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On the Road Again

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2015 @ 6:00pm by Ensign Charity Prince
Edited on on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 6:48pm

Mission: The Overlords
Location: The same Forest
Timeline: MD2

Chap made her way along a road this time, but still through the forest. Raxa had given her a small container of her make-up and shown her how to add spots. She could blend in! She never had to go back to the Gladiator!

It took her a long time to figure out why that was so important. Hadn't that been her home? Didn't she have friends there?

Friends! Like Kavi? Kavi, who had no children? Kavi who wanted to take HER baby?

Because, that was obviously the plan. She and Hawkins didn't have any children and they wanted to take hers to make up for that! They had always been jealous of her. They were jealous that she was promoted before graduation. They were jealous that she had granddad, who loved her. And now, they were jealous of her baby! Well, she'd show them! They'd never get their grubby hands on her baby!

She touched were comm badge would be and remembered it was gone. Good! There! Let them beam up a tree, for all she cared!

She sighed and turned to continue on her way. No going back now.

And why would she want to? They didn't want her anyway. No! They only wanted her baby! Well, she wasn't going to put up with that! They could have that tree's baby, if it ever gave birth!

She let out a sharp bark of laughter that frightened something just inside the woods into running away. It startled her, but whatever it was didn't seem to mean her any harm, so she ignored it and walked on. There were some buildings ahead. Perhaps she could find some food there.


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