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Posted on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 2:08pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]
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Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2

Hava locked the front door to her home and lowered the lantern light in the kitchen before she moved to her root cellar door and headed down the ladder. Night had fallen and she was eager to see if her husband had returned with. She moved through the cellar and stepped behind some bags of grain, almost tripping on them. She pulled the string under one of the bags and a storage shelf shifted, opening a gap in to the wall behind it.

Moving inside she pulled the string the other way closing the door behind her. "Did you see those strangers?" she asked with excitement. The entire city was a buzz with the added strangers showing up through the accursed gates.

"How could I miss them?" Jabbre asked as he turned and faced his wife, smiling at her.

They were standing on one of several weapon's cashe's that their resistance cells had been building the last several years. There were racks and racks of plasma rifles, body armor and plasma pistols as well as grenades and even some of the heavy weapons that they'd need to take down the heavy weapons. In the next room over there was enough ammunition to keep them fighting for at least a month.

"The base under the mountain has completed one of the fighter designs Sidwell gave us, so far it is exceeding expectations," Jabbre nodded. "They've already begun full production and we should have a squadron in the next month. They're training pilots like mad."

Hava sat down at the table and grinned, "That's amazing, the fact we've been able to siphon off enough supplies and man power to do with with out even the Harzon counsel finding out." she grinned. "Maybe we can be rid of these Overlords sooner rather than later." she said. "I heard a rumor though." she said. "The four that snuck through the gate... I never heard the strangers telling Lysia in the square today... the strangers handed them over to the Overlords and they were murdered."

"It was a risk to send them, it was always likely they wouldn't make it," Jabbre said gently, it hadn't been directly ordered by those that lead the resistance but they'd hoped it would help. "But the succeeded in bringing someone here."

"Yes but now they're stuck themselves. How did finding the strangers really help us?" Hava asked with a sigh. "I mean other than the fact that people are seeing proof that there are more people out there than just the Overlords."

"It's proof that Sidwell isn't a fool and that there are people stronger then the Overlords," Jabbre replied. "The Harzon counsel will have no choice but to see things our way and we can finally get some members on it that aren't so weak willed."

"The overlords appoint the Harzon counsel, and there is still the problem that if we move too fast the Overlords will cull us. don't get me wrong baby, I'm ready for this fight, but we have more than just ourselves to worry bout." she said. "We should make contact with these strangers too and see if they have any thing to offer like Sidwell did."

"Sidwell was a great help, but this is our fight. We need to win it for us," Jabbre said firmly, his father had been sent here as a prisoner, but had been a solider on the other side and had taught Jabbre to be strong. "And that's what we're going to do, then we make the Harzon counsel ours, let the people vote."

"They're a part of us now Jabbre." Hava reminded him. "They might talk about leaving, Sidwell at least, and likely the strangers too, but do you really think any one is going to actually going to find us out here before the fight begins? We might as well ask them to help."

"And involve them in a fight that isn't there's?" Jabbre reached up and gently touched his wife's cheek. "I won't do that and if our leaders care about our world, they won't either. We need this win for us."

She nodded, "You're right." she sighed. She watched his eyes for a moment, "When is the next cells leader meeting?" she asked reaching up and tracing the line of spots along his eyes and long his temples.

"Two weeks, we'll be heading to Yhia to discuss our next move. We are ready to move and we should. Every day we wait we risk being discovered," Jabbre let out a sigh. "Once we hold the gates, we will hold victory."

"Holding them is the scary part, we really have no idea how many men they can throw at us through the gates." she said. She gripped his hand, "Is your brother going to stand in the square again and try to garner more support tomorrow again?" she asked with a bit of a teasing smile.

"We've been keeping our distance," Jabbre smiled at her. "They won't smack him down because his brother is not deceived by his words and is still the head of the smith's guild. Little do they know he has an army ready to fight under his command."

She grinned conspiringly. "The day is coming." she said. "Then we'll be free." she said as she moved her arms around his shoulders.


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