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Posted on Tue Sep 1st, 2015 @ 1:07am by Major Delvok

Mission: Discovery
Location: Counseling Offices
Timeline: Discovery


Moving from the replicator to the couch of balls, Lizzy put the chocolate milkshake down and flopped into the couch. Snuggling into the Eeyore onesie and picking up her drink, she took a sip before pulling over the large leather-bound book she had selected of the Hobbit. This particular version had beautiful pictures in it too.

Delvok was still in his duty uniform when he arrived at the chief counsellor’s office. He was not use to the starship environment and found the confines of the ship unsettling. Delvok was more of an outdoor’s sort of Vulcan. His logical mind found it difficult to quantify the ristricive nature of starship. Delvok had been reflecting on this and had come to a conclusion that perhaps previous life experience was impacting on current circumstances. So having found counselling therapeutic in the past he had arrived at the counsellor’s office at the first opportunity. He knocked on the door and awaited permision to enter.

Looking up at the chime as Fang moved to begin stalking the door, Lizzy called out, "Come in.."

When the door opened, she spoke to the tiger, "Bad Fang.. Go sleepy with power point."

The cub lowered its head and headed over, laying on its bed and sticking its tail into the wall socket.

Smiling at the Vucan man who had entered, she grinned, "G'Day, I'm Lizzy Caldera, the chief counsellor. How can I help you.. Captain? Have a seat and do you want something to drink or eat from the replicator?"

Delvok seeing the Eeyore onesie, the leather bound book and the chocolate milkshake, raised one quizzical eyebrow and said "perhaps I should come back another time, I seem to of arrived at poor choice of time"

Lizzy shook her head, as she got up and put the book away, grabbing her drink and putting it down on a table, "Nah, now is good.. I'm just a bit different to others. Anything I can get you before you start?"

Delvok gently shook his from side to side to indicate no. He thought that despite his mouth being dry he could not really handle a drink right now.

Sitting down, Lizzy smiled, "Okay, I need to explain first before we get into talking that I am empathic, although I know that Vulcans are good at blocking it. Its fine with me - I don't have to use it and needs to be done consciously. Is that a yes or no?"

"No" responded Delvok simply in his flat emotionless monotone voice. Also Delvok questioned to himself if he could even bring those mental blocks down even if he wanted to. His last assignment had been undercover, and his block had become sub-conscious and well refined to prevent detection.

Lizzy nodded, "Okay, that's fine. How have you been going so far? Sleeping okay and keeping up meditation?"

Delvok had learnt through his many, many years of counselling that it was best to be candid and honest with a counsellor. He responded succinctly and to the point. “I have been struggling to adapt to my new assignment on board the USS Gladiator. It is my first Ship board Posting. I have been struggling to sleep due to concerns about my future in the marines, and my meditation is also troubled the thoughts of the future”

"Hmm..It is very normal for Marines to find shipboard postings difficult after extended periods of ground and mobile stationing, and also working more extensively with Starfleet vs Marines. I know this may not sound like it helps, but talking through issues is a good start. For the concerns, we can work on that as well. I think we need to discuss the sleeping issue with Medical. As I am also a clinical psychiatrist and medical officer trained, I can perscribe you a light Vulcan-safe sedative to help with sleep, but the underlying cause does need to be treated. Have you tried alternative methods of meditation? I know that Vulcans use meditation like sleep, and it is linked."

"I have tried a number of Vulcan meditation techniques. I have also tried a number of human, Bolian and Efrosian alternative meditation techniques with little effect."

Lizzy nodded, "Have you tried sex as a relaxing technique? Yes, I know that it may be inappropriate to bring up, but there have been studies. Also, did you get enough exercise - I don't mean Marine training but cardio vascular?"

Delvoks face remained an emotionless mask as he said in his flat tone, without feeling "I am a male Vulcan my Ponfar is not due for another three years. Marines do a lot of cardiovascular related training."

Lizzy nodded, "So? I didn't mean that it was needed - just that it can be relaxing. There are some other things we can try then. Have you even done sandplay therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, or exposure therapy?"

"I am a proponent of CBT and practise it on a daily basis. Exposure Therapy from a Post Traumatic stress perspective is well.....Well I'm not sure it is logically relevant considering I have remained a marine. I still do not understand the logic of sex as an option, biologically I differ significantly to a human and as such how would it 'relaxing' me effect emotions that are not there?"

Lizzy grinned, "That's what my Vulcan wife says too, but there are chemicals released that help relax everyone. Have you tried doing art? It could be a way to bring out what you are going through ."

Delvok's face remained a mask of emotionless fortitude, though he did raise one quizzical eyebrow at the mention of a Vulcan wife. " I have not tried art therapy...." he trailed off a little as he stroked his beard thoughtfully. "A good if unique suggestion for a Vulcan. Yes...yes I will try that....given the sex option is not really an option at this time. Can you suggest any particular form of art to express my troubles through?"

Lizzy grinned, "I got T'Madh into it too as both a model and making her own.. I mainly do paintings and drawings. My preferred mediums are water colors and crayons. I know this sounds silly, but are you more theoretical or practical? Depends as like sculpture could be an alternative."

Delvok mulled the question over. He had never really tried his hand at art before and did not really know the answer. "I do not know....Perhaps I should try various art formats?"

"Yeah, good idea. Some that I would like to suggest are drawing, painting, sculpture and music. What I would think is a good way to start is to use the holodecks to provide the materials and places to work. Plus, the holodeck can bring in historical figures who were experts to help you get upto speed if you need it."

Getting a data pad, she tapped some info into it, "I have put the names of some possible mentors from both Vulcan and Earth. I often have Leonardo Da Vinci help me with my painting techniques, and T'Kol of Gol has some wonderful pointers on drawing desert landscapes.I haven't done much sculpture but I point some links on Vulcan art history which could help. I know that there is some very impressive artisans from there."

"Hmmmmm" said Delvok thoughtfully "You know back in the day I use to play the Efrosian wind pipes .... I never considered it an art form would seem I could put them to use again. Thank you for you time counsellor."



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