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Plan of Attack

Posted on Mon Jun 15th, 2015 @ 7:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Lieutenant Commander Gabriel "Archangel" Delling [ch'Koro]

Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2

Walking through the halls of the newly assigned starship, the new marine commanding officer slightly grinned as he enjoyed the new fresh "eye candy". This was going to be a nice change since the last assigned starship... the Harbinger. After leaving the starship and being reassigned as a marine once again, they kept his newly assigned rank just to keep him under their eyes. Whatever, it really didn't matter. He was content with either staying around, or going into the private sector to enjoy a simple life. But the offer of being under Captain David Hawkins... Oh he had to take this and screw with him so much. It was going to be fun after all. The man was bound to get it hard, and he knew the right ways to mess with the man.

As the turbolift doors closed behind him, he called for deck one for the observation lounge. There, he had already been told that the Senior staff were arriving to discuss their next plan of attack. So as the temporary or full time, he didn't know, he was the ranking marine, and that made him the one to report to the meeting. It didn't seem like the marines were going to be called into but there was always a chance of it. Rather be safe than sorry plus a chance to mess with the command staff.

The turbolift stopped and opened to a hallway to which lead to the lounge. It didn't take long before he was able to slide by some random crew members and walked into the lounge where a couple people were already in there still waiting for the Captain and maybe some others. He smiled and nodded as he pulled out an apple and took a bite as he slouched down into a chair and leaned back.

Mercia did not glanced up with a smile as a body settled in to the Captains chair. She hadn't had a chance to talk to David since being dismissed from the shuttle bay when she got a bit mouthy with Minister Tolig, the slaver scumbag... She didn't want to make David's job any harder, and her not controlling her mouth, and saving it for private ranting was not going to help him, she owed him an apology. She kept her voice low, "Hey darlin... I need to talk to you for a minute." she said softly her eyes still on the tablet in front of her.

This got the marine's attention as quickly as expected and leaned in slightly. "I was thinking the same thing," he whispered after swallowing the pieces of his apple.

Mercia jumped, at the strange voice as she looked up, ready to attack. She didn't even notice the blade that seemed to leap in to her hand. With her heart racing she glared at the man sitting in the wrong chair. "You... That's not your seat." she said taking a breath, trying not to make a fool of herself, or admit the man was cute. What was with this ship and good looking people? She tucked the blade back under her sleeve and looked him over wondering who would have the gall to sit in the Captains seat.

"Does it matter?" the marine asked as he grinned slightly with a shrug. "But back to more pressing matters... what did you want to talk to me about?"

Mercia smirked at him, feeling less riled after the jump, she could see he had a playful way out about him. "About you sitting in the wrong seat. That's Captain Hawkins chair, unless you've suddenly bypassed me and been put in command on this here boat." she said. "Darlin." she added in with a sarcastic tone.

"That wouldn't be such a bad thing, now would it?" he remarked back.

"Actually, yes that would be a bad thing." She said. "See I like Hawkins being in charge. And you're still in his chair..." she said glaring.

"What does it matter? Its just a chair. Besides, why don't we enjoy a more private talk?"

"Because we have more important things than for you two to enjoy yourselves," David replied as he walked over to the desk. He had just walked in and had heard enough to finally step in. "I see that you finally made Lt. Colonel. I thought you would be to lazy to make it past Captain." Then that is when David sighed and noticed the new golden lining on his sleeves... "And its Commodore now."

"Well, you know me better than any... Commodore" the marine replied as he stood up and grinned before taking another bite of his apple so he had something to chew on.

"That's why I said that," David countered with a shrug. "Mercia, go ahead and contact sparky to bring our guest. John, go ahead and take a seat on the other side of the Minister. Our Chief Security Officer will sit on her other side."

"As you wish, master!" John Hayter replied while still chewing on his food before winking at Kavi and walked away.

"Master?" Mercia smirked as her eye followed the new guy who was as flirty as anyone she'd ever met. He was trouble. She tapped a few commands on her tablet sending the order for the new Security Chief to bring Minister Tolig to the lounge. She looked back at David, "I didn't know you liked being called master " she teased him with a wink his direction.

"Yes, but you can call me Lord Hawkins" David countered as he nodded at her. "The minister please."

Lieutenant Lazarev entered the observation lounge with their temporary guest, Minister Tolig, and came to attention. Ever since arriving on the Gladiator, she had barely had time to unpack her things, but she had a new position with new responsibilities and she was taking them very seriously. "Reporting as ordered," she said crisply as she came up to the Executive Officer.

Mercia glanced up, "Simmer down Sparky. Take a seat." Mercia said. She motioned to a chair across from her where Lazarev, Minister Tolig and this new flirt would sit. She knew that Abbott had an invitation to this meeting as well.

The Minister had cleaned up and looked tired, but alert as she looked around. Her eyes caught the windows and she wandered there, looking out in to space, seeing the Spacevale from a new perspective. She was mesmerized by it.

Sparky? Lauren's eyes narrowed as she looked at the Executive Officer. She didn't recall giving anyone permission to call her that; the Commodore was one person, but the Executive Officer was idly calling her a nickname that she hadn't earned the right to call her after her unseemly tirade in the shuttle bay. Giving a bare minimum of a nod to the Commander, she went and took a seat near the Captain's chair and let her eyes drift over the others present.

"That's my nick name for her," David said only loud enough for Mercia to hear. "I know you want to be just like me when you grow up, but no stealing my lines." He looked at their guest and he nodded. "Minister."

Mercia rolled her eyes and shrugged before glancing at the Security chief, she thought the name was well fitting.

Tolig glanced to the side, "Commodore. Thank you for allowing me to come. Your ship is beautiful." she said.

"Well that is what we go for, beauty," He shrugged. "Any questions before we start this?"

Tolig shook her head, "I do not believe so." she said, "In truth I am uncertain what to expect." she said softly. "But I will aide in any way I can."

While they talked, John leaned back just enough to see the Chief of Security. "Hey, hows it going? Lieutenant Colonel Johnathon Hayter, at your service," he grinned slightly as he looked her over. "And you are?"

"Lieutenant Lauren Lazarev," Lauren said. "The new Chief of Security and Tactical. It's rare to see a Marine on a ship, Colonel Hayter. How do you like serving side by side with Starfleet?"

"Just another reason to turn heads," He shrugged as he smiled. "It's got its perks. you think you can handle working with marines as Security?"

"As long as you can work with me, I can work with you," Lauren said with a smile.

"Oh I think I can handle working with you in all that you ask of me," he winked at her as he slowly sat back up.

Gabriel strolled into the room at this point, his dark blue uniform was clean and crisp. As he stepped into the small room he looked around and those that were gathered and arched one of his brows. He was clearly late, but he was a pilot. "Guess I'm a little late, what's going on?"

"It's alright fly boy, we will forgive ya," Hayter smarted off as he looked up at Gabriel.

"Lock it up and lets get started shall we?" David asked as he looked around the table. "Are we missing anyone?"

Mercia smirked at Hayter, she liked him way too much. "There's a new Chief Medical officer showing she just got onboard. I'll send the invite, but I may need to fill her in after if she can't make it." she said.

"She? What's she look like?" Gabe asked, smirking at Mercia. "Maybe I should just wait to find out."

"I couldn't tell you I haven't met her and I haven't bothered to look at her picture. If she doesn't make it to the meeting why don't you stop by and get your medical profile updated?" she teased.

"Sounds like a great idea. I may have to do that myself," David smirked as he sat down slowly into his seat. He looked around the room and nodded for everyone to follow his way of things for now.

"Suuuure you do." Mercia smirked. She took a seat again and looked over her tablets.

Minister Tolig watched the people gathered around, their lightness and humor baffled her. Meetings among staff in her experience was tense, and angry, every one around the table were her enemies, but here they did not treat any one that way. They were more like friends or family. Must be nice.

"Alrighty people... As you can see, the taller insisted on me having a little gold on my uniform, and change jewelery. So expect a little more eyes on us than normal. We will go into more questions, comments, and concerns later on all that later. Even the possibility of writing a request transfer off the ship or file a complaint can wait till after. Are we all in agreement?" David remarked as he looked at his officers and guest.

Lauren took note of the Commodore rank insignia on Hawkin's shoulder and made a note to go over new Security details with her personnel. "Yes, Commodore."

Lorix just made it in time. She had responded instantly to the invitation she had received but it hadn't given her much time to make it across the ship, finding her way in the new, unfamiliar layout. Fortunately for her, she had done some homework on the transport journey and had a pretty good idea of a mental map instilled already. She made it just in time before the important talking started.

"Good afternoon Sir" she addressed the CO first, always a dutiful officer, then glanced around the assembled Senior Officers, trying to fit faces to the medical jackets she's crammed up on her journey.

"I'm sorry if I've kept you waiting. I'm Lorix. I'll be your Chief Medical Officer and I'm pleased to meet everyone." she reported politely introducing herself before taking any liberties such as presuming to a seat before being accepted or instructed whether or not to stay.

The Commodore looked at the new arrival to which he eyed for a moment before it hit him. The CMO... right "Thank you for joining us, Doctor. Please take a seat. we can talk after the meeting if you have time," he replied as he nodded at her in respect.

"Thank you Sir, that would be great. I'm so hot off the transport I'm still treating my own friction burns so all introductions, upates or instructions would be gratefully received." Lorix replied with a shy smile.

She wasn't a shy sort of character normally and it seemed even more confusing to find herself feeling a bit 'on the back foot' here but she guessed it might be to do with the fact that this was clearly a meeting that she'd been invited to and she hadn't expected that to be the first opportunity she would have to set eyes on all the senior officers.

~Sheesh! I really hit the ground running!~ she thought, taking in a deep breath and looking for an appropriate seat to join the fun, in the 'not unreasonable' hope that all would become clear very soon.

Lorix taxed her memory quickly for the most remarkable details of the descriptions she'd read in the medical jackets of these new colleagues so she could try to identify at least a few of them, grateful that at least she'd had time to look over the data on the journey.

Tag all

"Anyway..." he smirked as he looked at their guest. "As you have already briefed a couple times before, Minister Tolig, can you proceed and explain in detail what happened to the rest of my staff. From there can you explain what we maybe walking into?"

Tolig took a deep breath, "Of course... Commodore?" she said. "This morning we detected your ship incoming. Our people, the Gazda do not wish to be disturbed, however enough of me and the other Ministers wanted to make contact, so we transmitted a place to land that was safe for us and defensible in case you were conquerors. I was not permitted to be at this meeting." she said.

Tolig licked her lips, "When your people arrived they were greeted by Minister Grinig, He is our War Minister. He acted against the wishes of the counsel, and arrested your group and sent them through the Gate to the Cherth. Our work force." she said. "He then put all other ministers under house arrest for our 'safety' and took control. Your Commander Kavi extracted me. I've provided you with all the data we have on the nebula, including the direction we believe the Cherth planet to be, however we are not certain where it is for sure."

"When we arrive, We may find a peaceful work force with nothing wrong, we may find a revolt happening, or maybe even a massive culling, if Grinig can manage the manpower to do so." she said. "I wish I knew more, but I don't really know what we will find."

"The direction you believe it's in? This nebula is massive," Gabriel arched one of his brows. "If it's on the other side it'll take us weeks to get over there. We can't leave our people for that long if there's a war going on."

Tolig took a deep breath, "The only other option is to get in to the gate facilities, but you will never do so." she said. "I saw how much damage your ship took going against our fighters, and landing? You'd all be dead before you got out of the shuttle, let alone in to the facility." she said. "This is the best I can do to give you the best chance of finding them. I can only hope your people are wise enough to get out of the way of the happenings on Cherth." she said.

Lauren sat there listening to what the Minister said they couldn't do, but not what they could do and it was getting them nowhere while the captured members of the away team could be in serious danger. She looked at the Minister. "Minister Tolig, could a small team of personnel disguised as your people gain access to the gate with your assistance? You know far more than we do of this situation, but you keep telling us what we can't do instead of what we can do and you're the one best situated to lead the way."

"I'm telling you what you can't do because I refuse to help more of my people die, nor any of yours. Both your survivals are important to me." Tolig countered. "And no, the security is too tight, biometric scans and the like. Considering that Grinig know I was taken by your forces there is no way that my scans will work, and the layers of security... there is no way. I do not believe that the planet is on the other side, I have given you the data we have and I know we were very close to finding it, just not quite there yet." She looked at the man at the head of the table, "This is the way to save lives and recover your people."

"Even with the Thakon, I don't think we could get a team in to that facility, through the gate, get our people and get back to the Gladiator without losing a lot, if not all. We've got the three other task force ships and a Prometheus class ship. Have it separate, launch the runabouts we have in the task force and we start mapping this nebula as fast as we can."

"With the data we provided if you have a number of ships you should be able to find it faster than we were able with our war ships." Tolig said.

"What's the top speed of your warships?" Gabriel asked, arching one of his brows. "Even if you've only got warp two engines, you should have been able to map this entire nebula. Why haven't you? Is there another hostile species?"

Tolig took a deep breath, hating to divulge this information, "We have pushed our ensigns to warp 1.5. And we have discovered only two other inhabited planets, one is hostile, the other is not." she said. "We've not ventured much out side of the Skyvale. Its dangerous to attempt it." she said. "How fast do your ships go?"

"This ship has a maximum rated speed of warp 9.99. The only reason your people have managed to win on two separate engagements is because our mantra is one of peace, not war. If we unleashed the full power of this battleship, your fleet would have been in ruins," Gabriel replied, calmly.

Tolig bristled at that, as her shock washed through her. Their ships were much faster than she thought was possible. "If your ships are that quick then you will find Cherth in very little time I have no doubt." she said her eyes looking at the young man, wondering if he was offering veiled threat.

"Short time indeed, but I rather have a plan of attack and get our people out before we find them. I also agree that we should have minimal casualties. Enough blood has been spilled in this. But it doesn't change the fact that we will not leave our people behind. So there is only one option we will continue to strive for. We have weapons to which will allow us to Incapacitate people, but not at a large scale. So any suggestions?" David asked as he looked around the table.

"Has diplomacy been tried?" Lauren asked, even though she knew that the Minister had been kidnapped.

"We WENT there for diplomacy." Mercia growled.

"Grinig is a war monger, he wants a fight, and he is in control, and our forces are heavy, loyal and well trained." Tolig said. "I'm here because of diplomacy." she reminded the woman.

"We're all on the same team here," Gabriel spoke up quickly. "Our security chief is still getting up to speed." He paused and looked at the Commodore, "Sorry, pilots have big egos and I'm used to busting them down. I still think fanning the fleet out and scanning like mad is the way to go. We need our order though."

"I am in agreement Commodore." Mercia piped up, "I had a chance to glance through the data there, if we fan fleet out and travel pretty quick we should be able to cover a lot of ground so to speak." Mercia said.

"When you do find the planet I expect that I will be given its coordinates?" Tolig spoke up.

Mercia looked at David, she had no idea what they were planning on doing with the woman. "Do you want to return to your planet considering they had you under house arrest?" she asked.

"It's my home, and someone needs to stand up to Grinig." Tolig countered.

"And if we require that you use your portals?" Mercia asked.

"the Cherth can't open them, I would have to wait until my people did, and then It may be difficult to get through safely, as Grinig may be rather content leaving me there and labeling me a criminal." Tolig said.

Lauren gave a nod of appreciation to Gabriel and looked at the others at the briefing. So far, she had very little input and decided that it was best if she waited until it became a matter of Security to organize what the others decided would be done.

Lorix watched, listened and thought about this. She did not venture any opinion at this stage but kept taking in all the information, processing the history of what had happened, the now of what seemed to be the current problems and a silent attempt to unfold any ideas that seemed to come to mind as the others were speaking.

Mercia nodded then looked at David, "Orders sir?"

"I'll order the rest of the fleet to spread out and once we have found something, we will converge. The faster we found them, the better. So I want Runabouts launched as well and spread out. Commander Kavi, make split up the runabouts and get them out there. But do not allow any of them engage the enemy. They are ordered to reverse course and get back to their Starships. From there, we will do the same as we did the last time around. We will take a run at the planet with the fleet and hopefully get through. At this point that is all we have," David admitted as he looked around the table. "This time around, we will have the advantage and the Gladiator will be fully ready for the worse. Any questions?"

Mercia made a few notes, "Not at the moment sir." she said.

Lauren looked up from the PADD she had be detailing for Security regarding the mission. "No, Sir. Security will be ready when the time comes."

"Good, and work with Colonel Hayter. He has the extra hands for a more hands on approach. But I still want you apart of it with your security teams. I want you to two to have a strike force ready if anything. We can use the Runabouts to hopefully get them down their in one piece," David ordered. "You all have your orders. Dismissed."



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