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Meetin' at the Roadhouse

Posted on Thu Jun 11th, 2015 @ 5:29am by Sidwell "Sid" Graeme [Halan]

Mission: The Overlords
Location: Road Side Tavern
Timeline: MD 3

Sidwell was in town again, things were building and he knew the time was coming that the people were going to have to fight their oppressors. It reminded him so much of his days fighting with the resistance on Seyudor while the Dominion occupied it. The thrill of hit an run attacks, the fear of being discovered... Orin and the Harzon counsel were fools to think they could oppress the people forever, even if the Overlords wanted it.

For the moment though, he was seated in one of the taverns in town to deliver a couple of barrels of the Moonshine he'd started producing out by his shuttle. He had to make money and booze was a business he knew well and people liked to drink before and after a fight. He came up to the front of the tavern and set down the two barrels when he ran in a young blond as she came out, who was rather attractive.

"Hello there darlin'," Sid flashed her a charming grin. "Haven't seen you around here yet. What's your name?"

M'Gann gave the man a small smile. "Hello. I'm M'Gann." She glanced up at the tavern sign before giving a small shrug. "Well, I'm not really from around these parts... which way is town? I'm trying to find some friends."

"Keep heading up the road, this is one of the few inns for weary travelers," Sid paused and arched one of his brows. The name M'Gann seemed almost out of place. "Who ya lookin' for? I know quite a few people, benefit of being able to make moonshine."

How could she describe them? "Well, we were a group of six, but we got separated- wait, isn't moonshine an Earth beverage?" She remembered trying some during her college years, but she swore it was an Earth delicacy.

Sid narrowed his eyes at the mention of earth, when he really took a look at her. "Aye it is, I crashed here about three months ago and ran into the rest of your crew. They're back at my place if you want to come."

She lit up in recognition at the mention of her friends, but saw what looked like cynicism. She had to admit she was cynical as well; she did have someone just try to kill her with her allergies. "How do I know you're not lying?"

"You don't," Sidwell opened up the cloak he was wearing and showed her the phaser pistol that was on his hip. His was a custom design but if she was who she said she was, she'd recognize it as an energy weapon. He also pulled the civilian comm off of his belt. "I can call them and you can talk to them if you like."

Her eyes flicked to the phasor pistol, and then to the comm. She seriously considered accepting the offer and talking to them, but she wanted to make sure he wasn't another one sent to get rid of her. "Did they describe the M'Gann they're missing?" She asked.

"You don't trust me? Awww I'm hurt darlin'," Sid reached up and put his hand over his heart. "Yeah, since I decided to keep running my business as usual, they told me to keep an eye out for a Bolian. I have an old Vulcan shuttle, Khelev managed to survive and you can come with me if you like or head to the village and they'll tell you the same."

"Khelev's alive?" Hope was evident in her eyes as she looked him over again. M'Gann looked around before briefly pulling off the ring, showing her natural blue skin and the telltale line going down the middle of her face. It also showed the bumos and bruises she got on her trip, as well as a nice cut on her forehead. "Technically the counsel believes I'm dead or dying, but a local helped me and I was given this. I think it's some type of holographic projector, but I can't say for sure." She slipped the ring back onto her finger. "After being offered help and then deceived, I'd rather be cynical than not, so don't take it personally," she smiled sheepishly.

Sid flashed her a smile and waved his hand, "You can't be too careful, not around here. Sounds like you finally ran into one of the good ones though. Why don't I take you back to my shuttle? If the counsel wants you dead, it's best to get you hidden."

M'Gann nodded. "If you're not busy, that would be a good idea." She needed to tell Lizzy about her allergies so something could be done before they kicked in again. She had no idea how long those herbs would last, but the sooner she could get them to her the better.

"No, I'm not busy. Used to be Starfleet myself, I think it'd be wrong not to help a fellow fleeter in need," Sid smiled at her. "It's not that far, think you're up for the walk?"

"I've done quite a bit of walking, a little more won't hurt me," M'Gann replied, gesturing for him to lead the way. "So what did you do in Starfleet?"

"I was an enlisted master-at-arms. I worked on a couple of ships and then worked port security on a station. That was ugly, learned a hell of a lot," Sidwell shook his head at that, before they headed out from the tavern and started walking back towards town. "What do you do?"

"Chief Science Officer," she replied. "Started out on Earth, moved around a bit between ships."

Sid was about to speak when the whine of engines could be heard in the distance, he turned his head and looked shielding his eyes and swore under his breath when he spotted the two fighters heading towards the village. "That's not good, they're scrambling alert fighters. Jabbre must have started things already. We need to move, things are about to get real bloody around here."



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