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Meeting the Base Commander (Starbase 47)

Posted on Sun Jun 14th, 2015 @ 7:52pm by David Hawkins

Mission: The Overlords
Location: Ready Room; Starbase 47 & Ready Room; USS Gladiator
Timeline: In route to Cherth

--- Ready Room - Starbase 47 ---

Commander Nezix Bejos had returned to the window to watch as a freighter dropped out of warp just within range of the station and grinned. As the station rotated on its central axis he would catch the occasional glimpse of a Romulan Warbird that had entered into orbit around the station. The lead of three vessels was currently docked while the other two had taken up a standard orbit outside of the traffic pattern. The Romulans had arrived for the diplomatic conference that had been set to last around two or three days.

Nezix had only just returned from the docking port where the Romulan vessel had docked after watching from the main viewer as all three decloaked near the station. He assumed that it was their way of greeting him and his new command, but it was also some sign of strength to prove that the Romulans still had what it took to defend their borders. He only hoped that the peace continued otherwise things could get rather hairy on the starbase.

--- Ready Room - U.S.S. Gladiator ---

The ready Room door closed behind him as Captain David Hawkins walked into his office as he rubbed his temple. It was quite a long eventful rescue mission to which he was ready to find his crew. They had another mission to worry about and with his team captured, he wasn't in the best of moods but he wasn't going to blame people, only worry about saving them.

As he looked out the view port, he watched as the star lights streamed by the sovereign class starship as it lead the task group. It was a view that he was used to and quite honestly enjoyed, but would have enjoyed just being stationary every once and a while, preferably on a planet... on a beach... away from technology.

"Emmah," David called out and within moments, the holographic crew member flickered and stood before him.

"Yes, sir?" She stood for a moment in her normal stance with a slight cocked head.

"Can we communicate with Starbase 47? I haven't heard from them since we left," he asked.

"Engineering has reestablished long range communications. So yes, sir we can," She nodded as she confirmed the information just milliseconds before.

"Great. Send a message to the station and give us some privacy if you don't mind," David finally turned and smiled at her just slightly before sitting down in his chair and leaned back just a little while letting out a long sigh.

"As you wish, sir," Emmah nodded before disappearing.

--- Ready Room - Starbase 47 ---

It was in that moment that his communicator started to chirp wildly at him and disturbed the peace that had kept him calm. It startled him, but he instantly regained his composure before pressing it to respond, "Go ahead."

=/\="Commander you have a communication coming in from the USS Gladiator it's Captain Hawkins sir."=/\=

He pressed the communicator once, "Understood please patch it through my console inside my ready room I'll take it in here." He said and looked out the windows at the operations center before sitting down. The screen lit up almost instantly and the logo was quickly replaced with Captain Hawkins' face. He folded his hands over each other and leaned forward in his chair. "Captain Hawkins what a pleasant surprise. Is everything going well out your way?" He questioned.

Looking at his monitor, he shrugged as he sat forward and looked at the Trill commander before him. "Not as best as I'd like. We had to take a detour to which turned out to turn into a rescue mission. I have called in the Thunderbird, Odin, and Benting to help with the rescue. There is a new species that has been hidden in this region of space that has kept to themselves for a while. They use a portal to which they use to send their prisoners through and work for the portal creatures on the other end. So we have one of the Prime Ministers and are heading in the general direction of the planet," David loaded off of his chest as he looked at the Trill once again and shrugged. "What can I say, leave a young XO in charge while taking up the Task Group Commander stuff... it was bound to happen. How are things on your end, Commander?"

Nezix nodded, "It is." He looked out of the corner of his eye towards the chronometer on the wall before refocusing his attention, "Everyone is still trying to get used to being on the station and, new personnel are continuing to arrive I'd say we should be back to full capacity by the end of the day today. Other than that everything is running quite smoothly. Sorry to hear that your current operation isn't going entirely to plan hopefully a resolution can be sorted out soon."

"Anything from the Romulans thus far?" David asked as he showed interest in what was going on at the starbase. He wanted to make sure that there wasn't going to be any other surprises popping up that he needed to hear about. But then again, this was the life of Starfleet. Something was always going on.

"Just your average Romulan show of force. They are here for a diplomatic conference between some Federation officials and their own. Something that our Chief Diplomatic Officer arranged to let the Romulans know that we are here if they need us." Nezix responded, "What can you tell me about the planet that you have people down on right now? Is there anything we can do to help, I can divert the Ceto or the Arion to your location?"

"The planet we took the survivors of a severally damaged ship was called Gazda. Which is weird the people care called Gazda... Not Gazdarians or ..." he paused and noticed that his lack of sleep was making him chatter way to much. "Sorry, the Prime Minister was rescued and was able to lead us to a possible planet called Cherth which is about twenty-eight hours from her planet.

"Have the Ceto and Arion on stand by, but I'll keep you updated," David smiled slightly. "I know you need those ships just in case, but thank you Commander. When we find them, I will order the Task Group to come to Starbase 47 for a chance to resupply if you have space."

Nezix quickly pulled up the current docking schedule and what docks were available. Once he was satisfied he closed it and turned back toward the screen. "We have plenty of space here at the station. They just have to send a docking request in advance so that we may get them docking clearance and the like." It was then that suddenly the comm out in the operations center made a noise. He looked up and someone was standing in his doorway, "May I help you Ensign?" Nezix said to them.

"Sir, the Ceto is trying to reach us, Lieutenant Norak wishes to speak with you personally he said it was urgent."

Nezix frowned, "Thank you." He looked back down toward the screen, "I'm sorry to cut this short, but I have the Ceto on a patrol mission around the shipping lanes. With the increase in pirate activity around here I'm certain that my Lieutenant would not contact me if it wasn't important. I really hate to cut this short..."

"... That is fine Commander. I'll let you know when we are on our way back," David nodded as he stretched before needing to him. "Don't have to much fun. Hawkins out."

As the monitor went blank, he sighed before the screen flashed as an urgent message came in in text format. It was from Commodore Major General Iain MacTaryn, his boss . He skimmed it and knew that the man was man of few words when it came to mission items. As he finally got to the meet and potatoes of the message, he froze and skimmed it a couple more times before he huffed and leaned back in his seat.

"Well, some people are going to have a hard time with this..." He sighed a little as he rubbed his temple. =^= Commander Kavi to my Ready Room... =^=


Commander Nezix Bejos
Commanding Officer
Starbase 47


Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer / STGCO
U.S.S. Gladiator / Task Group - A


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