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Posted on Sun Jun 21st, 2015 @ 8:01pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins

Mission: The Overlords
Timeline: MD5

Emmah was in her quarters going over more data, reviewing the information coming in from all the ships in the fleet. She could processes it faster and compile a report. Commodore Hawkins would want it first thing in the morning. The fleet had received their orders 32 hours earlier after the planning meeting, and they had been searching ever since.

Tensions were running high and worry continued to grow about the safety of the away team was making things even harder. She was checking the status of the Odin when an alert went off. It was 4:00 in the morning. She opened the notice up and grinned, She tapped a few buttons. "Emmah to Commodore Hawkins. Sorry to wake you sir but the Thunderbird has picked up a federation distress signal."


Hawkins' Quarters


"Seriously!" David muttered out loud as he finally rolled over and tapped his ear piece as he slipped it into his ear to have it transferred privately to himself. =^=Have they altered course?=^= He asked her as he kept laying on the pillow as he tried to not stay fully awake.

=/\=They just have sir, they are Four hours and 41 minuets away. At Max warp we are 5 hours and 2 minuets away.=/\= Emmah reported.

Mercia shifted turning over, not quiet conscience, but thought David was muttering about something. She grunted and nudged him and tried to recaptured the dream she'd been having.

=/\=I have just sent the coordinates to the bridge sir, I knew you'd want to know right away. =/\=

=^= Sounds great. Good night =^= David said as he took the ear piece out and tossed it on the night stand and curled up next to Mercia.

A couple hours later the standard alarm went off and Mercia protested against it as she buried her face in her pillow, but it was persist as was some other needs forcing her to get up. When she returned from the bathroom she picked up a tablet off her nightstand and checked the ships status as she did every morning.

She saw the staus made by Emmah and the bridge reporting on the signal. She gasped and dropped the tablet on the edge of the bed and jumped on it. "We found them! We found them!" She said loudly with both relief and excitement, as she bounced David from his attempts of morning snoozing.

"What?" he asked as he shot one eye open and looked at her. "Seriously?"

"Yes! Emmah reported at four in the morning that the Thunderbird picked up the signal, we are about two hours away now!" She said as she poked his arm with every word. "Thank whatever powers that be in this crazy universe!" She said. In the back of her mind she wondered why Emmah and the bridge didn't wake them up.

The words ran through his mind as he processed what she was saying before it clicked. "I thought she was talking about something completely different signal... That's great! Let's get going then," he stated as he rolled out of bed and started to get dressed.

"Wait? The hologram called you?" She asked as she followed him off his side of the bed and started to get dressed herself. "I was wondering why she or the bridge didn't get us up... two... hours... ago..." She was rushing and the way she hopped around trying to put her feet through the legs of her pants was starting to get dangerous.

Looking at her, David cocked his head and almost chuckled. "Will you stop trying to put my pants on and take this seriously?" he smirked as he went back to putting on a new clean pair of pants on before grabbing his holster.

Mercia stopped and looked down, before her face flushed with embarrassment. She stepped out of the wrong pants that were clearly not the right size for her and tossed them away before grabbing her own pants and yanking them on. "I am taking this seriously! I'm so relieved I could.. I could... go to the holodeck and do a bungie jump!" she paused. "Wait... scratch that holodeck part." she muttered before slipping her top on and grabbing her hair brush. She still had not stepped foot on a Holodeck since Elian was destroyed. She still couldn't, and thus far, had gotten away with avoiding it.

"Right," David said as he ran his hands through his hair before sitting down and bloused his trousers over his boots. As he allowed the extra cloth to stick up and over his boots, he felt relaxed and proper in his own eyes. Once that was complete he clipped on his holster to his left thigh and looked over his pistol before holstering it. As he did, he looked at Mercia. "At least you are done beating yourself up over all of it."

Mercia grunted as she began to braid her hair watching him through the mirror. "I have my days still, but I'm getting there. I'm still not going to go on holodecks. Even Emmah still makes me nervous." She said with more openness than normally came out of her.

The door chimed and Mercia sighed heavily, "Haven't even gotten coffee yet." She muttered as she grabbed a quick make up application and held it over her eyes.

"Enter at your own risk," David called as he finished tucking in his black shirt that was under his uniform top.

Emmah strolled in, "Good morning, sirs. Minister Tolig requests you stop in Commodore."

"What for? Does the old lady want some lovin?"

Emmah lifted a shoulder, "The Minister did not wish to discuss it with someone who is unable to make the hard choices." Emmah quoted.

"Oh God." Mercia rolled her eyes. "So much for just wanting to be a help..." she said as she put her hair and make up supplies back in her drawer and then fetched her boots and dropped on the end of the bed to put them on.

"Oook...." David said slowly as he stepped up in front of Emmah. "So more than likely she wants to do something quite possibly immoral or wrong. I scratch your back, you scratch my back."

"I considered that possibility sir, but she refused to tell me any thing further. What time shall I tell her you will be meeting her?" Emmah asked.

"The man needs to eat first!" Mercia yelled from behind them.

"Of course," Emmah said looking at Hawkins. "Is 30 minuets enough time?"

"No, we do it now. Just have some coffee and a protein bar ready for me in my Ready Room if you don't mind," He requested to Emmah as he turned to Marcia. "I'll talk to her and get that out of the way, then I'll meet you up on the bridge. Sound good?"

Mercia gave him a mildly displeased look, but nodded, "Sounds good." She got up and walked over to him after grabbing her uniform jacket. She leaned up and kissed him, "Have fun with the politics... Don't do any thing I wouldn't do." she teased him before she headed for the door.

"Coffee and breakfast in the ready room, I'll have it ready when you arrive." Emmah replied smiling a little at Mercias interactions with him, but feeling a bit curios. Once Mercia had stepped out she paused, "It seems to me she is finding it easier to accept your command even when she doesn't like it recently. Does that mean she trusts you more or she does not care to battle with you over her own opinions?" She stepped aside, ready to follow him in the hall.

After he had grabbed his top and slid it on, leaving it hanging open, they walked out of the quarters. "She knows that I am in complete control. And she knows she can speak her mind, but its not worth the time at the moment. Especially with the away team not to far away."

"So she is picking her battles." Emmah said filing that away. "I am trying to determain the right way to handle such things. There is far more to living than just living..."


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