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Getting out

Posted on Fri Jun 26th, 2015 @ 8:41am by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Discovery

Khelev had worked things out with David and Mercia and headed down to the brig to let their security officer out and put her back into the duty rotation. Stepping up to her cell, he took a moment to look inside. It was obvious she was bored, but he didn't say much as he reached up and deactivated the force field.

"All right jail bird, you're free for now," Khelev spoke up, his voice a bit of a rumble. "Think you can handle it?"

Sadie got up off the bench as a big waved of relief washed through her. "Finally." she grumbled. At least wt the penal colonies, or in the program they made her do work or study. Brig time was the worst. She spent a lot of her time throwing a cup at the forcefield, and even caused to create a bit of a tune. Of course the brig officers hated it.

She stepped outside the brig and ran her hand over her rumpled uniform, since it was a short stint she'd not changed at all since that morning. "I hope I can handle it... How mad is my new chief and the Commodore?" she asked.

"I don't know about your new chief," Khelev replied. "But the Commodore isn't happy. He is, however, forgiving. We'll get you back in rotation and working again. Just don't screw it up this time."

"I'd love to promise, but I'm not stupid. I will try though." Sadie said sheepishly. "So whats a good looking Andorian doing on a night like tonight?"

"I'm not sure what I've got going on," Khelev replied with a playful little smirk as his antenna pointed towards her. "Why? You getting ideas?"

Sadie smirked, "I always have ideas," she winked. "But right now, I'm looking to clean up and find someone fun to hang out with and forget about the last few days for a few hours."

Khelev chuckled softly, as he seriously considered doing just what she was suggesting. He was horrible for it he knew, but what man wouldn't? "Oh that's very tempting. Could get us in a lot of trouble."

Sadie grinned "Don't you have a girlfriend?" she teased. "Oh Is Sid still around?" She said, "No offence But Chicks from Vanoras world are not to be trifled With"

Khelev laughed at her, "You didn't hear me saying yes, did you? Get out of here and don't be such a pain in the ass next time. I know this wasn't what you truly wanted but you stick with us and we'll turn you into an officer yet."

Sadie chuckled, "We'll see, and I'll try to listen, I just don't know how I'll manage it, but I want to try. This is still better than prison." she told him. "So just our of curiosity... who would you send me to if Hawkins tried to send me back to prison?"

"To my brother, he's in security and just got promoted to Lieutenant Commander himself. He'd kick your ass into shape, you'd be a damn fine officer and warrior," Khelev replied.

Sadie felt her attention being snagged when he mentioned a warrior. His complements to her warrior spirit is what had gotten her attention a few days ago, and she'd spent a lot of time thinking about it. "Maybe I should ask Grayson for a transfer there?" she wondered. "I mean... if Hawkins tries to get rid of me. Who knows how my new chief will react to me. And then there is Kavi. She's like Graysons favorite kid, and she's not spoken a word to me yet, and Lyla said she was ordered to coach me..."

"Give her some time, she's pretty busy and she struggles with a lot of self doubt," Khelev reached over and put his hand on Sadie's shoulder. "Don't worry about your new chief, each one's style is different. You'll learn what she likes, doesn't like and what she focuses on and when she moves on you'll find a new chief does things differently. The best ones are the one's you'd follow into hell itself."

"Lets hope thats the case. Thanks I hope that I find people here who I can follow to hell and back. Not that I want to go back to hell." she said. "I've been through enough of that... Any way... I cant wait for a nice hot shower and some real food. The brig sucks."

Khelev nodded, "Have a good evening Miss Turner." Having already deactivated the forcefield, he decided it was time for him to go. Khelev turned and headed out of the brig.

Sadie chuckled and followed him out, pausing out side the hall way, happy to be free. Well... sort of free.



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