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A tense meeting

Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2015 @ 9:56am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: The Overlords


Minister Tolig followed the small group of people heading down the hall way. She had heard something about using a transporter to go to the surface, rather than a shuttle. The idea confused her but she did not want to ask questions. They entered a room with a platform and saw as Commodore Hawkins, his security chief, the marine, and a few other security officers stepped up on the platform.

"What is this?" she asked hesitating near the door way.

David paused for a moment as he looked at her for a moment, then turned and looked at the members behind him. He slowly turned back to face her and shrugged. "What do you mean?"

Tolig pointed forward.

"My possy?"

"What's a possy? Is it the ship that will transport us to the surface?" She asked nervously.

"What?" David cocked his head and finally just shrugged. "Just jump up here on this colorful device. It will break down our atoms and send us into space. It's fun!"

Toligs eyes grew wide as she slowly obeyed, "How often do people die when this happens?" she asked.

"Umm..." he paused and shrugged. "Not enough?"

Taking her place on the transporter pad, Lauren watched the others and repressed an inward sigh but kept her peace. If the Commodore wanted to make jokes, it was his right to do so. She looked at the other Security officers who she had chosen to go on the mission, knowing that each of them were the highest qualified officers in her department.

Emmah stepped in to the transporter room and nodded to Hawkins. "Sir, Engineering teams are starting to transport down to the shuttle site to secure the shuttle so we can haul it off the surface, ETA three hours until the shuttle is being lifted." she informed him just in case he would need that information. That would give enough time to do a final sweep and ensure no technology was left behind at the crash site.

=/\= We're sending you down in a clearing just outside the city walls. =/\= Mercia said. =/\= Ready to transport on your mark. =/\= She did not like David going to the surface, but he wouldn't budge.

"Rog..." David sighed as he held his rifle as did the rest with their own weapon of choice. Yes, they were going for talks, but he had no idea what to expect from those down below. He had rather them all be armed and ready, then not be and needed such defense. He looked at the transporter operator. "Go ahead chief, and mess with our atoms."

The Transporter chief smirked with a short nod. "My pleasure, Commodore." With that, the away team was broken down and before them only saw amence lights and blurriness before it seemed like forever, their vision came back to them and they found themselves surrounded in the wilderness not to far from the city they had been told about. With that in mind, John spoke up. "This should be interesting."

"Yes, well..." David's words trailed off before turning to his team and the Minister. "Sparky, you lead. Hayter, you cover our six, the rest of us will stay in the middle watching over the good ol' Overlord."

Giving hand signals to her personnel, Lauren opened her tricorder and began a scan before she got a reading. "This way," she said as she pulled her Type II phaser with her other hand and set it to a medium stun before setting off into the underbrush. "Looks like we have about there hundred meters and I'm detecting some lifesigns that don't match the crew, Sir."

"Minister?" David asked as his left hand rested on the handle of his rifle while scanning the brush while they walked.

"I've never been to this part." She said as she followed the group. The Cherth city would be huge, with stone and mud walls, stone, wood, and thatched roofs. Following them, the group quickly broke in to a field, where there was a pile burning, and being monitored in the field, beyond the pile was the walls if the city and the rubble of a stone structure. Tolig stopped in her tracks. "The gate... its... destroyed." She'd seen some images of this side of the gate, enough to know what SHOULD be there.

"Stop right there," Came a loud voice, a cherthan man came out from behind the wall, with a plasma rifle in his hands but not pointed at them. There were men manning the wall that had his back. "More outsiders? We don't want you around here. You can take that dog back with you, she's not welcome here."

Lauren immediately motioned for the Security personnel to fan out in a semi-circle around the senior officers as she remained in the front of the entire group with her phaser still in her hand. "We aren't here to cause trouble," she called out as she took mental aim at the man behind the wall while her personnel took up defensive positions.

"You've already cause trouble just by being here," Jabbre said with a grunt, looking over the woman who spoke. "As I'm sure you can tell, we're in the middle of a war. A new Harzon counsel hasn't been elected yet and I'm the highest ranking military member, which puts me in charge. What's your business here?"

"I am Minister Tolig, where is the former Harzon Counsel?" she asked stepping forward. "I was hoping to speak to them before I return to Gazda, however, I do not know how I am going to return now, that the gate is gone, why would you destroy the gate?"

"Because you outsiders decided to!" a woman cried out among the few of the Cherth forces which had begun to gather. Hava came up next to her husband and gave the woman a measured look. "We were to control the gates... not destroy them." she spat glaring at the people with uniforms like that one pretentious girl who had acted on her own.

Jabbre held his hand up to his wife, before turning his eyes to Tolig, "You know I remember you, when you visited years ago to watch the peasants as they toiled in the fields for the glory of Gazda. I had been so close to having this rebellion ready. I would have gotten you and two other scum suckers, but we never would have held the gates. The Harzon counsel was selected by you as a puppet government and they're in chains or dead. They'll be tried once we elect a new counsel, one of the people. Cherth will grow, we will fix the gates and we will make war on Gazda. You outsiders are welcome to stay the hell out of this."

"I remember that visit," she said quickly. "It changed how I saw the Cherthan people. Change is slow, but I was working with the current Harzon counsel, primarily Lysia to begin changing. I wanted to be an ally." she said. She moved in front of her escourts wanting to be seen as genuine.

"Lysia was the only on on that counsel that was worth a damn," Jabbre said with a hiss. "We fight for us. When this is done, we will elect our own leaders and we will only benefit our people. Minister Tolig, your intentions matter not. If you remain here the people will not tolerate it."

"We're not going to tolerate it now." Hava said.

"Damn right we won't." another woman growled. She was Jabbres sister, and she was angry about the murder of their bother. She was hungry for revenge. She leapt in to group, a knife in hand. She sliced Tolig across the stomach and swung towards the man standing next to her in uniform.

Hava cried out but raised her gun. "Kitto! No!" she cried.

Without thinking, David quickly butted the hand with the knife with the rifle causing her to spin away just enough and released the rifle to hang by the strap which was over his shoulder. As quickly as it had happened, his combat knife was pulled and the free hand wrapped around the attacker from behind to hold her by the neck, and the combat knife was now resting on her neck.

As this was happening the gathered rebels jumped in to the frey, some trying to stop the fight, others seeing red and rushing for the attack, the chaos built and it seemed this would end with more blood spilt.

Lauren and three of her Security personnel immediately formed a defensive position around the officers and opened fire with Level Two stun settings, choosing their targets carefully. In half a dozen seconds, a dozen shots were fired and a dozen of the rebels were on the ground unconscious. Lauren brought her phaser around to targeted the man with the gun and shook her head. "Move and you'll join your comrades in a nap. Drop the weapon."

Durring the chaos Jabbres men who had been along the wall, aiming at the group had opened fire where they could. Many of their shots missed only because the amount of their own people in the mix was too risky, but two of the outsiders were hit.

Jabbre did his best to pull his people back. They did not need to pick another war and this was not going to help. It took a few moments, but finally he managed to get his people to stop firing, and the outsiders formed a tighter circle around Hawkins. The injured members of their party, to their credit, despite the struggle, put themselves in a protective stance as their leader ordered.

Hawkins was forced to drop Kitto in the middle of it, and the women grabbed her knife, but she was not fast enough as the man stepped on her hand.

When everyone still alive backed off the tension in the air was as thick as butter.

"Check the Overlord..." Hawkins ordered his crew as he looked at Lauren. "Disarm her and hold her for a moment would you?"

Moving in quickly, Lauren retrieved the knife with a hard twist of the woman's wrist and kicked it away. "Done." She hauled her up, twisted the woman's arm around behind her back and then kicked the back of her knee to bring her down to the ground.

As his orders were carried out, he turned to the male in charge. "Well... This has been fun. But We aren't here to fight you and your people. Just want my people back."

"Let her go!" Hava lifted her rifle and leveled it at the man again "You have your people, our reports show they disappeared out of thin air not 20 minutes before you came strolling out of the tree line. Take that disgusting pig and do the same." she growled.

David looked at the wounded woman who was holding her cut, then back at the woman. "Well, this has been fun... But I said I would at least talk to you as a mediator with her on the other side. None of this was supposed to happen."

The moment Hava lifted her rifle, Lauren swung her Type II phaser around and aimed at her on pure instinct, her other arm still holding Minister Tolig's assailant down. "Drop it!" she ordered the woman, nudging the stun setting up to level three.

"Nice spidey sense," David muttered as as he shook his head. "Now lower your weapons," he ordered as he looked at the leader. "Everyone. I'm not in the mood for a pissing contest. Just here to make light conversation."

Lauren reluctantly lowered her phaser, but she kept her finger hovering over the firing sensor and her eyes locked on the woman. She didn't like what the Commodore had ordered, but she did have to follow orders and she would until it became clear that his life was in danger.

Jabbre stepped forward a little, his rifle pointed down, but still in hand. "Take the Overlord and leave. We do not want your help, mediation or interference. You people have done enough damage. Turn around and walk away or I will order my men to open fire on you again. This time you wont walk away with a few flesh wounds." he said. "You are now trespassing,"

Tolig stood among the Starfleet people, struggling to stand. The cut to her stomach was painful and bleeding badly. Her injuries were starting to become more than she could bear. Her knees gave out and started to fall.

This made the Commodore take a deep breath before he leaned down and grabbed Kitto by the arm. He lifted her up and started for Jabbre. "Return to the ship, all of you. I'll be there later."

"I don't think so," Hayter finally spoke up as he gripped his own rifle.

"It wasn't a suggestion," David replied as he looked up at the natives. "I'll stay behind to prove that I am just here to talk is all."

"As the Chief of Security, my job is to protect you, Sir," Lauren said. "Unless you relieve me of duty, my place is here with you."

"I understand that you lost your people Captain, but we have been slaves my entire life. It has take years to achieve this day," Jabbre hissed, it took everything in him not to order the hundred or so men standing at the edge of the village to attack. "You're out gunned, this is no pissing contest, this is me telling you to get the hell off my planet."

David looked over his shoulder and glared at the new Chief and shook his head. "Not the time. Get going, that's an order," he turned back at the leader and sighed. "I made a promise. This so called pig wants to talk peace. Doesn't hurt to at least talk and see what you may get out of it."

"Yes, Sir," Lauren said crisply. "I stand relieved, Sir." Turning to her personnel, she went to gather them together and tapped her combadge. =^=Seven to beam up.=^= With that, the Security team dematerialized and went back to the ship.

Tolig moved to follow Hawkins, but the injuries sustained from the attack were too great to allow her to walk. Before she collapsed someone came to her aide and picked her up. A healer came along side and spoke to her while Jabbre unhappily led them to the Hall of the Harzon Counsel. Soon the talks would begin, and if she survived this, maybe she could help them all find some peace.



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