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The Perimiter

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2015 @ 2:20pm by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Sidwell "Sid" Graeme [Halan]
Edited on on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 6:48pm

Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2

Sadie had grabbed one of the regenrators out of the medical bay of the crashed ship. The boat wasn’t in the best of shapes, but it was a good shelter and still had power, which was significant. The sun was starting to go down, and she was working on the wound on her leg. She had found some water and was washing the herbs and junk those hobos had put on her skin. She kissed the bit of tech before activating it and starting to work it over the shot in her leg and the nasty burn it left her. Her uniform pants were cut up and pretty much useless now. She sighed and frowned at the device as she twisted herself around on a log and worked to repair her flesh.

Sid came out after the Andorian woke up, with a phaser extra battery, a flashlight and a bowl of stew with a small loaf of bread. He spotted the brunette and strolled up next to her before giving her a once over, “We’ll have to get you some new clothes. For now I brought dinner and a phaser, hope that’s ok.”

Sadie looked up after dropping the device, jumping at his voice. Her eyes flickered over him before an easy smile washed over her face, “Well now.. a hot man with food and guns? How can I resist?” she purred. She picked up the regenerator and scooted over on the log to make room for him. “Have a seat, Sidwell.” she said purring his name.

Sid flashed her a grin, he settled down next to her and handed her the food first so she could eat. He took the regenerator from her and ripped her pant leg a little more before he started to look over her wound. He adjusted the settings on the regenerator and started to work on her leg, “Those plasma guns sting like a bitch, you should have left that salve. I’m sure the pain is already starting to kick back up.”

She sighed, “It smelled bad, and I didn’t want it to mess with the tech.” she said. Sadie took a few bites and grunted, “Not half bad.” she said shifting to let him work. She watched his face with a small smile, “You’re cute when you’re concentrating”

“Thanks,” Sid looked up at her and smiled before looking back down at the wound. “Almost there. So you’re security eh? Too bad you’re a lazy officer, I was enlisted. Ended up a Master-at-arms second class. Never made Chief.”

Sadie gave him a look, “Lazy officer? I’ll have you know I worked my ass off to be well educated and a damn good fighter. Finish healing my leg and I’ll take your hot ass down.” she said tempted to dump the stew over his head.

“You are green aren’t you?” Sid smirked at her, he ran his fingers over her thigh where the burn had been. He was checking his handy work, but he didn’t mind getting to touch her soft, smooth thigh. “Good as new. You’re not going to take me down, just eat your food and then I’ll give you a phaser.”

“What if I shoot you with it for being an ass and calling me lazy and green? So I LOOK like an Orion to you?” she smirked before licking her spoon as giggles came through.

“No, but you do look like a rookie,” Sid said with a half smirk. “A green officer is one who’s still new, although I will say you have the sexuality of an Orion, it’s like it oozes out of you.”

Sadie perked up a bit more, “Hmmm Maybe you’ve just saved yourself from getting shot.” she said poking him with the spoon. “So you were in the service hm? Why’d you get out of it? she asked.

“I made the wrong guy angry, was pretty close to busting him for some stuff but he managed to plant some things that made me look bad. Never could prove it was me, so I got discharged but never charged with a crime,” Sid shrugged his shoulders. “Been a lost soul ever since.”

She sighed a bit after she swallowed some bread down, “Lucky.” she said wistfully. “I can’t wait to be done with this.” she said. “Eight years and I’m out of here.” she said looking over at him. “So how did you end up dropped on this god forsaken rock?”

“Lucky? I was planning on sticking around a while. I actually really enjoyed the job. Getting to help people... I’ll never forget the first time I responded to a call in the docking ring, this kid got snatched,” Sid swallowed before he kept going. “My CO sent me and two others after the guy who did it. I’ll never forget the look on that kid’s face when I scooped her up and told her she was safe. Sticks with you, you know?”

Sadie looked over at him, watching his eyes a moment before she sighed, “Maybe I’ll experience something like that some time and I’ll start to feel like the job is worth it.” she said. “At least its better than where I was before.” she shrugged. “But you’re lucky, you get to live free, and how you want. You make your destiny.”

“So far it’s felt less like freedom and more like running away from everything,” Sidwell looked up at her and made a face. “I aint had it good or easy. You’re not hearing what I’m saying Sadie. I been shot at, crashed more times than I can count, been on the run for three months… That aint freedom.”

She frowned, “Guess we’re both locked up somehow then.” she said. “I’m almost rather be shot at and crashing and running god knows where rather than be in Starfleet.” she said. She set the bowl aside and leaned back a bit relaxing despite the fact her leg was still smarting, although it hurt far less than it had before.

“Being all alone and hunted, never being able to relax anywhere… At least in Starfleet you get leave,” Sid replied with a half smile. He took the phaser and the magazine holster out of his pocket and offered them to her. “There you go, I know it’s a bit older but they’re damn good phasers. Got a flashlight for you too.”

She took the items and looked them over, “Nice.” commented, “I like this style.” she said. She accepted the flashlight as well and flashed it in his eyes playfully before she giggled. “And I might be able to leave the fleet in 8 years, but if I screw up even once I’m screwed for that same amount of time.” she said. “Its not what I want to do with my life, and it's not the fun I want.”

“Fun usually lands you in jail, which is what I’m guessing happened to you,” Sid looked her over again and licked his lips. “Probably convinced some poor fellow to go along with you and because he was powerless to resist your hotness he did.”

She laughed, “Actually he was the son of the man who ensured I got convicted so he got off scot free.” she said. “I’m a bad girl, bad enough my family threw me away and forgot I existed. Project refit picked me up and have been trying to stuff me in the ‘Useful to society’ bull crap box. Either I play along, study and work, and serve for the next 8 years now, or I screw up and go back to jail to serve the entire term with no early release.” she said. “Still not sure I made the right choice.”

“Hey, training for security is tough. It’s why we end up being the best of the best,” Sid gave her a look and a half smile. “Come on little miss security chick. Let’s walk my perimeter and check my sensor lines.”

Sadie grinned, “Now that sounds much better.” she laughed. She got up and tucked the weapon in her holster, which hadn’t been removed when they took her weapons. She fussed with her ratted pant leg before she wrapped the cloth around her thigh and tucked it into itself. No doubt it looked stupid, but it was better than walking around a forest with no pants on. of course, maybe that was an idea, if only it wasn’t so much effort to remove her boots to make it happen. “So when you get off this rock, what do you plan on doing?”

“Don’t know for sure, my ship is in need of major repair and I’ll never get out of here if I don’t hitch a ride with you all,” Sidwell shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe I’ll stick around, what class ship you all run on?”

“Sovereign class, she's a nice ship, I’ve only been on her for a matter of days really, but I like it enough so far when i’m not bored out of my brain.” she laughed as she followed him towards his perimeter line. “There are all sorts of people like me there, so maybe sticking around might work for you for a bit. Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch the eye of a young hot ensign in sore need of some fun.”

“I would not mind that one bit,” Sid gave her a big sloppy grin, as they trudged through the forest. They came upon the first node and it was about 25 meters from the shuttle. He knelt down and pressed a few commands on it. “There are four of these, one to the north, south, east and west. This is the westerly one. They cover 100 meters in all directions, it’s rather redundant but that’s the point. Orin never could figure out why I could hit him and his men so well so quickly.”

“That asshole come after you a few times?” she asked him. “Whys he hate us so much? The others seemed more excited and curious, if they weren’t so afraid of getting on his bad side. The man needs to be poked in the eye.” she grumbled as she watched him. Sadie let her eyes travel over them, half paying attention to the commands he was punching in. He was clearly showing her this so that she could help with the task.

“You shouldn’t need to mess with them much, they’re remoted into the shuttle and can be reprogrammed there,” Sid covered it back up as he stood up and the two of them started walking the perimeter he had set up. “I plan on building a wooden fence the whole way around, but haven’t have the time or the set up to do it and buying the materials in the village is expensive.”

“You could just steal it.” she commented, “right from Orins house, I’ll help, maybe I’ll have some fun here after all if we get stuck here. I sure as hell dont want to live in that backwater village! Oh hell no.” she said. “Besides who would I flirt with.” she winked as she looped one arm with Sids.

“I don’t know, I’ve not tried to get with any of the locals,” Sid replied, they fell in step and continued moving through the forest. “And I’m not going to steal from these people, the Overlords or whatever the hell they call them do enough of that. The history of this place is wild, they found the gates and linked them. Sent a bunch of explorers through almost five hundred years ago. Once they realized they could use this world to strip, they started sending all their prisoners here to farm and mine. They built a society but they’ve been slaves for a long time. There are stories of rebellions but there is a fortress in another town and they’ve never been able to take it.”

“If they could take it with their level of tech do you think they’d be able to fight off those monsters?” she asked. “Hell what about destroying the gates?” she asked. “THat would free them all real damn quick.”

“I would still leave the fort, all the locals are terrified of it,” Sid took a breath. “There are some who aren’t, but no one seems to know exactly how strong it is. People come and go, there are fighters and land vehicles but no one knows anything beyond that. These people can’t fight them, not with plasma rifles.”

“Destroying the gates would give the people a chance, whoever is holding the fort can’t stay holed up forever and hold the towns if they have no backup and they are fed by the people.” she pointed out. “Hell if we stay here or get rescued I think we should do it, why not?” she asked. She turned around and grinned at him, “Want to go on an adventure?”

“Because there are rules,” Sidwell replied gently. “Rules that can have some pretty dire consequences if we just start violating them like a couple of hooligans. You don’t give loaded phasers to children.”

“You think they’re children?” she asked. “So its better to leave them slaves?” she asked as she stepped next to a tree and leaned against it, giving her leg a break, annoyed it was still a bit sore. “Arnt you so noble, sexy and noble…” she laughed.

“I’m not trying to be noble, I’m trying to save some lives. Besides, if these people can figure out how to take and hold that fort, they’ll never need us. If we help them, they’ll always need us,” Sid took a big breath. “More might die if they rise up, but they’ll be truly free.”

Sadie frowned, “But stopping the gates would be a minor favor.” she said. “They don’t even need to know, then they do the rest of it all on their lonesome.” she said considering the ideas. She liked the way this guy talked. He was straight and smart.

“I’m just a bartender, who ran afoul of some bad people and crashed here. I aint here for a revolution darlin’ I’m just trying to get home,” Sidwell shrugged. “I’ll let you fleet types figure out if you want to help these people.”

She shrugged, “Well then, I guess you’re just going to have to find me a drink and flirt with me, so I’m not bored out of my skull here.” she grinned.

“Oh, don’t worry about having something to drink. They grow a grain here they call teoca, makes a damn good bit of moonshine. I’ve got a shack on the other side of my property and I’ve got a still set up. That took quite a bit of replicating,” Sid chuckled. “But now it’s producing enough for me to trade with others and to drink.”

“Oh this I must see and get my hands on! I haven’t had moonshine in years!” she said moving off the tree and starting along the path again so they could finish the walk and hurry to get there. “You like me now you’ll like me more when I’ve been drinking.” she purred sashaying her hips.

“You may not say that after you take a drink of it,” Sid laughed. “I mix it with spring water, otherwise it would be ninety percent alcohol, and it makes a decent enough brew. The locals in the village say it’s the best but we have to trade in secret.”

Sadie laughed, “Moonshine is intense, I know that, but I like taking risks.” she said. “I can hold my liquor.” she teased, “Plus, I tend to get real friendly when I’m drinking, not that I need help being friendly.” she said turning to face him as she walked backwards, letting her eyes looking over him.

“When we get back inside, we’ll open up a bottle,” Sid nodded. “I never said you couldn’t hold your liquor, and there’s no risk with mine. I know how to distill good liquor. On top of building a fence, I was going to start making wooden barrels and start aging it.”

“Nice. Guess you know your stuff.” She said. “So where is this next sensor hmm?” she asked. “We better hurry before Stele starts thinking I took you away and had my way with you… Hmm although who knows, maybe I still will.”

“I got rooms on the ship for that, besides they’ll be all business wanting a rescue and all that,” Sid shrugged. “We passed it all ready, you know what they look like and where they’re at. Don’t need to stop at each one.”

“Right.” Sadie said with a bit of a grin. “Maybe I’ll just have to take advantage of one of those rooms tonight.” she grinned and was happy when he offered her a sloppy grin in return.



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