"Mm," Vanora smiled as she kissed Khelev back. "I hope so. You know how I feel about scars."

"I do," Khelev arched one of his brows. "Well, my woman of few words, how about I start by ripping apart the emergency beacon and you start assessing the one attached to the ship?"

Sadie watched the two of them, "Geez get a room you too." She grinned before she laughed. "I'm going to check on Gwen." she said head away from the pair.

"Keep in shouting distance," Vanora shouted as Sadie walked off. She turned back to the open panel and examined the circuitry running into the beacon. "Half of these boards are fused completely to the EPS relays," she announced loudly enough for Khelev to hear from where he was working.

"Stop fusing them to the relays then," Khelev replied, a slight growl to his tone. "There's a plasma cutter in the engineering kit, cut out what's bad. Do you think you can salvage any of them?"

"About half of them," Vanora snarled back. "Think they can handle twice the load, though. These things are built with so much redundancy, we could probably manage with a quarter of we had to."

"We probably could," Khelev replied, looking up at Vanora with a half smirk. She was always so sexy when she talked tech or her warrior side came out. "What about the primary antenna? The one in this thing is shot."

"Fried to a crisp. We'll have to make due with a secondary. I forgot how much fun working on a civilian ship could be." Vanora wasn't joking; she felt nostalgia come over her as she remembered the SS Lady of the Lake, her own freighter that was destroyed before she joined Starfleet.

"I loved working on a freighter, some of the best memories of my life, even if I was a punk teenager," Khelev said with a big grin. "Hmmm if Sid has the right tools I could build a new antenna, I don't know if the secondary one on this old Vulcan shuttle has enough power."

"I think that blue brain of yours is the tool for the job," Vanora smiled as she came around to where Khelev was and handed him the toolbox.

Khelev took the tool box, and watched Vanora for a moment. "I'll get to work on it, but I'm going to head inside to do it. Maybe poke around the ship a bit more and see what he's got laying around. You all right closing up?"

After Vanora nodded, he picked up the emergency transceiver and hefted it over his shoulder and then grabbed the tool kit and headed back into the shuttle and set everything at the table in the big room and started to scrounge for anything he could use as raw materials for the antenna he needed to build.



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