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Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2015 @ 4:27pm by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Discovery

Sadie was glad to have had a shower, after a few days of surviving and fighting it was nice to be clean. When the chime went off on her shared room she looked at her roommate who just shrugged and rolled over in her bunk. Giving a rude gesture to the girls back Sadie walked over to the door and opened it up, surprised to find a tall Blue man standing there. "Thought you had a girlfriend already there? Decided she wasn't enough and need some extra fun?" she smirked as she adjusted her tank top.

"Get your uniform on," Khelev said with a growl. "You disobeyed a direct order. You could have gotten yourself and the rest of us killed. You're going to spend the rest of time on this ship in the brig and when we get back to a proper Starfleet facility, I'm going to ensure you're stripped of your rank. That was my mission, not yours."

Sadie felt the blood drain from her face. "My order was to do what I needed to do to ensure we were defended. I translate that in to preventing those ass holes from getting through the gate." she said folding her arms, not budging. The fact was her heart was pounding hard, she might get sent back to jail, a failed Project Refit over this. "I have a call to make..." she said stepping backwards in to her quarters knowing she needed to call Lyla and quick.

"No," Khelev said with a growl. "You can make a call later, get your uniform on or I'll drag you down there like you're dressed right now. You're orders were to stand and defend the shuttle, not run off without telling anyone and blow up the damn gate."

She glared at him, and for a moment, believed him and that he would take her in just her tank top and shorts. "Fine." she said. She turned around and went back inside. Her roommate was staring at her now. "Go back to sleep." she said as her stress level sky rocketed.

She put on her uniform and quickly braided her hair before she walked back to the door, "Better?" she demanded with annoyance. Annoyance kept her her from looking ashamed of herself, and she wasn't going to let that happen.

"Other then the fact that you shouldn't be wearing it, yes it is," Khelev replied, his antenna arching back slightly as he turned towards the door, he was going to take her up to the bridge to talk to the Commodore before he stuck her in the brig.

"Don't be so self righteous. Maybe I didn't act just right, but I did what I thought I had to do to help." she growled as she followed him. She didn't want to follow him, but she did not want to be dragged.

"That's not your job, your job is to follow orders. You disobeyed my direct order. That was my mission. You ran off to get involved in a civil war that was none of your damn business and nearly got yourself killed," Khelev snapped at her as they entered the lift. "You're an Ensign, you don't know what's right or wrong and we weren't invited to help."

She glared at the Andorian, "I don't know whats right and wrong? You another one of those jerks that just because I'm idealistic and hot that I have no moral compass?" she demanded.

"You think I give a damn if you've got a nice ass? Go take a walk through engineering and ask some of them," Khelev growled. "You are an Ensign, you don't have the luxury of knowing what's right or wrong. You follow orders."

Sadie folded her arms and scowled, "You're over reacting." she said getting more and more nervous. When the lift opened up he stepped out on to the bridge and that's where her courage faltered and she hesitated inside the lift.

Khelev grabbed her arm, and urged her on. He decided not to respond to what she said and took her to the captain's ready room and hit the chime and waited for a response. Once he'd gotten it, he took her through the doorway. "Sit down Ensign."

As he turned off the glass monitor, he pressed another button and the monitor collapsed into his desk. He straightened his uniform before sitting up straight to look at the ensign before he nodded to ch'Koro.

"This is the Ensign you reported in your report..." David asked as he looked at his Commander.

"One of two, but Ensign Turner here actually disobeyed a direct order and violated the prime directive. She's the one responsible for setting the torpedoes on the gate and blowing it up," Khelev said with a slight edge to his tone. "As the third in the chain of command I want her put in the brig and will be sending everything over to Starfleet JAG with the recommendation she be formally charged."

Sadie felt her cheeks flush red at the demands. "I thought I was helping." she said. "I need to call Admiral Grayson." she said standing up quickly hoping he could help her.

"Sit down, before I slap you down myself, " David ordered in a normal tone. He sighed and shook his head. "You think you are the only one that Admiral Grayson has sent my way? Hell you won't be the last either."

Sadie sat back down and swallowed hard. "Ye... yes sir." she stammered. She didn't want to be int he service but she did not want to be in jail for the next 8 years either, her mind was reeling and trying to figure out the best angle to work this that would save her skin.

"I think we should contact the Admiral, I never liked the idea of his program anyway. Merci was an exception," Khelev growled. "But in the end that's not for me to decide, I'm not a lawyer."

She felt her face getting redder. She gripped the edges of her chair trying to control her irritation. If this Andorian thought for a second he would get away with chewing out Admiral Grayson about Project Refit he had another thing coming.

"His program has been approved by the highest brass of Star Fleet. It was bound to spit out bad apples from time to time," David admitted as he sighed before he looked at the Ensign. "Got anything to say, Ensign to give yourself a fighting chance?"

She licked her lips, it wasn't the first time she'd been called a Bad Apple. "I was tasked with ensuring the away team was not over run, I did what I thought needed to happen to ensure that did not happen. I thought it was a bonus to be helping the locals not all get them selves killed in the process." she said tightly.

"And your orders from the officer in charge of the away team was what?" David countered simply.

"I was instructed by Lt Commander Stele." She said glancing at ch'Koro. "That I was to ensure our perimeter was defended, how was to my discretion." She said. Sadie stood up feeling more confident, "and that was her exact wording... sir!"

"I said sit," David said as he glared at her irritated with her. "I don't like to repeat myself."

Sadie dropped back down in her chair in a huff, she knew she was in a gray area, but it should be enough to save her ass. Didn't they want people to be confident in their choices. She scowled at the front of the desk, trying to keep herself from being even more defiant, but she was bouncing her leg with agitation, trying to focus it some where other than her mouth.

"Ensign, would you please tell me what a perimeter is?" Khelev asked. "Does the order to defend the perimeter include abandoning your post to get involved in a conflict you were not asked to join, nor ordered to participate in? Do you realize what you did is being considered an act of war by the Cherathans?"

"In the Greek peri means around, and meter means a distance. My parents were archaeologists." Sadie said through gritted teeth. She was just trying to help! And trying to ensure she did every thing she could to ensure the safety of her group!

"And where are your parents now?" David asked simply with his hands crossed over his chest and looked at the young woman.

"Taking a space walk for all I care. They don't give a rats ass about me, but we're not here to talk about my daddy issues are we?" Sadie snapped. She did NOT like talking about her non-exsistant relationship with her parents who wrote her off seven years ago. "We're here to talk about the fact my attempt to help those people and protect our group was apparently not what this one decided was acceptable."

"You are right, we are here now... Not about your past, but here and now. You don't do shit that you think is right because you have done it in the past or what you feel like you would do. The chain of command is here for a reason. Otherwise we would be running around with our heads cut off. When you were put in this program, you had a chance. It was your choice to better yourself or find yourself locked up. Your freedom lost for several years. With that being said. Would you like to fight your way out of this any more?" the Commodore questioned.

Sadie eyed him, "I'm not going back to jail with out swinging sir. That ain't me." She said bluntly.

"I don't care what you think, Ensign. You will not disrespect this uniform and this rank that has been earned by my command staff because you think you are right over his or her own orders. Is that understood or do I have to take matters in my own hands?" he growled back.

Sadie took a deep breath struggling to control herself. "I never once have meant disrespect to the uniform or rank. SIR." she bit out slowly, starting to think she was on the losing side and she was very soon going to be facing Grayson as the most recent failure, proving her parents right.

"Then how do you think we should fix this situation, Ensign because you have the Commander ready to throw you in the brig and never look back," David asked and then turned to the Andorian. "I can't do anything when my officers are pissed beyond belief."

"Well sir I would assume that you can keep a leash on the Commander." Sadie snapped. "What is to be done is up to you, but you know what happens to me if you have me attested officially." She said with a glare in her eyes.

David looked at her and grinned. "That's a wrong answer!" he shook his head as he smiled before returning to his chair and leaned back. "She is all yours Commander."

"Come on Turner, you're going to cool your heals in the brig for a while. Once that's done, maybe we can revisit this if you've smartened up," Khelev said with a growl.

Sadie remained where she was, "No sir, I believe you are the one who needs to cool your heels. I am plenty cool." Sadie protested. She looked at Hawkins, "I am protesting this, I did what I thought I had to do, for the safety of our people and the aide of those I thought needed help. Instruct me if I was wrong but why am I being sent to stew in the brig for this?" she demanded.

She glared at ch'Koro, "How am I going to smarten up if you all just throw me to the trash... Oh yeah. I forgot that what every one does, and to think Admiral Grayson was full of praises for how much better you people were compared to others in helping people like me." she scoffed starting to feel sorry for herself. The same thing happened to her over and over, this was never going to end was it?

"If you'd stop running your damn mouth and take the reprimand and show a willingness to learn from it things might be different. Making a mistake doesn't make you trash, being willful and unteachable makes you utterly ineffective as an officer and useless to your fellow officers. Not following orders gets people killed," Khelev said with a hiss. "If you want to reinterpret and write laws, become a lawyer. Until then you follow orders. Now on your feet Ensign, let's move it."

The defiance in her made her hesitate, she stiffened as her body resisted the orders, while her mind searched for ways to get out of this. "I need to contact Admiral Grayson." she blurted out, her mind rushing around a mild a minuet. The moment it was out of her mouth she knew it would be pointless, rumor had it Hawkins was one of his favorite commanders, and she had a hunch that the Admiral could back him, and whoever Hawkins was backing, which was apparently ch'Koro. Her upper body rocked a little as a war fought in her between standing up for herself and complying with ch'Koros order, and as the milliseconds ticked by she knew she was going to get in more and more trouble, but she couldn't make herself move.

Khelev's antenna bent back as disappointment rushed through him. It was one thing to be an inexperience ensign and want to learn, it was another to be defiant at every turn. She was utterly unteachable and not worth their time. "Admiral Grayson isn't going to bail you out Turner, you've made your choices and you have to face the consequences. Now stand up before I drag you down to the brig."

Defeat made her shoulders slump as she slowly, but finally, stood up. "I did what I thought I had to do..." she said again looking at Hawkins. Her eyes looked him over, "Don't let him kick me out of starfleet." she said tightly, trying not to let her fear show. As much as she did not want be in starfleet it was far better than the alternative.

Khelev marched her out of David's office, he was still upset but he understood that she was young. He wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt before grinding her into paste.



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