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Heart to Heart

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2015 @ 4:28pm by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Discovery

Khelev escorted Turner down to the brig. He took her comm badge and anything else electronic she had on her before activating the force field. He stood in front of the field and watched her quietly before he took off his own badge and set them aside for the moment. He watched her quietly, trying to get a good measure of the girl.

"Turner, I'm only going to say this once. You haven't listened to anything so far, so I hope you listen to this," Khelev took a breath, the nagging thought that he was wasting his breath crossed his mind. "You're stubborn, willful, loud, disrespectful, cocky and you don't follow orders. Reminds me a lot of me when I was an Ensign. You didn't blow up that gate to keep the away team safe, you did it because you wanted to jump into the middle of that fight. You were trained as a warrior and what better cause is there then freeing slaves? Every fiber of my being told me to shoulder a rifle and fight with them but as a Starfleet officer I made an oath and that oath has to be more important to me then my own desires."

"You made it through the program, it doesn't matter if it was by the skin of your teeth, what you do with it is what matters. You were sent here because Grayson thought we could make an officer out of you. It's up to you to listen and let us help but the stubborn, willful girl has to die today and someone else has to walk out of this brig."

Sadie looked around the brig, she'd been in enough of these cells to last a life time, and it felt horrible, and yet comfortable to be in one again. Her eyes shifted and landed on ch'Koro. "I can't change who I am." she said. "What good is an oath if it allows innocent people to remain slaves when we have the ability to change that?" she said. She stepped closer to the field and met his eyes, "It might have been against the rules, but I doubt you can convince me it was wrong." she said her tone cold and hard. Her sense of justice had always been a strong motivator to her, and right now, it was in control of her senses.

Khelev's shoulders dropped as he watched the woman in the brig, as he feared nothing sank in and what he had to say didn't matter. He was experienced, knew how to lead a department but she was far to interested in her own thing. "Very well Ensign Turner. If you're more interested in your own selfish desires then your oath or orders, then Starfleet isn't for you. Good luck."

"So you can't answer that question?" she demanded. "At what point does doing the right thing trump bureaucratic rules?" she demanded. Starfleet wasn't for her, she knew that, but she had no other option, but there was no point in telling him that.

"You're not interested in the answer, you've not listened to a word I've said," Khelev shook his head at her. "The chip on your shoulder is too big and you're unteachable. I'd be wasting my time and anyone elses that might try and help you."

She glared at him, "Don't assume you know jack squat about me. I ask a question I am looking for an answer." she snapped before she turned around and moved to the bench. She dropped down on it and put her head in her hands. Nothing was like what she thought it would be when she got out of the program. "What do you want from me Commander?" she asked. "I did what I thought I had to do. Apparently it was wrong, but why?" she said. "I don't want to go back, hate the program all you want, but it's my only shot."

"I don't hate the program at all, I consider Mercia to be a close, personal friend of mine. I wouldn't have that if it wasn't for Admiral Grayson," Khelev shifted and tugged at his uniform as he watched the girl. Was she being genuine? "You disobeyed orders, violated the prime directive and you went lone wolf. If you were a regular ensign I would do a hell of a lot worse. It was wrong because you were ordered secure the perimeter. As an Ensign you're not going to always see the bigger picture, sometimes you have to trust that your commanding officer knows what they're doing."

Sadie took a deep breath, "Even if you know in your gut its wrong to do nothing?" she asked him. "Have you ever disobeyed an order because you knew it was wrong?"

Khelev stopped, it was an honest question and it hit home pretty hard. He licked his lips and nodded slowly. "Yeah... Yes I did. I was on the Minneapolis for about a year as the Chief Engineer when we got a distress call from a Federation colony not far away but outside Federation space. We showed up, beamed down and found the colonist, about a quarter of them, huddled in the town's school. The rest were dead or worse, they'd been infected with a bacteria that killed most and those that were left weren't people anymore. We were supposed to try and help, give aide to them but when the XO got infected, I made the call to barricade the school and kill the rest while doctors could check us and burn the rest of the town. When the XO turned, the CO understood why I did what I did but I still got reprimanded for making my own call because that wasn't my job. I didn't have all the piece or see the whole puzzle. You have to trust your CO."

"Were you right?" she asked him pointedly. "Was there any way to stop them from turning?" she asked. "Could you have lived with yourself if you hadn't acted and more people turned?" she asked him.

"You're missing the point, this isn't the wild west and you don't get to go off half cocked and do whatever you want!" Khelev said with a heavy sigh. "Damn it Sadie, those people could still be alive if I'd checked in or everyone could have died. The point is that you follow orders."

Sadie paced around her hands running over her hair, "I hate being a mindless drone. I might as well be a borg." she said. She sighed, "So I follow orders, I do whatever you higher ranking people want, no matter what the cost. Go back to the training. I thought things would be different when I got out." she scoffed. "Back here and It's only been what? Three weeks?" Could she do this? How was she going to keep her self out of trouble for years, if she couldn't even make three weeks?

"The whole point of the academy is to educate you in what you need to know as well as get you acclimated to military life. Do you really think drill sargents flip your foot locker when it isn't perfect because it's fun for them? How many times did it take you before you started getting it right?" Khelev shook his head at her. "You've been out here three weeks, you don't know a damn thing. I've been out here for years and I still have to follow orders and do my duty. That's military life."

Sadie had punched one of the drill sergeants when they'd stood her locker at attention. Most people would have been gone at that point, but not with the program. The program was designed to train people out of such things. She knew that about 20% of recruits who make it out of the program fail in their first six months and end up back in prison, it was common for them to try and live life their own way. Lyla was struggling to reduce the number of failures. Sadie dropped on the bench again. "Its over already isn't it... I'm just a statistic going back to prison." she said putting her head in her hands.

"Are you going to shape up? Are you worth the time it would take to get you into shape Sadie?" Khelev asked her pointedly. "If you're willing to learn, fit into the military fold then I don't think you need to go back. A reprimand will take care of it. Off the record, you did what we all wanted to do."

"I'll do what I have to." she said. "How do you live with yourself if you follow orders you know are wrong. What happens to me if I run in to that again and I comply with orders and innocent people die?"

"What was happening on Chreth was tragic, slavery is never an easy thing to watch without acting," Khelev took a deep breath. "But we took an oath, our first directive is to not interfere and sometimes that's going to be very difficult but it's the job. When you do decide to cross that line, you have to be willing to risk your career and in your case, your freedom."

Sadie licked her lips as she stood up again, "I don't want to give up my freedom, but I want live a good life too... I guess i need to go back to the buckling down and pushing through until my years are over so I can get the hell away from this." she said. "So... reprimand? Do I still have to be in the brig?"

"There will be times to work hard and times to let loose, you're damn hot and you can fight. You made you way into a war zone and armed a bomb without being noticed, as a warrior I'm impressed," Khelev smirked at her. "As your CO I'm pissed. You'll spend a couple nights in here, bread and water and a reprimand."

Sadie scowled but she knew it was more than fair, and his compliments were enough to stroke her ego. "Guess I can't stop that..." she said. "Its going to be a hell of a conversation with my new chief in a couple of days..."

"Just stick to your guns. If she tried to railroad you, come talk to me," Khelev said with a half smile. "I'll make sure you get sent to someone who can help you."

Sadie sighed, "Thanks." she said. "Do you think Hawkins is going to try and send me back though?" she asked him before he could leave.

"If he does, let me know. I happen to know someone who would take you on in a heartbeat. You got skills girl," Khelev smiled at her. "Have fun in your cell."

"Yeah yeah." she sighed glumly. Once his back was turned she made a very quick rude gesture before resigning herself to her temporary fate.


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