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Transport to Sickbay

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2015 @ 7:54pm by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Ensign Charity Prince & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon & Sidwell "Sid" Graeme [Halan]

Mission: The Overlords

Mercia tapped her comm badge, "Medical prepare to receive the away team." she said.

=^= Sickbay is green to receive the team =^= Lorix replied. As soon as the channel closed she arranged who was to head which sub-team and allotted a doctor and either a nurse or a corpsman to each of the expected incoming "patients". She briefed as quickly and as effectively as she could and set them all scrambling to the doorways of the various bays they had made ready.

Awaiting the arrivals and the immediate triage duties they would present, all at once, the team were as prepared as they could possibly be.


Sadie moved outside of the shuttle, standing in a group, she grinned, happy they were going home.

Vanora smiled back at Sadie. "It will be good to get back," she agreed with the unspoken sentiment.

"Damn good," Khelev smiled and pulled the civilian communicator. "This is Commander ch'Koro to Gladiator. Please lock on to all the life signs near the shuttle and beam us home."


The transporter beam let her go and Sadie looked around as nurses converged on them, starting to split them off to examine the team.

A nurse began to examine Vanora, but the Chief Ops waived her off. "Tend to the others first, I was treated already planet side, and I'll survive until after I talk with Command."

The nurse gave her a severe glare. "Commander, you know procedure. Don't make me pull Medical rank," she threatened.

Vanora conceded with a sigh and sat down on the nearest bio bed.

Gwen tried to keep the medics and nurses from scanning her, insisting that she needed to help the away team, but gave in when two of the stronger ones lifted her onto a biobed. She sighed, and commed her children to make sure they were alright.

"Oh come no, Gwen did a hell of a job down there keepin' us all patched up," Khelev said, noticing the exchange. "Do you doubt that lovely nurse's skills?"

Lorix moved amongst the medical teams she had set up and confirmed any triage diagnoses (or advised to improve the plans set up). It was clear that despite her best laid plans, some of her staff were getting "the run around" from the incoming patients. She moved to assist.

As Sadie jumped on a bio bed she saw another transporter beam begin in the center of the room, "Its Ensign Prince!" she called out with relief.

Anna looked up and let out a breath of relief as she saw the form of the pregnant woman in the transporter beam.

"You're a sight for sore eyes," Vanora welcomed Chap back with a smile. But her smile faded quickly as she saw the state that Chap was in, and the look of confusion painted all over her face. That, and the strange make-up. "Chap, are you with us? Do you know where you are?"

Chap, who had appeared wide-eyed and nervous, jumped as if scalded and stared at Stele. Was she safe? Would she take her baby? Best not to take chances. She backed away slowly, eyes darting around to everyone around her. None of them could really be trusted. She'd have to figure out how to get back to the planet quickly, before anyone could stop her.

Khelev eyed Chap, but didn't say anything before being taken to a bio bed to be examined himself by another nurse. He'd been shot and thought he was going to die, he was sure a doctor would want to take a look at him. It was an impossible situation but having people run off on him and do their own thing made him a failure as a commander and he would see fit both Chap and Turner would receive reprimands in their files.

Anna frowned, "Ensign Prince, are you alright?" she asked watching her. "Somethings wrong, Doctor I think you're going to need to sedate her." she said. "Something is off in her eyes..." she said.

Sadie scoffed, "Off on her own for three days, and trying to look like the locals... aint just her eyes that are off."

"Don't you come near me!" ordered Chap, eyes going even wilder. "You just s-stay there!"

Lorix approached the confused patient calmly and tried to reassure her. "You're safe now. This is a facility for medical help. Nothing will happen to harm you here." She began to explain and took only a few steps towards her so as not to scare her more.

Arriving in Sickbay, Lizzy went to a cabinet and grabbed a hypospray, loaded it with a safe anti—nausea shot and injected it, "Now, I won't paint the floor again."

Lorix was horrified. There was a woman not only self diagnosing but to ad insult to injury she was helping herself to medication unsupervised by medical staff! "Hey! This isn't a drug self-service free-for-all. This is a hospital!" she wanted to call out, but she couldn't just start shouting when she was in the middle of a delicate negotiation and calming of the skittish patient in front of her.

She tried to catch the eye of her ACMO and hoped to direct him across to stop the marauding.

Keira spotted Lizzy and headed over with a tricorder, directing her to a biobed, "Lt, what happened?"

"I got knocked out with one hit. Got concussion and puked a bit, was dazed for a bit. "

Keira nodded, scanning Lizzy, " Yeah, I can see the effects. No fractures or bleeding. You will be okay if you rest. And no stripper pole for a month - falls could be bad. "

"Aww. Really?"

"Yes, really. Stick to simple yoga too with any sudden shifting or inverted poses. I am copying this to your wife, T'Madh too. "

It was that point that the Sickbay doors opened and T'Madh came in, making a beeline over. Without saying anything, she reached to Lizzy and kissed her, not caring about making a scene.

Lizzy kissed back and smiled when the Vulcan be oke the kiss, "Mmm. Wasn't expecting that but loved it. Guessed you missed me?"

Amidst the chaos, Gwen finally managed to convince the nurses that she was fit for duty, and immediately set about helping the rest of the away team with their various aliments.

M'Gann had been helped to a biobed by two ensigns. It was evident that she wasn't well; her skin was pale and sweat was beading on her forehead. "Doctor!" One of them exclaimed.

Lorix had just finally managed to get one of the medics nearest to her to take charge of Ensign Chap and try to continue with the efforts to calm her so she marched straight over to the two who had been snatching up medication to self administer and even grabbing med-corders to diagnose others without so much as a qualification, let alone a nurse or assistant who was actually medical staff here. It was a complete shambles and Lorix could not believe what was happening. This was unthinkable, unprofessional, incredible not to mention unethical! She wondered what kind of mayhem she'd signed up for here.

"Please help her onto the Biobed right there in Cubicle 3.... just to your left.... Thank you. Do you know what happened?" Lorix hurriedly snatched up her med kit which was never more that an arm's length from her, and began to use a medscanner, running it over the patient at a distance of about a foot away.

Once the unconscious patient was lowered gently onto the biobed, the Med-arch immediately raised and covered her chest and neck at a distance of about 18 inches above her in an arc, its LCARS showing a pattern of tiny colours and information.

Lorix read off the data it was giving her, set in a few instructions, switched the main monitor on the wall behind the bed to show larger graphs, indicators and control touch screens.

She listened to the explanation at the same time that her eyes scanned the information she was getting from the instruments too.

"She said something about an allergic reaction before she passed out."

"Allergy..... hmm...." Lorix seemed to be talking to herself but she didn't mean to be rude. "Sorry.... " she apolgised absently as she busied herself, concentrating more on the readings than the rest of what the Ensigns had to say.

"Yes. That would make sense" she seemed to agree with the inanimate arch rather than the junior officers, she was certainly looking intently at it and its controls which she was adjusting with great speed.

"Anaphalaxis" she muttered and beneath her flying fingers the arch changed its shape and drew up some sides which it filled with oxygen rich air, contained within a thin forcefield which was only visible as a shimmer.

The Bio bed arched in response to the controls and only stopped when M'Gann's legs were then resting higher than her torso. Once the airflow and bloodflow had been addressed, Lorix appied a chemical stimulant appropriate to a body in reactive crisis.

She made sure there was an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and an analgesic to relieve pain. She added some warmth to offset any hyperthermia and gently lowered the forcefield limits so that it only came up to the patient's neck. She knew it would only be a short while before the Lieutenant would start to come round and didn't want her to feel like she was being smothered.

Finally, just before M'Gann opened her eyes, Lorix applied an old-fashioned, cold damp piece of clean material to her forehead and spoke softly to her as she began to become more aware of her surroundings.

"Hello. I'm Lorix. You're in Sickbay and you're going to be fine. Please don't try to get up yet....." she began gently.

M'Gann's eyes slowly fluttered open, and she looked around before spotting Lorix. "What... the planet..." they must've been able to make contact with the Gladiator.

"I'm sure we'll get a briefing soon. Please don't get up. We'll get some updates and all will be explained" Lorix said confidently and with a doctor's reveal nothing smile. The ones they were all trained to wear all the time so as not to alarm patients. What was not apparent was the alarm that was rising inside the new CMO at what she had just had happen to her and her carefully trained, briefed and ready staff, right here in her own sickbay.

"A lot of people," David interrupted after walking in and seeing the happy reunion. He looked around the room to the away team and felt glad that they were all back, safe and sound. "Welcome back, children. How was your sleep over at the newly discovered planet?"

Anna looked at the man noting his new rank, "Not as bad as it could have been." she said. "Very relieved we're back." she said. Things were a little chaotic, and the doctor had her hands full getting every one sent to where she needed. "Glad to be back sir... Glad to be back..."



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