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Something is Definitely not Right in Chapville

Posted on Fri Aug 14th, 2015 @ 7:51pm by Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Ensign Charity Prince
Edited on on Sat Aug 15th, 2015 @ 5:56pm

Mission: Discovery
Location: Sick Bay

Chap had allowed the doctor to convince her to be examined, but she wasn't sure why. She was fine except for the fact that Kavi and Hawkins seemed intent on taking her baby. She wasn't safe here. She had to go where it was safe.

She had to get back to that planet.

She eyed the part Denobulan warily as she scanned her with a tricorder. What had Kavi told her to convince her to do an examination? Whatever it was, Chap was sure it wasn't good.

The results Lorix was getting were showing some imbalances. The patient was clearly pregnant but that wasn't the only thing affecting her. Lor's scanners showed a stream of data which she was trying to read off but Chap was fidgetting about anxiously.

Lorix sat on the end of the bed. "Your system is severely lacking in B12 - which is probably making you feel quite uncertain and also your iron level is low which isn't good for your baby." She tried to take Chap's hand gently.

"Don't worry, we can fix all that with a hypospray or two and a little bit of rest." She tried to calm the patient gently. This might be a case for the Counsellor and as soon as she could get Chap medicated, Lor was going to send for Lizzy who she had met at the Senior Officers' meeting and knew was around and probably up to date.

"Are you happy with those proposals?" she asked. Consent was very important. The baby was being subjected to all this stress and deficiencies too and it was important not to raise the mother's blood pressure or adrenaline levels any more if that could possibly be avoided.

"No!" said Chap, pulling away from the Doctor. "Who told you I'm sick? Was it Kavi? She's lying!" She couldn't let them give her anything. She had no idea what any of it would do to her. It could knock her out and then, when she was under, they would take her baby. She wouldn't let that happen!

"My instruments tell me that you need the vitamins and minerals I'm talking about. They won't do you any harm and I would NEVER give you anything that would harm your baby either. " Lorix replied gently but didn't make any more attempts to touch her just yet.

"What is it you're afraid of? I don't think you're sick, Chap. I think you just need these two nutrients to make you and your baby strong and well. They're honestly truly safe." she tried to convince the patient but was beginning to feel the Counsellor might do a better job at this stage.

One more try.

"Please let me help you Chap" Lor tried a straight uncomplicated appeal and tapped the hypospray.

"Vitamins and minerals - shall I show you the analysis on the monitor?" she offered up the vial to the bio-scanner in an attempt to offer proof.

Chap warily glanced at the monitor. "But, how do I know you haven't got it rigged?" she said. "You could've told it to say whatever you wanted it to say when you scan sommat. I won't let you take my baby!" she warned, backing away.

"Take...." Lorix was stunned by the accusation that had remained unspoken before now.

"Is THAT what you think?" she put up both hands in a defensive gesture.

"Nobody.... and I mean NOBODY!!!! will be taking your baby away from you in MY Sickbay!" Lor had a large voice when she was shaken and she had been shocked into a deep, strong denial which reverberated sonorously although not violently.

"We do NOT terminate life.... ANY LIFE." she was emphatic. "And we would never take an unborn, even it he or she were viable to survive outside their mother's womb, away from where they belong ..... ie inside.....until their natural birth time occurred ..... unless it were a medical emergency that meant the tiny one (or their mother) could only survive by that procedure alone ." She explained with deep and genuine conviction.

"We all swore to 'do no harm' in our Hippocratic Oaths and even in an emergency, if the mother concerned were conscious and able to understand we would seek and gain permission first wherever possible. If you were ever in that terrible position and I will do my personal best to prevent it happening..... then you would be told what is happening, what we would like to do to fix it and then you would be asked what options you would choose.

It is YOUR body at the end of the day, your baby and your future and we would advise with all that in mind. The only thing we wouldn't be able to let you do would be to harm the child wilfully but I know you're too good a mother already to want that.

I can see by how protective and careful you have been being - I just didn't understand until now what you were thinking we wanted to do or what sort of rules we live by here."

Chap studied the doctor long and hard. She didn't seem to be lying. Chap knew that some people were spectacular liars and could fool almost anyone at almost any time, but somehow, she didn't think the doctor was lying. "Okay," she said slowly. "You can give me it, but only one! I don' want all kinds of... stuff bein' injected in me."

"I'm happy to make it only one application." Lorix agreed hoping that would be enough. IF it should be that more was needed she was hoping the first dose would bring down the symptoms and Chap would be more amenable to a second shot later. At least when Chap realised nothing bad had come of her treatment, she might be less suspicious of Lorix.

"I need to give you Iron and B12 together" she explained making the computer mix them into one vial and reloading the hypospray so it would be possible to give both in only one shot.

She gently held it up for Chap to examine and made no sudden moves as she waited for her to confirm that she was going to stay calm and allow it to be given.

Chap looked it over carefully, and while she still didn't trust the Doctor, she couldn't see anything unusual about the vitamins in the hypospray. Finally, she nodded. "All right," she said.

Lorix took the acceptance and sprayed the vitamins at Chap's neck making sure it entered at the main carotid artery and swept its way around her system, enriching and replenishing as it did. It had been a bigger dose than usual and Lor hoped that would help as a boost and starter to ease and facilitate better mood in Chap.

If it did, hopefully the patient would be more willing to accept the rest of the course she would need to get back to the proper levels her system required for normal function.

"There" Lorix soothed as it began to gently wash into effect. "Does that feel okay?" she touched the back of Chap's hand very softly and with such a gentle contact that if she pulled back, it would simply disconnect without being all that noticable.

Chap started, but did not pull back. "Yes," she said, still tense. "It's all right." She still didn't entirely trust the Doctor, but as long as neither Kavi nor Hawkins came along, she felt she'd be okay.

Gradually the ingredients did their work merging into Chap's system and some readings became available with distinct changes for the better, showing themselves.

Lorix relaxed visibly and smiled. "Those are improved readings!" she reassured Chap.

A JP Between:

Lt Lorix
CMO - USS Gladiator


Ensign Charity *Chap* Prince
USS Gladiator


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