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Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2015 @ 6:12am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: Discovery
Timeline: Backpost

Mercia had put it off long enough, she couldn't take the irritation inside of her boot any more. She walked in to sickbay trying not to allow any one to see her slight limp. "So I hear there is a new Doctor in town, I might as well meet her if she's available."

"That would be me.... well I *think* I'm the newbie here. I haven't met anyone else who looks more lost in their own comfort zone than me right now." Lorix came out to greet the enquiring voice and saw at once that it was the XO. If she didn't immediately recognise her (which she had done) then the Commander's pips would have been a very clear hint.

"Commander!" she said with a wide smile. "Do come in. I'm very happy to see you. I have 1,000 questions..... but.... "Lorix had an eye for the strained look that pain etched on foreheads and into eyes. "did you come to see me for medical reasons?" she asked, opening her arm outwards in a gesture both of welcome and guidance into the main office, which, as in any Sickbay room, also contained an examination couch.

Mercia planted a smile on her face, "No, I just came down to meet you, and hope you and I get along better than I do with most doctors." she chuckled with deliberate steps in to the womans office. "How are you fairing so far? I'm sorry I couldn't come down earlier but I was busy with the rescue and such."

"Oh thanks, Don't worry. But I can tell there's something I *could* do for you other than to just offer you small talk?" Lorix smiled gently. "Please don't misunderstand, I'm VERY happy to meet you and I DO have lots of questions and loads to talk to you about, which I'll very happily do.... but can i do it while I'm scanning and finding out how *else* I can be of help?" she tilted her head to one side in a gesture she hoped might say she wasn't so much being pushy or rejecting the offer to talk, as *extending* her very willing acceptance of it to include some medical help as well.

Mercia sighed heavily. "Oh fine." she grumbled. She knew if she didn't take care of this today David was going to chew her out. She wasn't as good at hiding things from him as she thought. "I got shot in the foot, my boot took much of the damage and I just had some burns. I have my own medical kit since I get hurt a lot, easy general first aid stuff I just do on my own, so I healed up the burn." Mercia shrugged, "But I keep getting either pain or a sensation that my heel is asleep. Its weird."

"No it's not weird!" Lorix smiled. "It's neuralgia. I suspect your myelin sheath is damaged. All it would take would be a couple of short sessions of regeneration, fairly deep rebuilding with a very fine focus and a little bit technical fiddling about and you'll be right as rain."

"Well then lets get to work," she said. "Where do you want me?" she asked.

"Up on the Biobed please, then I can let it do all the scanning for me." Lorix replied.

"Alright, then." Mercia complied with the orders and took her boot and sock off. "You have questions for me?" she asked.

"Yes. How long ago did this initial injury occur?" Lorix' large fingers were surprisingly agile over the LCARS as she brought up the "bed's" control panel on the main monitor behind the bedhead and seemed to only glance at it as reams of data scrolled up.

She wasn't only glancing of course as she had the experience to be able to recognize what she was looking at instantly.

She nodded with a rather serious look. "I'm very happy for you to do basic first aid ma'am and I think it's essential for officers to be able to take care of themselves, especially if they're on an away mission or out of touch with a hospital/sickbay......" it was clear there was a "but" coming so Lorix smiled and paused.

"I just want to know that you're not going to be too brave or busy to bring me anything that is a bit more serious? This needed more when it was first done." she went on.

"It's okay though. I can fix it retrospectively, some things are less forgiving but this one will allow me if I take it in two sessions. I need to go quite deep to trace the deeper part of the burned nerve sheath but I'll do it under local and you won't need to spend much time. Just 10 minutes today then keep it as rested as possible for 24 hrs and I'll do the other 10 mins tomorrow and that will then finish its own healing within from there."

Mercia grumbled, 'I have to come back?" she said. "And Sorry, no can do on the resting. I have to be all over this ship. I'm the XO, I only have so much office work to do." she said

She shifted a bit as the doctor touched her foot, "that tickles." she complained. "And it happened nearly a week ago, when I helped Minister Tolig and jumped out of a 12 story building while getting shot at. I know... heroics, try not to be too impressed! I almost died, and it was stupid but a hell of a lot of fun." Mercia grinned. If Tolig had not grabbed her Mercia would have fallen to her death, she'd been in trouble.

Lor raised an eyebrow but it was accompanied by a playful smirk. "I hope the Minister was suitably honoured by such chivalry!"

"Hope it was worth the lecture you're getting from your doctor!" she added with another smirk and sparkle in her dark eyes.

"So now you get treatment. Session one now? Or do you want to come back for both treatments at a later date?" she asked, making obvious notes on a med-PaDD. "And I never forget a diagnosis or a course of treatment so don't think delays will result in you getting away with not having it." again the sparkle and smile.

Lorix wasn't good at the old 'iron fist bit. She preferred her patients to want their cure rather than be bullied into it.

Mercia grumbed, "Just get the first one over with, otherwise you're going to have to chase me around the ship then likely tattle on me to Hawkins, and I really don't want to get chewed out for avoiding the doctors... again." she said.

Lorix raised an eyebrow. "So you're an habitual offender are you?" she smiled, her eyes sparkling. "I can see I'm going to have to do SUCH a good job of this that you'll start getting over your antagonism towards my profession, right?"

As she spoke, Lorix began to regenerate gently but with some depth. She began by administering some pain relief even though Mercia didn't seem too keen but Lori argued that one out too.

"You're less likely to give me a hard time and more likely to keep still if you've had a little bit" she said firmly but pleasantly, still trying hard to keep the good will working on her side. If good will it could be called when it was clear some words had been exchanged in the past about Mercia avoiding the Sickbay.

Lorix could tell she had a lot more work to do here than just the physical wound repair.

"Don't take it personally Doc. I'm a self sufficient woman most of the time. It makes me nervous people poking and prodding." she said. "I've been hurt enough." Mercia said. "And yes I know I should talk to a counselor about it, but I like counselors even less." she said. She sighed and did her best to remain still while her foot was being worked on.

When Lorix finally said she was done Mercia sat up and put her boot back on. "How about you come to my office if you need any thing. I'll have no choice to come back for the rest of the treatments, if I don't my roomie will get mighty grouchy with me. Not worth it." she said with a laugh.



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