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I wanna talk about ME!

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2015 @ 7:35pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Edited on on Mon Jun 22nd, 2015 @ 8:20pm

Mission: The Overlords
Location: VIP Quarters

Minister Tolig paced the comfortable quarters that had been given to her. She'd received word that a signal had been received and it was most certainly from the missing crew of this ship. Now she was getting worried about her own fate. She'd done her job and she wanted to know what would happen now, so she had requested that the Captain of the ship come and see her to discuss it, and she awaited his arrival.

Bobbing his head, David walked through the hall as he had the new required security he had now been assigned... thanks to the new Security chief. So in respect to her wishes... and not trying to piss her off anymore, he agreed... for the duration of the rest of the mission at hand. But at the time, he hadn't really cared to much about it. He was humming to himself as he walked to the VIP quarters where the visitor was being held.

"And... tag!" he stated as he pressed the chim of her quarters as he hummed. "Anybody home?"

Tolig quickly moved for the door and opened it. "Commodore, come in!" She said urgently. She glanced the security escort, "privately please." She said knowing how it felt to be tailed everywhere.

This wasn't much of an issue since he had his own weapons on him and yet it was not much of a worry. "Sure," the commodore replied as he strolled into the room and looked around the room before looking out the view port always enjoying that view before turning to look at the woman before him. "What's up, Prime Minister?"

"I received word that we are very near Cherth." she said. "And that your people have managed to send some sort of signal to you. I am relived." she said.

"Me too..." he nodded and replied simply as he relaxed with his hands in his pockets.

"Well... I am now concerned about what will happen to me. Minister Grinig must be stopped, and the Cherth are not likely to receive me well..." she said slowly watching the man and watching for his reactions.

"That maybe true but none of the other ministers and leaders on your planet really care enough to act. And I am unsure why Cherth people would not like you. Except for the fact that I plan on raining fire on their crap for holding my people hostage. Other than that, that's all I can think of." he stated.

She frowned, "I don't know that I would accuse the Cherth of holding your people hostage. It was Grinig who did so... The Cherth people have no technology, I truly am baffled as to how your people got a signal off the planet." she said. "They's simpletons, but the fact of the matter is I am an Overlord. With no security, if you leave me there as your first officer first suggested then I am certainly to be murdered for revenge of thousands of years power held over them." she said.

"And that is my problem why?" David asked as he raised his eye brow up. He had thought it through for quite a while and the prime directive has a lot to say about a lot of things, but this was not really one of them.

She folded her arms, "You forcefully took me from my home and protection of my war minister." She said, using politics, "I am under your care and protection or am I a prisoner of war?"

"If I forced you, than you would be behind a force field in my brig. Yet here you are, in one of our nicest rooms on my ship. So you tell me," He simply stated as he kept his relaxed stance.

"I thought your federation was interested in preserving life." she said. "I have no desire to harm the Cherth people, in fact I am hoping to speak to the Harzon counsel before I return through the gate to Gazda. I am hoping you may offer security protection while I make contact and ensure my safety." she said. "I helped you find your people... I didn't have to do that. I risked my life to reach out to you..." she reminded him. "All I ask is you see to my safety only until I return to Gazda."

"That's the plan," He replied as he looked at her. "But why are you so worried at your safety is in question?"

"Because I want to go down to the surface and meet the Harzon counsel. Those people would sooner murder an overlord than talk to one. I can not go down there alone. After researching your Federation I want to ask you for your protection and mediation." she said tipping her chin up.

This made David wander what was really running him with all this. But she was correct in requesting help from a starfleet officer. But was he really the type to ask. Hell, he was a former marine. Once a marine, always a marine. At least that was how it went. He sighed as he went ahead and looked at her for a moment. "Why, then would you want to talk to them? Makes no since. What is the outcome of you even going down. We get our people, and we leave. Simple and sweet."

"I visited the city once a few years ago. It changed every thing I believed about our relationship with the Cherth. Sure generations ago it was useful to have a place to put criminals, to give them a place to live and serve their debts out, but things hanged.. morphed. Those people do not deserve to live under the punishments of their ancestors. I am wanting to begin changing that. It may take a long time, but... Its time to begin." she said.

"Then I will get you down there and to them. You need to do the talking," He stated as he wasn't sure how to handle the situation but it would be up to her to do what she came to do. "Is there anything else?"

Tolig shook her head, "No, thank you." she said. "I am grateful for this."



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