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Orders sir?

Posted on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 7:29pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD2-3

Anna took the communication unit that Sid had brought with them that would give them the ability to talk to the shuttle. Night had fallen and they were just outside the city headed back to the shuttle. "Lt. Shadow to Lt. Commander ch'Koro."

Khelev was working on the subspace antenna but was eager to hear from Anna. When his chime beeped, he hit the button on it. "Khelev here, go ahead Shadow."

"When we got tossed through the Gate of the Overlords there was a crowd of people here, several people report noticing someone sneaking away and running off in to the woods, although we're getting conflicting information on exactly which direction." she reported. "From description it likely is Ensign Prince."

Khelev's blood went cold, for an Andorian that's beyond frozen. A pregnant ensign came through but ran off from the rest of them on an unknown planet. "She did what?" He said finally, unable to keep the irritation from his voice. "Shadow, do you think you can find her?"

Anna winced, "Honestly sir, I really don't know. We have a hand scanner, but with no clear direction, it could take us a long time to find out where she went." she said. "If she's even alive." she said regretfully. "Its my fault sir, I was the senior officer awake at the time we went through, I didn't see her run off." she said swallowing hard.

"She's a Starfleet officer and she's got a kid on the way!" Khelev replied with a growl. "She should have known better. Make sure you check the village thoroughly, walk the perimeter if you have to. If you get a lead check in and then follow it. If not, check in and get back here."

Anna couldn't help the guilt that rose up inside of her. "Yes sir." she said tightly. She closed the channel and looked at Sid, "Lets look around more before we head back, I don't want to miss any thing." she said.

Sid arched one of his brows and then nodded to Anna, "Come on, we'll do a walk around the perimeter, like he said. Run some scans and see if we can't pick up a trail. Don't blame yourself, she did this herself."

"Maybe..." she said softly. They walked for hours until they were so tired they could not move any more, and the scanner had not found any thing, nor any trace of Chap. They even walked by the Gate as they left the city, but there was no bio signs with in range of the scanner.

Anna wanted to keep going, keep trying, but when they called back in to the ship ch'Koro ordered them to return and rest.

The following morning Anna was up early with the scanner in hand walking the perimeter of the shuttle, hoping the scanner would find the girl. She glanced up when she saw a big tired Andorian walking towards her.

"Anna," Khelev walked over to her, he put his hand on her shoulder once he was close and watched her face for a moment. "Come on, we have no idea where Chap went and I can't have the rest of you getting lost trying to find her. Once we get the subspace transceiver online we'll contact the Gladiator and get them in to help. Then I'm going to make sure A pregnant woman never gets sent on a dangerous mission again."

"Kavi should never have let her go. I know she had to get medical clearance... but still, they should have grabbed a different pilot. I just hope she's ok." she sighed looking up at the blue man.

"So do I. I know, in my head, that there's nothing we could have done differently. Things went sideways," Khelev shrugged. "My entire life's work went down the tubes, all you can do is pick yourself up and keep going forward."

Anna sighed, "Well, the sooner we get things working the sooner we can find her." she said. She turned and headed back for the shuttle, "So how can I help?"

"Keep the shuttle safe while I finish the subspace antenna," Khelev told her. "We'll find Chap, don't worry."



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