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One Spark...

Posted on Thu Jun 11th, 2015 @ 5:28am by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: The Overlords
Location: Cherth - Main Village
Timeline: MD3

Jabbre's father might have been a solider that trained his son in the ways of war, but his mother was a seamstress and had taught Jabbre how to be a tailor and he became one of the finest tailors in the village. He supplied clothes for a great deal of people, the surrounding homesteads and the mining villages beyond that. While they called their town a village, really it was far bigger than a simple village and their people numbered at just under nine thousand. Many of them worked the farms but they were good people.

For years revolution had been brewing, Jabbre had organized a small cell and quickly discovered others. In secret they'd pulled together and formed a legit fighting force. Three factors played into why it was possible this time, when so many other of their forefathers had failed.

The first was the technology they'd been able to develop, the Overlords had sent more and more of it to make mining more efficient and easier, as his people learned to use the tech, they learned how to hide things and had managed to build three different manufacturing plants inside hidden tunnels in the mines where they started manufacturing weapons, armor and vehicles that would help them win this fight.

The second was training, with the understanding of technology they soon learned the fortress couldn't scan the entire planet and that they only launched the aircraft if they detected something. It made training possible and train they did. They were ready for a fight.

The last was recruits and with the oppression of the overlords and Orin's tyrannical behavior they had them in droves. For the first time in his life he had hope that his children would live and die as freemen.

His thoughts weaved over the plans once more as he idly worked on a shirt for a customer when he glanced out the window and noticed a commotion in the town square. After he put down his thread and needle, he grabbed a plasma pistol he'd kept hidden and ran out after he'd tucked it and some extra ammo away.

When he arrived horror washed over him, His brother had been standing on the pedestal preaching about freedom again and now Orin stood in his place and his brother's broken body was at his feet. Blood was everywhere and Jabbre started to feel his head spin.

The cry of rage that erupted from him silenced the entire square and the twisted look on Orin's face, a sick sort of pleasure, turned towards him. "That's right! Your brother is dead you fool! We will not defy..."

The flash of plasma that struck Orin in the chest sent a gasp through the crowd, it was followed by a second and a third before Orin his the pedestal as dead as Jabbre's brother. The two guards that were on the pedestal looked stunned, when they realized what was in Jabbre's hand and what he'd done but he sealed their fates nearly as quickly as Orins with four more straight shots.

Jabbre climbed the steps as he pulled off the baggy shirt he was wearing, revealing a military uniform but not like one worn by the guardians or the Overlords. He held the plasma pistol in his hand and as he did this, nearly two thousand more followed suit. Carts were uncovered and weapons began to be passed around, the guards that were not with them were quickly disarmed and arrested.

All eyes were on Jabbre, calmly he placed his pistol in it's place on his side and he took a deep, measured breath. Several moments passed before he found his voice.

"Today, at this moment, the Harzon counsel, puppets of the Overlords, is dissolved and the fight for our world begins. We will never have cause to fear the Overlords again! If you do not wish to fight, none will be thought a coward. Go to your homes and remain. To those that would take up arms, join us. We fight for our future and the freedom of our world. They called his planet Cherth, a word from our ancient tongue which meant prison. Today, my friends, the world of Cherth stands ready for war to throw of those shackles and change the meaning of that name to mean liberty. I proudly call myself a Cherthan and I will give my full measure to see all of you, my brothers, freed. When this is over we will set up a new government, one that will never again sell out our world to another. If they come to cull, our rivers will run red with their blood. Stand and fight!"

The cheers that went up seemed to cut through everything else, hope was something his people had long been denied and now they had it once again. Before he could say any more, however, the sound of aircraft speeding towards them was unmistakable and the people scattered save for his soldiers. They took fell into squads and took their posts. The heavy weapons were brought to roof tops and as soon as the the two fighters flew over head they were put down with massive energy blast from the shoulder fire plasma cannons.

The war for Cherth had officially begun.


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