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Taking matters in to my own hands

Posted on Thu Jun 11th, 2015 @ 7:46pm by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD3

Sadie was in the shuttle, fully intending to check the sensors now that there was a fight going on. She was irritated, from all she had heard and learned she knew the next thing to happen would be the Gate would open up and that crazy guy would send soldiers through and then they were all dead. Vanora’s words, about them being authorized for self defense kept rolling through her mind. The best defence was a good offence right? If the gate didn’t work any more, then these people had a fighting chance… She didn’t know if they had the tech to do it. Clearly they had more than they let on, but was it enough?

Her eyes landed on the door in Sid's shuttle where tools would be held that could ensure that the gate was destroyed. Quickly, she grabbed one of the cloaks and bags that Sid had laying around and went through the door. She grabbed four micro photon torpedoes, two would do the trick, but if she remember correctly there were two gates. They would pack a good punch, but there were only about 13 centimeters in length, small enough to fit in a bag.

Slipping out of the shuttle she aimed for one of the sensors, in case anyone noticed her, before she dashed off into the woods heading for town. She knew this was wrong, this could get her sent back to jail, but she’d rather be in prison for 8 years helping a planet full of people be free of slavers, than sit by and watch them get destroyed. The prime directive was wrong here. She knew it in her core, and she had to do something.

It took her a while to sneak in close to the town, the fighting was going on, just as she assumed, the Gate was active, and soldiers were rushing through, their energy weapons firing just as much as the Rebels. Several of the rebels tried to get around them to the gate, they were firing on it, but their weapons were not doing nearly enough damage.

The Rebels had the advantage for the moment, they had entrenched positions and high ground. The attackers coming through the gate had heavy shields they'd come through with that they were barricaded behind but they'd suffered heavy casualties. The main thing keep them alive was the fact that there were two gates on the other side, feeding them fresh troops.

Her resolve strengthened as she moved in around behind the gate, unseen, hiding behind a rock wall that no one else had managed to get behind yet. She glanced over the edge of the wall and saw she was wrong on that assessment, several people had tried, all of them were shot dead.

Hoping this would work she pulled one of the micro torpedo out and opened the casing. Here was the problem though. She knew she would have to wait until the gate was turned off, or else she might blow the whole town to bits, and that wouldn’t help at all.

When the gate finally shut down after a massive group of soldiers got through she set to work quickly. Sadie fiddled with the controls, setting it to go off in two minutes before she set the other one to go off at the same time.

With her phaser in hand she moved along the wall until she found a spot to hop over. No one was paying too much attention to behind the gate right now as the fighting was happening in front of it. The portal was see through though, it was possible she’d be spotted. Running forward, she set the first torpedo against the portal on one side, then ran to the other side and dropped the other before she rushed for the wall again. She knew that some of the locals might get hurt, or even killed, but it would stop the Overlords on this end.

Moving back towards the fighting she aimed her phaser at some of the soldiers and began firing. Three shots was all it took to cause some extra chaos and give the locals a chance to regroup. She dashed closer to the town, firing on the Overlord cull teams as she went, which showed the locals she was on their side. “The gates going to blow! Get back!” she cried. Some listened, some didn’t.

When the countdown finished the torpedos fired off and the blast was felt and seen from miles around. The shock wave sent Sadie into a crowd of locals who were all blown over and bits of rock, and body parts blew over them.

With her ears ringing she turned over, trying to ignore how badly her head was swimming. She looked back and the Gate arch as the portal flickered then shut off, with no more arch to hold it in place.

Everyone seemed stunned and shocked but the enemies who survived started to raise their hands in surrender. She turned to the nearest man and held up her bag, “Take me to your leader so we can destroy the other one.” she yelled through her muddled ears.

Jabbre was shocked when it exploded and in the distance, before he could answer the woman, another explosion went off. He turned his head and furrowed his brow before he looked back at the woman.

"You destroyed the gate!" Jabbre looked at the woman, he was confused for a moment before taking a breath. "I think you destroyed their power source. It would have shut that one down as well. We didn't want to destroy them, only disable them."

Sadie arched her brows, "Unless they're gone those overlords would come back! They'd find a way! Those gates would keep you slaves! Now you've got a chance at a real life." she said. "Are you the leader?" she asked finally noticing how people were moving around him to protect him, and bring reports his way.

"Go back to Sid's shuttle, you know nothing of our fight and we didn't ask for your help. If you get involved again my men will be ordered to shoot you on site," Jabbre growled at her. "I'm not trading the overlords for another oppressor. Now get out of here or I'll toss you in a cell with the rest of those scum bags."

"We are not oppressors! I'm trying to help you!" she said with irritation. "I saw a place you needed help and I jumped in to help!" Sadie said in shock.

"We don't want help," Jabbre replied, giving the girl a hard look. "Kaeler, Rogr." He called over two of the men he recognized. "I want you to take this woman back to her people and tell them to stay out of this or we'll kill them too. This conversation is over."

Sadie glared at him, "Its a big universe out there, better to make friends, maybe you should think about that." she growled and shouldered her bag. She glared at the two men that approached her, "You touch me I will kill you." she said angrily.

"Take her back, don't touch her," Jabbre shook his head. "You know nothing of what we're trying to do here. We need to beat them, we need to win for us. For ever Cherathian. Outsiders are not welcome."

Sadie glared at him again before she stormed away from the fight. When she had gotten well out of the town, she stopped and glared at the two men following her, "I'm going back damn it, go back to your own personal fight. Ungrateful..." she growled before turning and stomping in to the tree line.

The two soldiers hung back and watched her leave, neither of them wanted to mix it up with the woman. Once they were satisfied they both turned and started heading back towards town. The distant roar of another battle called and they headed off to fight.



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